New Ontario area code 437

Area code 437 will be introduced on March 25, 2013 as relief for overlay complex 416/647 covering the city of Toronto, Ontario. The new area code will cover the same geographical area. Since 10 digit dialing is already mandatoty in existing overlay complex 416/647, no permissive period is required and no changes wil be made in the way residents of the city of Toronto dial telephone calls.

See official announcement and map (PDF document)

4 thoughts on “New Ontario area code 437”

  1. I am trying to find out where this # is coming from, it’s 1-437-220-xxxx. I have been asked to called it. I live in St. Cloud, Mn. And on my landline phone, I can’t get anywhere. There’s also this # 1-403-471-xxxx, and I can’t get anywhere with it also. There is no 1-800#,to call, and no address,or e-mail given either.

    1. Both codes are Canadian (Ontario and Alberta provinces respectively). Make sure you are able to dial international calls from your home phone.

  2. I got a message that “money was transfer to me” from a phone number 1-437-XXX-XXXX,, That should answer with a Y..
    Strongly believe they were trying to hack my phone!!

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