Quebec Area Code 468

Published: December 11, 2021

9 years since NPA 873 was overlaid on NPA 819 in western Quebec, the Canadian Numbering Administrator announces it is again time for a relief plan for this calling area. Larger cities like Gatineau, Drummondville or Sherbrooke are among the many communities served by the two area codes.

Beginning October 22, 2022 a third area code 468 will be activated here and cover the exact same geographic area. The dialing plan for calls originating wihin the future overlay complex 819/873/468 will not change this time. As a reminder: all local calls are currently and will continue to be dialed using 10 digits while toll calls are dialed using 1+10 digits.

See official planning letter (PDF document).

Visit area code 468 page for a list of cities served, map and other info.