Area code 771

The 771 area code belongs to the District of Columbia covering all of Washington, D.C.:

State Larger cities in area code 771 Time Zone
District of Columbia
Washington D.C. EASTERN
Current time is
12:37:53 AM
-- overlays area code 202 --

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Basic info

Beginning November 9, 2021 the capital city of the United States of America is getting a new Numbering Plan Area (NPA): 771 is the new area code covering the entire D.C. area previosly served by NPA 202 alone. The two area codes overlay forming overlay complex 202/771. With the introduction of an overlay NPA the dialing plan changes too: local and toll calls, regardless of terminating Numbering Plan Area (home or foreign NPA), are now dialed using 10 digits and 1+10 digits respectively (some carriers also allow 1+10 digit dialing for local calls).
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