New Connecticut area code 475

Starting December 12, 2009, Connecticut area code 203 covering cities such as Bridgeport, New Haven or Stamford wil be overlayed by the new area code 475. The new code will cover the exact same area currently covered by area code 203.

As a result of the introduction of this new area code, CT residents of these areas will be required to dial 10 digit numbers for local calls. There is a permissive dialing period allowing both 7 and 10 digit dialing starting on May 16, 2009 and ending on November 14, 2009. Starting Nov. 14 all calls within the 203/475 overlay complex should be dialed using 10 digit dialing.

See NANPA announcement and map of the new overlay complex (PDF).

New California area code 442

California area code 760 covering cities such as Calipatria, Escondido, Carlsbad, Encinitas and more (all cities here) will have an overlay code starting November 21, 2009. The new area code 442 will cover the same area currently served by 760. The permissive dialing period started on May 2, 2009 and will end on October 24, 2009. During the permissive period local numbers in area code 760 can be dialed using both dialing formats (xxx xxxx and 1 760 xxx xxxx). Starting October 24, 2009 all calls within 760 and 442 area codes should be dialed using the latter. The new area code will become active on Nov. 21, 2009.

See NANPA announcement and map of the new overlay complex 706/442 (PDF).

New Illinois area code 872

NANPA is announcing a new area code for Chicago, Illinois: area code 872 will overlay both 312 and 773 area codes which cover Chicago and its surroundings (including O’Hare and Midway international airports for 773). The new area code will become active on November 7, 2009. This is the day when the 3 month permissive dialing period (started on August 7, 2009) will end for this new overlay area. Starting November 7 all calls within area codes 312, 773 and 872 must be dialed using 1+area code+local number.

See NANPA announcement + detailed map of the new 872 area code (PDF document).

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