New area code 428 for New Brunswick, Canada

The Canadian province of New Brunswick will use two area codes starting from November, 2020. Currently the province is served by NPA 506. The new area code 428 will also cover the entire province (the two area codes will overlay). As a result, 10 digit dialing will be used for all local calls within the area.

Key dates

  • August 13 to August 20, 2020 – permissive 7/10 digit dialing is introduced for local calls within NPA 506
  • November 7 to November 14, 2020 – mandatory 10 digit dialing for local calls within NPA 506
  • November 21, 2020 – the new area code 428 enters service

See official NANPA announcement and more information (PDF document)


A new implementation date for area code 428 was recently announced by the Canadian Numbering Administrator. The new postponed date is April 23, 2022.

See the updated planning letter for full details (PDF document)

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