Alberta Area Code 368

Published: September 02, 2019

Announced earlier this year and scheduled for activation on May 15, 2021, a new area code 368 will be added to an already crowded overlay complex currently serving the province of Alberta, Canada. There are 4 active area codes today in Alberta: 403, 780, 587 and 825, the latter 2 covering the entire province. Area codes 403 and 780 serve different parts (south/north) of the province's territory, with Calgary using 403 and Edmonton 780.

The new code is also to cover the entire Albertan territory. No changes will be required in the way calls are made with the introduction of this new area code.

See official announcement (PDF document)


In planning letter 560 dated May 25, 2021 the Canadian Numbering Administrator announces the revised date for the introduction of area code 368. The new date is April 23, 2022.

See planning letter 560 (PDF document).

Visit area code 368 page for a list of cities served, map and other info.