670 area code

Area code 670 is in Northern Mariana and some of the main locations covered are Saipan, Garapan, Kagman, .. (jump to city list below).

Area code 670 has been in service since July 01, 1997.

11:20:15 AM is the current time in area code 670 (Chamorro Standard Time).

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Map of area code 670

NPANXX1 Area served2 Date3
670-233 Saipan
670-234 Saipan
670-235 Saipan
670-236 Saipan
670-237 Saipan 6/1/2005
670-256 Saipan
670-284 Saipan 4/20/2018
670-285 Saipan 1/25/2005
670-286 Saipan
670-287 Saipan
670-288 Saipan
670-321 Saipan
670-322 Saipan
670-323 Saipan
670-328 Saipan
670-433 Tinian
670-483 Saipan
670-484 Saipan 5/17/2002
670-488 Tinian 9/20/2004
670-532 Rota
670-588 Rota 9/17/2004
670-664 Saipan
670-682 Saipan
670-783 Saipan 1/31/2013
670-785 Saipan 7/2/2010
670-788 Saipan
670-789 Saipan 2/26/2007
670-838 Saipan 8/25/2004
670-848 Saipan 10/10/2008
670-858 Saipan 10/10/2008
670-868 Saipan 3/10/2003
670-878 Saipan 1/13/2005
670-888 Saipan 7/30/2002
670-898 Saipan 8/24/2004
670-989 Saipan 4/5/2005
  1. The NPA is the Numbering Plan Area (area code) and NXX is the central office code.
  2. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.

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List of cities in area code 670

City4 County Time5
Capitol Hill Saipan ChST
Chalan Kanoa Saipan ChST
Dandan Saipan ChST
Finasisu Saipan ChST
Garapan Saipan ChST
Gualo Rai Saipan ChST
Kagman Saipan ChST
Koblerville Saipan ChST
Rota ChST
Saipan ChST
San Antonio Saipan ChST
San Jose Tinian ChST
San Jose Village Saipan ChST
San Vincente Saipan ChST
Sinapalo Rota ChST
Susupe Saipan ChST
Tinian ChST
  1. Listed in the table above are most, often not all places served by area code 670. When two or more places with the same name are located in the same state we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. ChST stands for Chamorro Standard Time (currently 11:20:15 AM).

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