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Sint Maarten new NANP area code 721

Sint Maarten is a Caribbean territory known as a Constituent Country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Sint Maarten along with 5 more islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba and Sint Eustatius) used to constitute the Netherlands Antilles until October 2010 when the country was disolved. The southern part of Sint Maarten island (also known as Saint Martin) now uses the North American Numbering Plan and has been assigned area code 721 introduced on September 30, 2011. Before the aforementioned date Sint Maarten had used country code 599 which remains in service for Bonaire, Curacao, Saba and Sint Eustatius. The old and new numbering systems will run in parallel for a year (people using country code 599 to dial to Sint Maarten will hear a message announcing the new area code).

Note that the northern part of the island, known as Saint Martin is a French Overseas Collectivity and uses country code 590.

See Nanpa announcement and map of the new area code (in PDF)

More geopolitical information on the former Netherlands Antilles

New North Carolina area code 984

A new area code was announced on June 21, 2011 for the US state of North Carolina. The new area code 984 will overlay (cover the same area) existing NPA 919 starting April 30, 2012. As a result, all local calls in the newly formed overlay area will be dialed using the 10 digit dialing format (919 xxx xxxx or 984 xxx xxxx). The 10 digit permissive dialing period will begin on October 1, 2011 and end on March 31, 2012. During this period, local calls in area code 919 can be dialed in both 7 and 10 digit dialing formats. Starting April 1, 2012 the 10 digit dialing becomes mandatory.

Area code 919 covers the central part of North Carolina with cities such as Cary, Durham, Mount Olive, Oxford, Raleigh.

See NANPA announcement and map of new overlay area (PDF document).

New Wisconsin area code 274

A relief plan was approved back in 2008 for area code 920 of Wisconsin, USA. This area code covers the Eastern part of the state with larger cities such as Green Bay, Oshkosh or Sheboygan. The same geographic area will also be served by the new NPA 274 which will overlay NPA 920 starting March 10, 2012. A longer than usual permissive 10 digit dialing period will start on May 14, 2011 and end on February 11, 2012 when the 10 digit dialing will become mandatory.

See Nanpa announcement and detailed map for the newly introduced overlay area (in PDF)

The introduction of area code 274 has been postponed for February 22, 2014.

New NYC area code 929

A 4th area code will be introduced on April 16, 2011 to cover the Bronx/Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island area of New York City. The new area code 929 will be added to the existing area codes 347, 718 and 917 currently covering this area. There is no need for a permissive 10 digit dialing period since this part of New York City has long had 10 digit mandatory dialing.

See NANPA announcement and map of overlay complex 929/718/347/917 (in PDF format)

New Nebraska area code 531

The North Eastern part of Nebraska including communities such as Bellevue, Lincoln, Omaha will have a new area code starting March 26, 2011. The new area code 531 will cover the existing 402 NPA. A permissive 10 digit dialing period for area code 402 was introduced on June 26, 2010 and will end on February 26, 2011. During the permissive period all local calls within area code 402 can be dialed either in the 7 or 10 digit format. Starting February 26, mandatory 10 digit dialing will be activated.

See NANPA announcement (PDF document)

New Ontario area code 249

A new area code will be introduced on March 19, 2011 as a relief plan for existing area code 705 of Ontario, Canada. The new area code 249 will overlay 705 covering the same area. Larger cities that will be served by the new overlay complex: Barrie, North Bay, Peterborough, Sudbury.

Mandatory 10 digit dialing will be introduced on March 19, 2011 for all telephone numbers in both area codes 705 and 249. Starting January 15, 2011 an announcement will be heard by those dialing 7 digit local numbers within area code 705, informing them of the soon to be introduced 10 digit mandatory dialing.

See NANPA announcement and map of new overlay complex 705/249 (in PDF format)

New Georgia area code 470

A new overlay area code was introduced by the NANPA on February 26, 2010 to cover overlay complexes 678/404 and 678/770. The new code will therefore be active for the city of Atlanta and a number of other cities such as Marietta or Sandy Springs. 10 digit dialing has been mandatory since the introduction of area code 678, so there are no changes in the way the residents of these areas will dial out.

Read NANPA announcement (in PDF format)