New California area code 669

The California Public Utilities Commission approved on October 20, 2011 the introduction of an overlay area code as a relief plan for existing NPA 408 serving cities such as Santa Clara, Cupertino, San Jose, Sunnyvale. The new area code 669 will cover the exact same area currently covered by area code 408. As a result 1+10 digit dialing will be the dialing format for residents of this area. Permissive 1+10 digit dialing in area code 408 will commence on April 21, 2012 and end on October 20, 2012 when 1+10 digit dialing becomes mandatory. The new area code 669 will officially be activated on November 20, 2012.

See official NANPA announcement and map of the new overlay complex (PDF document)

6 thoughts on “New California area code 669”

  1. when you say “1+area code+number” i assume that this is the format for land lines only? can i assume that for cell phones you can leave off the “1” and just use the 10 digit number?

    1. Glenn,
      The official announcement we link to above says “After the permissive period ends, all calls must be dialed using 1+10-digits”. So calls to cell phones as well.

    2. Lynette,
      We basically just announce changes received from the North American Numbering Administration. The PDF document we link to provides test numbers and contact numbers you can call ro request more info or signal possible issues.

  2. Hello,
    I have followed the instructions listed above and had to dial 0 for the operater to assist with completing the call. I spoke to two different representatives and the first pushed the call through the second told me there was something wrong on my end and transferred me to repair. I advised I was calling from my work phone in which I had to dial 9 to get an outside line. The recording states that I need to dial 1 plus the area code and the phone number which I did several times with several different phone numbers all 408 area codes. Please advise if end user testing was done to ensure no glitches were encounter prior to your launch. End Users meaning customer test from outside the facility or test lab you folks set-up. Thanks!

  3. Hello, I had a missed number from 16698004xxx. I am assuming it is from a long lost friend James Fezez. Can you confirm who this number it is. If it is him I would love to get together and catch up after 20 years. I called the number but get no response. It might be a spoofed number. I hope its not. Thanks

    1. Hi Joe,
      We provide area code info here at so I don’t have available information on subscribers. On most of our pages we have a search box from our partner Spokeo where you can do a reverse search on US phone numbers to see if they find any info.

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