584 Area Code

Area code 584 is in Manitoba (MB), Canada and some of the main locations it covers are Winnipeg, Winkler, Selkirk, etc. (jump to city list below).

In service since October 28, 2022, area code 584 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 204/431/584 (overlaying NPAs cover the same area).

The current time for places served by area code 584 is 04:34:46 PM (Central Time Zone).

Map of area code 584

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584 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1
584-301 Stonewall
584-600 Oakbank
584-888 Winnipeg
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
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Cities in area code 584

City1 Time2
Alexander C
Alonsa C
Altamont C
Altona C
Amaranth C
Angusville C
Anola C
Arborg C
Arden C
Argyle C
Arnaud C
Arnes C
Arrow River C
Ashern C
Ashville C
Aubigny C
Austin C
Bagot C
Baldur C
Balmoral C
Barrows C
Beaconia C
Beausejour C
Belair C
Belleview C
Belmont C
Benito C
Berens River C
Bethany C
Beulah C
Binscarth C
Birch River C
Birnie C
Birtle C
Bissett C
Bloodvein C
Blumenort C
Boggy Creek C
Boissevain C
Bowsman C
Bradwardine C
Brandon C
Broad Valley C
Brochet C
Brookdale C
Brunkild C
Bruxelles C
Buffalo Point C
Camp Morton C
Camperville C
Carberry C
Cardale C
Carlowrie C
Carman C
Carroll C
Cartier C
Cartwright C
Cayer C
Channing C
Chatfield C
Churchill C
Clandeboye C
Clanwilliam C
Clearwater C
Cormorant C
Coulter C
Cowan C
Cranberry Portage C
Crandall C
Crane River C
Cromer C
Cross Lake C
Crystal City C
Cypress River C
Dacotah C
Dakota Tipi C
Dallas C
Darlingford C
Dauphin C
Decker C
Deleau C
Deloraine C
Domain C
Dominion City C
Douglas C
Dropmore C
Duck Bay C
Dufresne C
Dufrost C
Dugald C
Dunrea C
Durban C
East Braintree C
East Selkirk C
East St Paul C
Easterville C
Ebb And Flow C
Eddystone C
Eden C
Edwin C
Elgin C
Elie C
Elkhorn C
Elm Creek C
Elma C
Elphinstone C
Emerson C
Erickson C
Eriksdale C
Ethelbert C
Fairfax C
Fairford C
Falcon Beach C
Fannystelle C
Faulkner C
Fisher Branch C
Flin Flon C
Fork River C
Forrest Station C
Fort Alexander C
Foxwarren C
Franklin C
Fraserwood C
Gardenton C
Garland C
Garson C
Gilbert Plains C
Gillam C
Gimli C
Ginew C
Giroux C
Gladstone C
Glenboro C
Glenella C
Glenlea C
Glenora C
Gods Lake Narrows C
Gods River C
Goodlands C
Grahamdale C
Grand Marais C
Grand Rapids C
Grande Pointe C
Grandview C
Granville Lake C
Graysville C
Great Falls C
Green Ridge C
Gretna C
Griswold C
Grosse Isle C
Grunthal C
Gunton C
Gypsumville C
Hadashville C
Halbstadt C
Hamiota C
Harding C
Hargrave C
Hartney C
Haywood C
Hazelridge C
Headingley C
High Bluff C
Hilbre C
Hodgson C
Holland C
Holmfield C
Homewood C
Horndean C
Howden C
Ile Des Chenes C
Ilford C
Inglis C
Inwood C
Isabella C
Island Lake C
Justice C
Kelwood C
Kenton C
Kenville C
Killarney C
Kinosota C
Kirkella C
Kleefeld C
Kola C
Komarno C
Koostatak C
La Barriere C
La Broquerie C
La Riviere C
La Salle C
Lac Brochet C
Lac Du Bonnet C
Lake Audy C
Lake Francis C
Lake Manitoba First Nation C
Lakeland C
Landmark C
Langruth C
Lauder C
Laurier C
Lavenham C
Leaf Rapids C
Lenore C
Letellier C
Libau C
Little Bullhead C
Little Grand Rapids C
Lockport C
Lorette C
Lowe Farm C
Lundar C
Lyleton C
Lynn Lake C
Macdonald C
Macgregor C
Mafeking C
Makinak C
Malonton C
Manigotagan C
Manitou C
Manson C
Marchand C
Margaret C
Mariapolis C
Marius C
Marquette C
Mather C
Matheson Island C
Matlock C
McAuley C
McCreary C
Meadow Portage C
Medora C
Meleb C
Melita C
Menisino C
Menzie C
Miami C
Middlebro C
Miniota C
Minitonas C
Minnedosa C
Minto C
Mitchell C
Moose Lake C
Moosehorn C
Morden C
Morris C
Mountain Road C
Mulvihill C
Napinka C
Narcisse C
Neepawa C
Negginan C
Nelson House C
Nesbitt C
New Bothwell C
Newdale C
Newton Siding C
Ninette C
Ninga C
Niverville C
Norway House C
Notre Dame De Lourdes C
O'Hanly C
Oak Bluff C
Oak Lake C
Oak Point C
Oak River C
Oakbank C
Oakburn C
Oakview C
Oakville C
Ochre River C
Olha C
Onanole C
Opaskwayak C
Otterburne C
Overstoneville C
Oxford House C
Pansy C
Pauingassi C
Peguis C
Pelican Rapids C
Petersfield C
Pierson C
Pikwitonei C
Pilot Mound C
Pinawa C
Pine Falls C
Pine River C
Piney C
Pipestone C
Plum Coulee C
Plumas C
Pointe Du Bois C
Polonia C
Poplar Point C
Poplarfield C
Portage La Prairie C
Powerview C
Pratt C
Princess Harbour C
Pukatawagan C
Randolph C
Rapid City C
Rathwell C
Red Sucker Lake C
Reinfeld C
Rennie C
Renwer C
Reston C
Richer C
Ridgeville C
Riding Mountain C
River Hills C
Rivers C
Riverton C
Roblin C
Rock Ridge C
Roland C
Rorketon C
Rosa C
Roseau River C
Roseisle C
Rosenfeld C
Rosenort C
Rossburn C
Rossendale C
Rosser C
Russell C
San Clara C
Sandilands C
Sandy Hook C
Sandy Lake C
Sanford C
Sarto C
Scanterbury C
Schanzenfeld C
Seddons Corner C
Selkirk C
Seven Sisters Falls C
Shamattawa C
Shellmouth C
Sherridon C
Shilo C
Shoal Lake C
Shortdale C
Sidney C
Sifton C
Silver C
Silver Ridge C
Sinclair C
Skownan C
Snow Lake C
Snowflake C
Solsgirth C
Somerset C
Souris C
South Indian Lake C
South Junction C
Southport C
Sperling C
Split Lake C
Sprague C
Springfield C
Springstein C
St Adolphe C
St Alphonse C
St Ambroise C
St Andrews C
St Claude C
St Clements C
St Eustache C
St Francois Xavier C
St Georges C
St Germain South C
St Jean Baptiste C
St Joseph C
St Laurent C
St Lazare C
St Leon C
St Malo C
St Marks C
St Martin C
St Pierre Jolys C
St Theresa Point C
Starbuck C
Ste Agathe C
Ste Anne C
Ste Rose Du Lac C
Stead C
Steep Rock C
Steinbach C
Stephenfield C
Stevenson Island C
Stockton C
Stonewall C
Stony Mountain C
Strathclair C
Stuartburn C
Sundown C
Swan Lake C
Swan River C
Tadoule Lake C
Teulon C
The Pas C
Thicket Portage C
Thompson C
Thornhill C
Tilston C
Tolstoi C
Tourond C
Toutes Aides C
Traverse Bay C
Treherne C
Tyndall C
Valley River C
Vassar C
Vermette C
Victoria Beach C
Virden C
Vista C
Vita C
Vogar C
Wabowden C
Waldersee C
Wanipigow C
Wanless C
Warren C
Wasagamack C
Wasagaming C
Waskada C
Waterhen C
Wawanesa C
Waywayseecappo C
Wellwood C
West St Paul C
Westbourne C
Whitemouth C
Whiteshell C
Winkler C
Winnipeg C
Winnipeg Beach C
Winnipegosis C
Woodlands C
Woodmore C
Woodridge C
Woodside C
York Landing C
Zhoda C
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 584. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. C stands for Central Time Zone (currently 04:34:46 PM).
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