Area Code 879

Area code 879 is in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, serving 448 cities, including St John's, Corner Brook or Paradise; it currently uses 4 prefixes, assigned from 879-382-XXXX through 879-640-XXXX.

In service since February 17, 2024, area code 879 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 709/879.

The current local time is 03:52:43 PM (Newfoundland Time Zone).

879 area code location on a map

*For exact NPA boundaries see official 879 area code map

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NPANXX Area served1
879-382 St. John'S
879-610 St. John'S
879-630 Corner Brook
879-640 Happy Valley - Goose Bay
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.

Cities in area code 879

City1 Time2
Aguathuna N
Anchor Point N
Aquaforte N
Arnolds Cove N
Aspen Cove N
Avondale N
Badger N
Badgers Quay N
Baie Verte N
Baine Harbour N
Barachois Brook N
Bartletts Harbour N
Bauline N
Bay Bulls N
Bay De Verde N
Bay L'Argent N
Bay Roberts N
Baytona N
Beaumont N
Bell Island N
Bell Island Front N
Bellburns N
Belleoram N
Bellevue N
Benoits Cove N
Benton N
Bide Arm N
Birchy Bay N
Birchy Head N
Bird Cove N
Bishops Falls N
Black Duck Cove N
Black Duck Siding N
Black Tickle A
Blaketown N
Bloomfield N
Boat Harbour West N
Bonavista N
Bonne Bay N
Bonne Bay Pond A
Botwood N
Boyds Cove N
Branch N
Brents Cove N
Bridgeport N
Brighton N
Brigus N
Brigus Junction N
Broad Cove Bdv N
Brookfield N
Brownsdale N
Buchans N
Buchans Junction N
Bunyans Cove N
Burgeo N
Burgoynes Cove N
Burin N
Burin Bay Arm N
Burlington N
Burnside N
Burnt Islands Blp N
Burnt Point Bdv N
Calvert N
Campbellton N
Cannings Cove N
Cape Broyle N
Cape Freels North N
Cape Ray N
Cape St George N
Caplin Cove Bdv N
Cappahayden N
Carbonear N
Carmanville N
Carters Cove N
Cartwright A
Cartyville N
Castors River N
Catalina N
Cavendish N
Chance Cove N
Change Islands N
Channel-Port-Aux-Basques N
Chapel Arm N
Chapel Cove N
Charleston N
Charlottetown N
Charlottetown Lab A
Churchill Falls A
Clarenville N
Clarkes Beach N
Coachmans Cove N
Codroy N
Coleys Point South N
Colinet N
Colliers Riverhead N
Come By Chance N
Comfort Cove-Newstead N
Conception Bay South N
Conception Harbour N
Conche N
Conne River N
Cooks Harbour N
Cormack A
Corner Brook N
Cottlesville N
Cottrells Cove N
Cow Head N
Coxs Cove N
Creston N
Creston North N
Croque N
Cupids N
Daniels Harbour N
Deadmans Bay N
Deep Bay N
Deer Lake A
Dildo N
Dover N
Doyles N
Duntara N
Dunville N
Durrell N
Eastport N
Eddies Cove N
Eddies Cove West N
Elliston N
Embree N
Englee N
English Harbour East N
English Harbour West N
Epworth N
Fair Haven N
Fermeuse N
Ferryland N
Flatrock N
Fleur De Lys N
Flowers Cove N
Fogo N
Forteau N
Fortune N
Fox Harbour Pb N
Francois N
Frederickton N
Frenchmans Cove Boi N
Frenchmans Cove Fb N
Freshwater Pb N
Gallants N
Gambo N
Gambo South N
Gander N
Gander Bay N
Gander Bay South N
Garden Cove Pb N
Garnish N
Gaultois N
Glenwood N
Glovertown N
Glovertown South N
Gooseberry Cove N
Goulds N
Grand Bank N
Grand Bay East N
Grand Beach N
Grand Bruit N
Grand Falls-Windsor N
Grand Le Pierre N
Grates Cove N
Green Island Brook N
Green Island Cove N
Greens Harbour N
Greenspond N
Grey River N
Hampden N
Hants Harbour N
Happy Valley-Goose Bay A
Harbour Breton N
Harbour Grace N
Harbour Grace South N
Harbour Main N
Harbour Mille N
Harbour Round N
Hare Bay Bb N
Harrys Harbour N
Hawkes Bay N
Head Bay D'Espoir N
Hearts Content N
Hearts Delight N
Hearts Desire N
Heatherton N
Hermitage N
Herring Neck N
Hickmans Harbour N
Highlands N
Hillgrade N
Hillview N
Hodges Cove N
Holyrood N
Hopeall N
Hopedale A
Horwood N
Howley N
Indian Bay Bb N
Island Harbour N
Isle-Aux-Morts N
Islington N
Jacksons Arm N
Jacksons Cove N
Jeffreys N
Jerseyside N
Jobs Cove N
Joe Batts Arm N
Keels N
Kings Cove N
Kings Point N
Kippens N
Knights Cove N
L'Anse Au Clair N
L'Anse Au Loup N
La Poile N
La Scie N
Labrador City N
Ladle Cove N
Lamaline N
Lance Cove N
Lark Harbour N
Laurenceton N
Lawn N
Leading Tickles N
Lethbridge N
Lewins Cove N
Lewisporte N
Little Bay East N
Little Bay Islands N
Little Bay Ndb N
Little Bay Pb N
Little Burnt Bay N
Little Catalina N
Little Harbour East Pb N
Little Hearts Ease N
Little St Lawrence N
Lodge Bay A
Logy Bay N
Long Harbour N
Loon Bay N
Lourdes N
Lower Island Cove N
Lumsden N
Main Brook N
Main Point N
Makinsons N
Makkovik A
Marys Harbour A
Marystown N
Marysvale N
Massey Drive N
McCallum N
Melrose N
Middle Arm Gb N
Middle Cove N
Miles Cove N
Millertown N
Milltown N
Mings Bight N
Mobile N
Monkstown N
Moretons Harbour N
Mount Arlington Heights N
Mount Carmel N
Mount Moriah N
Mount Pearl N
Mud Lake A
Musgrave Harbour N
Musgravetown N
Nain A
Natuashish A
New Chelsea N
New Harbour Tb N
New Melbourne N
New Perlican N
Newmans Cove N
Newtown N
Nippers Harbour N
Noels Pond N
Normans Cove N
Norris Arm N
Norris Arm Northside N
Norris Point N
North Harbour Pb N
North Harbour Smb N
North Valley N
North West Brook N
North West River A
Northern Bay N
Ochre Pit Cove N
Old Perlican N
Old Shop N
Open Hall N
Outer Cove N
Pacquet N
Paradise N
Paradise River A
Parkers Cove N
Parsons Pond N
Pasadena N
Peterview N
Petit Forte N
Petty Harbour N
Pilleys Island N
Placentia N
Plate Cove East N
Plate Cove West N
Plum Point N
Point Leamington N
Point Of Bay N
Pollards Point N
Pools Cove N
Pools Island N
Port Albert N
Port Anson N
Port Au Choix N
Port Au Port N
Port Blandford N
Port De Grave N
Port Hope Simpson A
Port Rexton N
Port Saunders N
Port Union N
Portland Creek N
Portugal Cove-St Philips N
Postville A
Pouch Cove N
Pound Cove N
Princeton N
Pynn's Brook A
Raleigh N
Ramea N
Rattling Brook N
Red Bay N
Red Harbour Pb N
Red Head Cove N
Reefs Harbour N
Reidville A
Rencontre East N
Renews N
Rigolet A
River Of Ponds N
Riverhead Harbour Grace N
Roberts Arm N
Robinsons N
Rocky Harbour N
Roddickton N
Rodgers Cove N
Rose Blanche N
Round Harbour Gb N
Rushoon N
Sallys Cove N
Salmon Cove Bdv N
Salvage N
Sandringham N
Sandy Cove N
Seal Cove Fb N
Seal Cove Wb N
Seldom N
Shalloway Cove N
Shea Heights N
Shearstown N
Ship Harbour Pb N
Shoe Cove N
Snooks Arm N
Sops Arm N
South Branch N
South Brook Gb N
South Dildo N
South East Bight N
South River N
Southern Bay N
Southern Harbour Pb N
Spaniards Bay N
Springdale N
St Albans N
St Andrews N
St Anthony N
St Anthony East N
St Bernards-Jacques Fontaine N
St Brendans N
St Brides N
St Chads N
St Davids N
St Fintans N
St Georges N
St John's N
St Josephs Sal N
St Judes A
St Juliens N
St Lawrence N
St Lewis A
St Lunaire-Griquet N
St Marys N
St Pauls N
St Shotts N
St Vincents N
Stag Harbour N
Stephenville N
Stephenville Crossing N
Stoneville N
Summerford N
Summerville N
Sunnyside N
Sweet Bay N
Swift Current N
Templeman N
Terrenceville N
Tickle Cove N
Tilting N
Tizzards Harbour N
Torbay N
Tors Cove N
Traytown N
Trepassey N
Trinity Bb N
Trinity Tb N
Triton N
Trout River N
Turks Cove N
Twillingate N
Upper Island Cove N
Valley Pond N
Victoria Cb N
Victoria Cove N
Wabush A
Wareham-Centreville N
Wesleyville N
West Bay Centre N
West St Modeste N
Western Bay N
Westport N
Whitbourne N
Whiteway N
Wild Cove Wb N
Williams Harbour A
Wiltondale A
Wings Point N
Winterland N
Winterton N
Witless Bay N
Woodfords N
Woodstock N
York Harbour N
  1. Listed above are most places served by Canadian area code 879. When multiple places in a CA province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. N stands for Newfoundland Time Zone (currently 03:52:43 PM).