458 area code

Area code 458 is in Oregon (OR), USA and some of the main locations covered are Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, .. (jump to city list below).

Area code 458 has been in service since February 10, 2010 and is an overlay code part of overlay complex 541/458 (overlaying area codes cover the same geographic area).

Area code 458 spans two different time zones. The current time is either 05:42:10 AM (Mountain Time) or 04:42:10 AM (Pacific Time), depending on where you are calling (scroll down for a city list with time zones).

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Map of area code 458

More Oregon area codes

NPANXX1 Area served2 Date3
458-200 Cascade Locks 10/3/2011
458-201 Eugene
458-202 Bend 9/11/2012
458-203 Rogue River 10/6/2014
458-204 Toledo 3/17/2016
458-205 Eugene 6/16/2011
458-206 Bend 8/18/2011
458-207 Veneta 4/29/2014
458-209 Eugene 3/14/2017
458-210 Eugene 10/6/2014
458-212 Grants Pass 10/6/2014
458-213 Wallowa 7/6/2016
458-214 Phoenix 4/18/2014
458-215 Eugene 10/16/2014
458-216 Marcola 4/18/2014
458-217 Junction City 11/30/2015
458-218 Prineville 12/22/2015
458-219 Hermiston 3/4/2016
458-220 Central Point 8/21/2017
458-221 Eugene 3/13/2017
458-223 Lebanon 12/30/2016
458-224 Ontario
458-225 Medford 2/19/2016
458-226 Medford 4/11/2017
458-227 Crater Lake 3/18/2016
458-228 Sumpter 9/21/2018
458-229 Grants Pass 7/29/2016
458-230 Coos Bay 10/5/2017
458-231 Prineville 9/7/2016
458-232 Klamath Falls 10/19/2017
458-233 Albany 10/26/2017
458-234 Eugene 3/12/2018
458-235 Boardman 8/6/2018
458-236 Rufus 8/6/2018
458-237 Odell 10/9/2018
458-238 Bandon 12/4/2018
458-239 Eugene 1/30/2019
458-240 Eugene 9/18/2019
458-241 Echo 10/24/2019
458-242 Imbler 10/24/2019
458-243 Glendale 10/24/2019
458-244 Myrtle Creek 10/24/2019
458-245 Eugene 10/25/2019
458-246 Ashland 1/14/2020
458-247 Eugene 1/17/2020
458-248 Lowell
458-249 Chiloquin 5/13/2020
458-250 Eugene 7/10/2020
458-251 Ontario 1/27/2020
458-252 Oregon Slope 9/10/2020
458-253 Albany 9/16/2020
458-254 Klamath Falls 9/28/2020
458-255 Hermiston 9/28/2020
458-256 Bend 8/15/2016
458-257 Grants Pass 11/25/2020
458-258 Rogue River 4/6/2020
458-259 Brownsville 2/1/2021
458-260 Brookings 3/2/2021
458-261 Eugene 3/3/2021
458-262 Albany 3/18/2021
458-263 Harper 3/31/2021
458-264 Junction City 4/22/2021
458-265 White City 4/29/2021
458-266 Lebanon 5/27/2021
458-267 Powers 6/23/2021
458-268 Coquille 6/23/2021
458-269 Drain 7/12/2022
458-270 Veneta 6/30/2021
458-271 Roseburg 6/30/2021
458-272 Corvallis 8/20/2021
458-273 Eugene 8/24/2021
458-274 Central Point 8/27/2021
458-275 Creswell 11/2/2021
458-276 Ontario 9/13/2021
458-277 Newport 11/9/2021
458-278 Albany 11/9/2021
458-279 Florence 11/15/2021
458-280 Oakland 11/23/2021
458-281 Bend 12/14/2021
458-282 Cottage Grove 12/14/2021
458-283 Jacksonville 12/15/2021
458-284 Harrisburg 1/20/2022
458-285 Albany 3/8/2022
458-286 O'Brien 2/22/2022
458-287 Prineville 3/14/2022
458-288 Gold Beach 3/21/2022
458-289 Ontario 8/26/2022
458-292 Bend 2/4/2016
458-300 Hermiston 10/25/2018
458-301 Selma 5/16/2022
458-345 Enterprise 7/16/2021
458-355 Bend 10/17/2018
458-356 Eugene 7/28/2020
458-400 Culver 10/25/2018
458-433 Vale 1/26/2022
458-446 Ontario 2/5/2021
458-455 Coos Bay 9/13/2021
458-457 Nyssa 6/23/2021
458-459 Blue River 5/30/2019
458-463 Joseph 2/9/2022
458-466 Bandon 2/25/2022
458-488 Medford 6/3/2021
458-500 Black Butte 8/28/2018
458-505 Shady Cove 7/6/2015
458-529 Phoenix 7/28/2020
458-544 Eugene 9/13/2021
458-546 Yachats 10/11/2017
458-562 Waldport 10/11/2017
458-582 Azalea 2/23/2022
458-588 The Dalles 9/13/2021
458-592 Cave Junction 8/11/2020
458-600 Bend 8/24/2018
458-624 North Powder 2/15/2022
458-625 Bonanza 3/2/2022
458-632 Ione 2/9/2022
458-646 Cascade Locks 2/1/2022
458-658 Medford 7/24/2018
458-666 Bend 7/14/2020
458-675 Oakridge 3/14/2016
458-687 Moro 2/15/2022
458-703 Canyonville 3/7/2016
458-710 Coos Bay 10/9/2019
458-723 Burns 2/1/2022
458-726 Monument 2/15/2022
458-742 North Harney 2/15/2022
458-746 Grass Valley 2/7/2022
458-757 Milton-Freewater 7/13/2016
458-763 Ashland 2/23/2022
458-777 Jefferson 9/7/2017
458-783 Depoe Bay 2/23/2022
458-787 Heppner 2/7/2022
458-800 Madras 8/28/2018
458-802 Roseburg 1/25/2016
458-803 Roseburg 4/2/2019
458-832 Parkdale 2/18/2022
458-836 Bend 2/9/2021
458-837 Mitchell 2/14/2022
458-846 South Harney 2/18/2022
458-854 The Dalles 9/11/2018
458-867 Eugene 11/19/2021
458-868 South Beach 10/11/2017
458-877 La Grande 9/13/2021
458-886 Bly 3/2/2022
458-888 Stateline 4/14/2015
458-895 Eugene 10/23/2020
458-899 Redmond 10/26/2018
458-900 Athena 10/25/2018
458-901 Coos Bay 11/16/2021
458-902 Cove 1/19/2022
458-910 Eugene 4/16/2021
458-946 Riddle 7/28/2020
458-987 Gilchrist 2/4/2022
458-999 Umatilla 9/7/2017
  1. The NPA is the Numbering Plan Area (area code) and NXX is the central office code.
  2. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  3. The assignment date. If no date is shown the exchange code was assigned before 2001.

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List of cities in area code 458

City4 County Time5
Adams Umatilla P
Adel Lake P
Adrian Malheur M
Agness Curry P
Albany Linn P
Allegany Coos P
Alsea Benton P
Alvadore Lane P
Antelope Wasco P
Arlington Gilliam P
Arock Malheur M
Ashland Jackson P
Ashwood Jefferson P
Athena Umatilla P
Azalea Douglas P
Baker City Baker P
Bandon Coos P
Bates Grant P
Beatty Klamath P
Bend Deschutes P
Blachly Lane P
Blodgett Benton P
Blue River Lane P
Bly Klamath P
Boardman Morrow P
Bonanza Klamath P
Bridgeport Baker P
Broadbent Coos P
Brogan Malheur M
Brookings Curry P
Brothers Deschutes P
Brownsville Linn P
Burns Harney P
Butte Falls Jackson P
Camas Valley Douglas P
Camp Sherman Jefferson P
Canyon City Grant P
Canyonville Douglas P
Cascade Locks Hood River P
Cascadia Linn P
Cave Junction Josephine P
Central Point Jackson P
Chemult Klamath P
Cheshire Lane P
Chiloquin Klamath P
Christmas Valley Lake P
Condon Gilliam P
Coos Bay Coos P
Coquille Coos P
Corvallis Benton P
Cottage Grove Lane P
Cove Union P
Crabtree Linn P
Crane Harney P
Crater Lake Klamath P
Crawfordsville Linn P
Crescent Klamath P
Crescent Lake Klamath P
Creswell Lane P
Culp Creek Lane P
Culver Jefferson P
Dairy Klamath P
Days Creek Douglas P
Dayville Grant P
Deadwood Lane P
Depoe Bay Lincoln P
Dexter Lane P
Diamond Harney P
Dillard Douglas P
Dorena Lane P
Drain Douglas P
Drewsey Harney P
Dufur Wasco P
Durkee Baker P
Eagle Point Jackson P
Echo Umatilla P
Eddyville Lincoln P
Elgin Union P
Elkton Douglas P
Elmira Lane P
Enterprise Wallowa P
Eugene Lane P
Fall Creek Lane P
Fields Harney P
Florence Lane P
Fort Klamath Klamath P
Fort Rock Lake P
Fossil Wheeler P
Foster Linn P
Frenchglen Harney P
Gardiner Douglas P
Gilchrist Klamath P
Glendale Douglas P
Gleneden Beach Lincoln P
Glide Douglas P
Gold Beach Curry P
Gold Hill Jackson P
Grants Pass Josephine P
Grass Valley Sherman P
Haines Baker P
Halfway Baker P
Halsey Linn P
Harper Malheur M
Harrisburg Linn P
Helix Umatilla P
Heppner Morrow P
Hereford Baker P
Hermiston Umatilla P
Hines Harney P
Hood River Hood River P
Huntington Baker P
Idleyld Park Douglas P
Imbler Union P
Imnaha Wallowa P
Ione Morrow P
Ironside Malheur M
Irrigon Morrow P
Jacksonville Jackson P
Jamieson Malheur M
Jefferson Marion P
John Day Grant P
Jordan Valley Malheur M
Joseph Wallowa P
Junction City Lane P
Juntura Malheur M
Keno Klamath P
Kent Sherman P
Kerby Josephine P
Kimberly Grant P
Klamath Falls Klamath P
La Grande Union P
La Pine Deschutes P
Lakeside Coos P
Lakeview Lake P
Langlois Curry P
Lebanon Linn P
Lexington Morrow P
Lincoln City Lincoln P
Logsden Lincoln P
Long Creek Grant P
Lorane Lane P
Lostine Wallowa P
Lowell Lane P
Madras Jefferson P
Malin Klamath P
Mapleton Lane P
Marcola Lane P
Maupin Wasco P
Meacham Umatilla P
Medford Jackson P
Merlin Josephine P
Merrill Klamath P
Midland Klamath P
Mikkalo Gilliam P
Milton-Freewater Umatilla P
Mitchell Wheeler P
Monroe Benton P
Monument Grant P
Moro Sherman P
Mosier Wasco P
Mount Hood Parkdale Hood River P
Mount Vernon Grant P
Murphy Josephine P
Myrtle Creek Douglas P
Myrtle Point Coos P
Neotsu Lincoln P
New Pine Creek Lake P
Newport Lincoln P
North Bend Coos P
North Powder Union P
Noti Lane P
Nyssa Malheur M
O'Brien Josephine P
Oakland Douglas P
Oakridge Lane P
Odell Hood River P
Ontario Malheur M
Ophir Curry P
Otis Lincoln P
Otter Rock Lincoln P
Oxbow Baker P
Paisley Lake P
Paulina Crook P
Pendleton Umatilla P
Philomath Benton P
Phoenix Jackson P
Pilot Rock Umatilla P
Pleasant Hill Lane P
Plush Lake P
Port Orford Curry P
Post Crook P
Powell Butte Crook P
Powers Coos P
Prairie City Grant P
Princeton Harney P
Prineville Crook P
Prospect Jackson P
Redmond Deschutes P
Reedsport Douglas P
Richland Baker P
Riddle Douglas P
Riley Harney P
Riverside Malheur M
Rogue River Jackson P
Roseburg Douglas P
Rufus Sherman P
Saginaw Lane P
Scottsburg Douglas P
Seal Rock Lincoln P
Selma Josephine P
Seneca Grant P
Shady Cove Jackson P
Shaniko Wasco P
Shedd Linn P
Siletz Lincoln P
Silver Lake Lake P
Sisters Deschutes P
Sixes Curry P
South Beach Lincoln P
Sprague River Klamath P
Spray Wheeler P
Springfield Lane P
Stanfield Umatilla P
Summer Lake Lake P
Summerville Union P
Sumpter Baker P
Sutherlin Douglas P
Sweet Home Linn P
Swisshome Lane P
Talent Jackson P
Tangent Linn P
Tenmile Douglas P
Terrebonne Jefferson P
The Dalles Wasco P
Thurston Lane P
Tidewater Lincoln P
Tiller Douglas P
Toledo Lincoln P
Trail Jackson P
Tygh Valley Wasco P
Ukiah Umatilla P
Umatilla Umatilla P
Umpqua Douglas P
Union Union P
Unity Baker P
Vale Malheur M
Veneta Lane P
Vida Lane P
Waldport Lincoln P
Wallowa Wallowa P
Walterville Lane P
Walton Lane P
Warm Springs Jefferson P
Wasco Sherman P
Wedderburn Curry P
Westfall Malheur M
Westfir Lane P
Westlake Lane P
Weston Umatilla P
White City Jackson P
Wilbur Douglas P
Wilderville Josephine P
Williams Josephine P
Winchester Douglas P
Winston Douglas P
Wolf Creek Josephine P
Yachats Lincoln P
Yoncalla Douglas P
  1. Listed in the table above are most, often not all places served by area code 458. When two or more places with the same name are located in the same state we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. Multiple time zones. Go to top for current time.

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