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Area code 534 is in Wisconsin (WI), USA and some of the main locations covered are Eau Claire, Stevens Point, Marshfield, .. (jump to city list below).

Area code 534 has been in service since 14 August 2010 and is an overlay code part of overlay complex 715/534 (overlaying area codes cover the same geographic area).

09:14:06 AM is the current time in area code 534 (Central Time).

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Map of area code 534

More Wisconsin area codes

NPANXX1 Area served2 Date3
534-200Eau Claire7/23/2020
534-203River Falls6/28/2021
534-204Eau Claire 12/23/2021
534-205Eau Claire 4/15/2022
534-209Spring Lake 2/4/2022
534-220Chippewa Falls12/7/2011
534-227Colby 1/7/2022
534-229Long Lake6/18/2015
534-239Grand View10/25/2017
534-248River Falls11/18/2014
534-263Mill Creek 2/4/2022
534-277Stevens Point5/26/2021
534-313La Pointe10/25/2017
534-321New Auburn6/18/2015
534-329Sand Creek10/25/2017
534-331Iron River10/25/2017
534-349Elk Lake6/9/2015
534-363Granton 1/11/2022
534-399Prairie Farm10/25/2017
534-444Eau Claire11/19/2018
534-535Junction City5/26/2021
534-600Three Lakes8/20/2020
534-626Wausau 2/1/2022
534-768Amberg 1/11/2022
534-787Mattoon 1/11/2022
534-794Mosinee 1/11/2022
534-837Crandon 1/11/2022
534-901Wausau 11/24/2021
  1. The NPA is the Numbering Plan Area (area code) and NXX is the central office code.
  2. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  3. The assignment date. If no date is shown the exchange code was assigned before 2001.

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List of cities in area code 534

City4 County Time5
AbbotsfordClark C
Alma CenterJackson C
AlmenaBarron C
AlmondPortage C
AltoonaEau Claire C
AmbergMarinette C
AmeryPolk C
AmherstPortage C
Amherst JunctionPortage C
AniwaMarathon C
AntigoLanglade C
ArgonneForest C
ArkansawPepin C
Armstrong CreekForest C
ArpinWood C
AshlandAshland C
AthelstaneMarinette C
AthensMarathon C
AuburndaleWood C
AugustaEau Claire C
BabcockWood C
BaldwinSt Croix C
Balsam LakePolk C
BancroftPortage C
BarronBarron C
BarronettBarron C
Bay CityPierce C
BayfieldBayfield C
Bear CreekOutagamie C
BeldenvillePierce C
BenoitBayfield C
Big FallsWaupaca C
BirchwoodWashburn C
BirnamwoodShawano C
Black River FallsJackson C
BlenkerWood C
BloomerChippewa C
BonduelShawano C
Boulder JunctionVilas C
BowlerShawano C
BoycevilleDunn C
BoydChippewa C
BrantwoodPrice C
BrillBarron C
BrokawMarathon C
BruceRusk C
BruleDouglas C
BryantLanglade C
ButternutAshland C
CableBayfield C
CadottChippewa C
CameronBarron C
CarolineShawano C
CatawbaPrice C
CecilShawano C
CenturiaPolk C
ChetekBarron C
ChiliClark C
Chippewa FallsChippewa C
Clam LakeAshland C
ClaytonPolk C
Clear LakePolk C
ClintonvilleWaupaca C
ColbyClark C
ColfaxDunn C
ColomaWaushara C
ComstockBarron C
ConoverVilas C
ConrathRusk C
CornellChippewa C
CornucopiaBayfield C
CouderaySawyer C
CrandonForest C
CrivitzMarinette C
CumberlandBarron C
CurtissClark C
CushingPolk C
CusterPortage C
DallasBarron C
DanburyBurnett C
Deer ParkSt Croix C
DeerbrookLanglade C
DorchesterClark C
DowningDunn C
DownsvilleDunn C
DresserPolk C
DrummondBayfield C
DunbarMarinette C
DurandPepin C
Eagle RiverVilas C
East EllsworthPierce C
Eau ClaireEau Claire C
Eau GalleDunn C
EdgarMarathon C
EdgewaterSawyer C
ElandMarathon C
ElchoLanglade C
ElderonMarathon C
ElevaTrempealeau C
Elk MoundDunn C
EllsworthPierce C
ElmwoodPierce C
EltonLanglade C
EmbarrassWaupaca C
ExelandSawyer C
FairchildEau Claire C
Fall CreekEau Claire C
FenceFlorence C
FifieldPrice C
FlorenceFlorence C
FoxboroDouglas C
FredericPolk C
GallowayMarathon C
GileIron C
GilmanTaylor C
GilmantonBuffalo C
GleasonLincoln C
Glen FloraRusk C
Glenwood CitySt Croix C
GliddenAshland C
GoodmanMarinette C
GordonDouglas C
Grand ViewBayfield C
GrantonClark C
GrantsburgBurnett C
Green ValleyShawano C
GreenwoodClark C
GreshamShawano C
Hager CityPierce C
HammondSt Croix C
HancockWaushara C
HannibalTaylor C
HarshawOneida C
HatleyMarathon C
HaugenBarron C
HawkinsRusk C
HawthorneDouglas C
HaywardSawyer C
HazelhurstOneida C
Heafford JunctionLincoln C
HerbsterBayfield C
HertelBurnett C
HewittWood C
High BridgeAshland C
HixtonJackson C
HolcombeChippewa C
HoultonSt Croix C
HudsonSt Croix C
HumbirdClark C
HurleyIron C
IndependenceTrempealeau C
IolaWaupaca C
IrmaLincoln C
Iron BeltIron C
Iron RiverBayfield C
Jim FallsChippewa C
Jump RiverTaylor C
Junction CityPortage C
KennanPrice C
KeshenaMenominee C
KingWaupaca C
KnappDunn C
La PointeAshland C
Lac Du FlambeauVilas C
LadysmithRusk C
Lake NebagamonDouglas C
Lake TomahawkOneida C
LakewoodOconto C
Land O LakesVilas C
LaonaForest C
LeopolisShawano C
Long LakeFlorence C
LoyalClark C
LublinTaylor C
LuckPolk C
Maiden RockPierce C
Manitowish WatersVilas C
MapleDouglas C
MarathonMarathon C
MarengoAshland C
MarinetteMarinette C
MarionWaupaca C
MarshfieldWood C
MasonBayfield C
MattoonShawano C
Mc NaughtonOneida C
MedfordTaylor C
MellenAshland C
MenomonieDunn C
MercerIron C
MerrillLincoln C
MerrillanJackson C
MikanaBarron C
MilladoreWood C
MillstonJackson C
MilltownPolk C
MinocquaOneida C
MinongWashburn C
MondoviBuffalo C
MontrealIron C
MosineeMarathon C
MountainOconto C
NeillsvilleClark C
NekoosaWood C
NelsonBuffalo C
NelsonvillePortage C
NeopitMenominee C
New AuburnChippewa C
New RichmondSt Croix C
NiagaraMarinette C
OdanahAshland C
OgemaPrice C
OjibwaSawyer C
OsceolaPolk C
OsseoTrempealeau C
OwenClark C
Park FallsPrice C
PearsonLanglade C
Pelican LakeOneida C
PembineMarinette C
PepinPepin C
PeshtigoMarinette C
PhelpsVilas C
PhillipsPrice C
PhloxLanglade C
PickerelLanglade C
Pigeon FallsTrempealeau C
PittsvilleWood C
PlainfieldWaushara C
PloverPortage C
Plum CityPierce C
PoplarDouglas C
Port EdwardsWood C
Port WingBayfield C
PorterfieldMarinette C
Prairie FarmBarron C
PrenticePrice C
PrescottPierce C
Presque IsleVilas C
RadissonSawyer C
RhinelanderOneida C
Rib LakeTaylor C
Rice LakeBarron C
RidgelandDunn C
RingleMarathon C
River FallsPierce C
RobertsSt Croix C
Rock FallsDunn C
RosholtPortage C
RothschildMarathon C
RudolphWood C
Sand CreekDunn C
SaronaWashburn C
SaxonIron C
SaynerVilas C
ScandinaviaWaupaca C
SchofieldMarathon C
ShawanoShawano C
SheldonRusk C
Shell LakeWashburn C
SirenBurnett C
Solon SpringsDouglas C
SomersetSt Croix C
South RangeDouglas C
SpencerMarathon C
SpoonerWashburn C
Spring ValleyPierce C
SpringbrookWashburn C
St Croix FallsPolk C
St GermainVilas C
StanleyChippewa C
Star LakeVilas C
Star PrairiePolk C
StetsonvilleTaylor C
Stevens PointPortage C
StockholmPepin C
Stone LakeSawyer C
StratfordMarathon C
StrumTrempealeau C
Summit LakeLanglade C
SuperiorDouglas C
TaylorJackson C
ThorpClark C
Three LakesOneida C
TigertonShawano C
TilledaShawano C
TomahawkLincoln C
TonyRusk C
TownsendOconto C
TregoWashburn C
TripoliOneida C
Turtle LakeBarron C
UnityMarathon C
UpsonIron C
VesperWood C
WabenoForest C
WascottDouglas C
WashburnBayfield C
WaupacaWaupaca C
WausauMarathon C
Wisconsin RapidsWood C
  1. Listed in the table above are most, often not all places served by area code 534. When two or more places with the same name are located in the same state we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. C stands for Central Time (currently 09:14:06 AM).

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