855 toll free area code to be added this fall

Assigned in 1999 for future toll free services use, the 855 area code will finally become active starting October 2, 2010 at 12PM. On June 25, 2010 the FCC Federal Communications Commission authorized the introduction of the 855 area code as a result of an extensive analysis indicating the exhaustion of current toll free numbers by November 21, 2010. As a reminder, toll free area codes currently in use are: 800, 866, 877 and 888.

Read the NANPA announcement (PDF format).

18 thoughts on “855 toll free area code to be added this fall”

  1. Try using 00 infront of the number (example: 00 1800 xxx xxxx). Often toll free numbers can not be dialed from outside the US. If this is the case, try finding a regular number to call the same party.

  2. I’ve been trying to locate the geographic area A/C originates in. I can’t find where area code 855 originates in and am sick and tired receiving hang up calls from weasels trying to sell me stuff I don’t need.

  3. this 855 area code is really bothering me, calling me and hang up on me,and some people trying to sell me some crap that i don’t need what is going on, someone do something about it…

  4. I’m tired of the calls coming in from area code 855 very annoying.I wish some one would tell me how to block these obtrusive,unnecessary calls.

  5. get several calls a day from this area code never anyone on the line they hang up when they get a live person.wish something could be done about this calls getting real tired of them.

  6. My boyfriends grandma recieved a voicemail saying there was a formal complaint against me.. left this number: 855-217-4295 and said the case number was: 257489. WTF! Tried calling number back and there is no dial tone or anything, just silence. Its the first call i have recieved and i think its dumb already. people these days. lol

  7. I received a call from +85586651993 a few hours ago. As soon as I answered the call disconnected. The plus at the start indicates that the country code is next. From what I can see, it appears that +855 calls originate from Cambodia.

  8. called 855-266-1387 back and got the option to opt of of their call list. hope i didn’t fall for something … like taking over my phone #!

  9. Admin’s answer regarding toll free calls from Mexico is incorrect. Replace the 800, 866, 877 & 888 with 880, 883, 882 & 881 respectively preceded with 001; Ex: 800-348-5623 would be dialed from Mexico using 001-880-348-5623. The toll free 855 cannot be dialed from Mexico as of 12/15/2015. 855 would presumably be 884 at some time in the future.

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