New Quebec area code 367

The Eastern part of Quebec, Canada is currently served by area code overlay complex 418/581, including cities and towns such as Alma, Levis, Quebec City, Riviere-du-Loup, St. Georges. A new area code will overlay the two codes beginning November 24, 2018. 10 digit dialing is already used in this area so there will be no need for a transition period from 7 to 10 digit dialing.

New dialing rules

  • 7 digit local dialing from NPA 506 in Campbell, NB to NPA 418/581 will be maintained
  • 7 digit local dialing from NPA 709 in Labrador City – Wabush area to NPA 418/581 will be discontinued from as early as November 10, 2018

See official CNA/NANPA announcement for more information and a map of the new overlay area 418/581/367 (PDF document)

One thought on “New Quebec area code 367”

  1. A number (367) 843-6xxx is always calling my number, this is a scammers, on top is another number V12306300900xxx, I try to call back but it goes to a fast beep, please block these nuisance calls!

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