Texas Area Code 726

Published: August 29, 2016

The Greater San Antonio area in Texas, currently served by NPA 210 will have a new area code overlaying the aforementioned NPA beginning October 23, 2017. The new overlay area code is 726, approved on July 20, 2016 by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas.

Key dates

  • March 25, 2017 - start of permissive 7/10 digit dialing for all calls in the area, local calls included (during the permissive dialing period calls may be dialed using both 7 and 10 digits although 10 digit dialing is encouraged)
  • September 23, 2017 - mandatory 10 digit dialing begins
  • October 23, 2017 - new area code 726 enters service

See official NANPA announcement and map of the new overlay complex 210/726 (PDF document).

Visit area code 726 page for a list of cities served, map and other info.