582 Area Code

Area code 582 is in Pennsylvania (PA), USA and some of the main locations it covers are Erie, Meadville, Oil City, etc. (jump to city list below).

In service since May 01, 2021, area code 582 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 814/582 (overlaying NPAs cover the same area).

The current time for places served by area code 582 is 04:30:14 AM (Eastern Time Zone).

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582 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
582-200 Hooversville 5/12/2021
582-201 Bedford 5/11/2021
582-202 Orbisonia 5/14/2021
582-203 State College 8/26/2021
582-204 Boalsburg 12/16/2021
582-205 Bellefonte 12/17/2021
582-206 Wattsburg 4/13/2022
582-207 Hollidaysburg 1/14/2022
582-208 Reynoldsville 1/7/2022
582-209 Breezewood 7/29/2021
582-210 Boalsburg 3/18/2022
582-212 Spring Mills 4/22/2022
582-213 Boalsburg 5/27/2022
582-214 Sugar Grove 6/6/2022
582-215 Reynoldsville 7/21/2022
582-216 State Line 8/10/2022
582-217 Meyersdale 8/12/2022
582-218 Tyrone 8/12/2022
582-219 Clearfield 10/10/2022
582-220 State College 12/29/2021
582-221 Boalsburg 10/10/2022
582-222 Eldred 5/7/2021
582-223 Curwensville 7/6/2022
582-224 Windber 11/4/2022
582-225 Titusville 11/15/2022
582-226 Reynoldsville 12/1/2022
582-227 Girard 11/4/2022
582-228 Erie 12/5/2022
582-229 Johnsonburg 01/11/2023
582-230 Wattsburg 12/1/2022
582-231 Smethport 01/13/2023
582-232 Waterford 02/03/2023
582-233 Oil City 02/07/2023
582-234 Johnstown 02/07/2023
582-235 Boalsburg 03/16/2023
582-236 Reynoldsville 03/16/2023
582-237 South Fork 05/03/2023
582-238 Nanty-Glo 05/03/2023
582-239 Cooperstown 06/07/2023
582-240 Three Springs 06/07/2023
582-241 Timblin 06/21/2023
582-242 Reynoldsville 06/15/2023
582-243 Wellersburg 06/21/2023
582-244 Boalsburg 07/13/2023
582-245 Erie 07/18/2023
582-247 Reynoldsville 07/27/2023
582-252 Ridgway 11/3/2022
582-262 Knoxville 9/8/2021
582-282 Corsica 6/17/2021
582-288 St Marys 10/20/2021
582-300 Houtzdale 5/12/2021
582-302 Dayton 6/17/2021
582-322 Huntingdon 9/24/2021
582-333 Cherry Tree 5/7/2021
582-400 Johnstown 5/12/2021
582-422 Cresson 1/10/2022
582-426 Ludlow 1/18/2022
582-433 Bradford 1/10/2022
582-436 Somerset 1/10/2022
582-442 Glen Campbell 6/17/2021
582-444 Harrison Valley 5/7/2021
582-452 Winburne 2/25/2022
582-453 Mahaffey 2/7/2022
582-465 Hollidaysburg 5/12/2021
582-482 Hawthorn 6/17/2021
582-500 Patton 5/12/2021
582-529 Barnesboro 5/12/2021
582-546 Sigel 2/17/2022
582-558 Oil City 8/3/2021
582-580 Sabinsville 07/27/2023
582-582 Stoystown 07/27/2023
582-583 Hazen 6/17/2021
582-600 Boswell 5/12/2021
582-622 Snow Shoe 2/18/2022
582-642 Weedville 2/24/2022
582-666 Coudersport 5/7/2021
582-682 Berlin 6/3/2021
582-710 Oil City 10/7/2021
582-758 Alexandria 7/20/2021
582-777 Big Run 5/7/2021
582-800 Seward 5/12/2021
582-802 Tyrone 07/27/2023
582-820 Huntingdon 03/14/2023
582-822 Altoona 10/20/2021
582-837 Kersey 1/11/2022
582-842 Kane 7/20/2021
582-852 Erie 3/30/2022
582-855 Johnstown 10/20/2021
582-867 Erie 12/29/2021
582-880 Sykesville 07/27/2023
582-882 Tidioute 07/27/2023
582-888 Boalsburg 5/7/2021
582-895 Altoona 1/9/2022
582-900 Portage 5/12/2021
582-901 Penfield 9/16/2021
582-998 Bellwood 5/5/2021
582-999 Berlin 5/7/2021
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
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Cities in area code 582

City1 County Time2
Aaronsburg Centre E
Acosta Somerset E
Addison Somerset E
Albion Erie E
Alexandria Huntingdon E
Allport Clearfield E
Altoona Blair E
Alum Bank Bedford E
Alverda Indiana E
Anita Jefferson E
Arcadia Indiana E
Armagh Indiana E
Artemas Bedford E
Ashville Cambria E
Atlantic Crawford E
Austin Potter E
Bear Lake Warren E
Beaverdale Cambria E
Beccaria Clearfield E
Bedford Bedford E
Bellefonte Centre E
Bellwood Blair E
Belsano Cambria E
Benezett Elk E
Berlin Somerset E
Big Run Jefferson E
Bigler Clearfield E
Blandburg Cambria E
Boalsburg Centre E
Boswell Somerset E
Boynton Somerset E
Bradford McKean E
Brandy Camp Elk E
Breezewood Bedford E
Brisbin Clearfield E
Broad Top Huntingdon E
Brockport Elk E
Brockway Jefferson E
Brookville Jefferson E
Buffalo Mills Bedford E
Burnside Clearfield E
Byrnedale Elk E
Cairnbrook Somerset E
Callensburg Clarion E
Calvin Huntingdon E
Cambridge Springs Crawford E
Carlton Mercer E
Carrolltown Cambria E
Cassandra Cambria E
Cassville Huntingdon E
Centerville Crawford E
Central City Somerset E
Centre Hall Centre E
Champion Westmoreland E
Chandlers Valley Warren E
Cherry Tree Indiana E
Chest Springs Cambria E
Clarence Centre E
Clarendon Warren E
Clarington Forest E
Clarion Clarion E
Claysburg Blair E
Clearfield Clearfield E
Clearville Bedford E
Clintonville Venango E
Coalport Clearfield E
Coburn Centre E
Cochranton Crawford E
Columbus Warren E
Colver Cambria E
Confluence Somerset E
Conneaut Lake Crawford E
Conneautville Crawford E
Cooksburg Forest E
Coolspring Jefferson E
Cooperstown Venango E
Corry Erie E
Corsica Jefferson E
Coudersport Potter E
Coupon Cambria E
Cranberry Venango E
Cranesville Erie E
Cresson Cambria E
Crosby McKean E
Crown Clarion E
Crystal Spring Fulton E
Curllsville Clarion E
Curryville Blair E
Curwensville Clearfield E
Custer City McKean E
Cyclone McKean E
Dagus Mines Elk E
Davidsville Somerset E
Dayton Armstrong E
De Lancey Jefferson E
De Young Elk E
Defiance Bedford E
Derrick City McKean E
Dilltown Indiana E
Distant Armstrong E
Drifting Clearfield E
Driftwood Cameron E
Du Bois Clearfield E
Dudley Huntingdon E
Duke Center McKean E
Duncansville Blair E
Dunlo Cambria E
Dysart Cambria E
East Freedom Blair E
East Hickory Forest E
East Smethport McKean E
East Springfield Erie E
Ebensburg Cambria E
Edinboro Erie E
Eldred McKean E
Elgin Erie E
Elkland Tioga E
Elmora Cambria E
Elton Cambria E
Emeigh Cambria E
Emporium Cameron E
Endeavor Forest E
Entriken Huntingdon E
Erie Erie E
Everett Bedford E
Fairhope Somerset E
Fairmount City Clarion E
Fairview Erie E
Fallentimber Cambria E
Falls Creek Jefferson E
Fisher Clarion E
Fishertown Bedford E
Fleming Centre E
Flinton Cambria E
Force Elk E
Fort Hill Somerset E
Franklin Venango E
Frenchville Clearfield E
Friedens Somerset E
Frostburg Jefferson E
Fryburg Clarion E
Gaines Tioga E
Galeton Potter E
Gallitzin Cambria E
Garland Warren E
Garrett Somerset E
Genesee Potter E
Gifford McKean E
Gipsy Indiana E
Girard Erie E
Glasgow Cambria E
Glen Campbell Indiana E
Glen Hope Clearfield E
Glen Richey Clearfield E
Grampian Clearfield E
Grand Valley Warren E
Grassflat Clearfield E
Gray Somerset E
Guys Mills Crawford E
Hamilton Jefferson E
Harborcreek Erie E
Harmonsburg Crawford E
Harrison Valley Potter E
Hartstown Crawford E
Hastings Cambria E
Hawk Run Clearfield E
Hawthorn Clarion E
Hazel Hurst McKean E
Heilwood Indiana E
Hesston Huntingdon E
Hidden Valley Somerset E
Hillsdale Indiana E
Hollidaysburg Blair E
Hollsopple Somerset E
Hooversville Somerset E
Hopewell Bedford E
Houtzdale Clearfield E
Howard Centre E
Huntingdon Huntingdon E
Hyde Clearfield E
Hydetown Crawford E
Hyndman Bedford E
Imler Bedford E
Irvine Warren E
Irvona Clearfield E
James City Elk E
James Creek Huntingdon E
Jenners Somerset E
Jennerstown Somerset E
Jerome Somerset E
Johnsonburg Elk E
Johnstown Cambria E
Julian Centre E
Kane McKean E
Kantner Somerset E
Karthaus Clearfield E
Kennerdell Venango E
Kersey Elk E
Knox Clarion E
Knox Dale Jefferson E
Knoxville Tioga E
Kossuth Clarion E
Kylertown Clearfield E
La Jose Clearfield E
Lake City Erie E
Lamartine Clarion E
Lanse Clearfield E
Lecontes Mills Clearfield E
Leeper Clarion E
Lemont Centre E
Lewis Run McKean E
Lickingville Clarion E
Lilly Cambria E
Limestone Clarion E
Linesville Crawford E
Listie Somerset E
Loretto Cambria E
Loysburg Bedford E
Lucinda Clarion E
Ludlow McKean E
Luthersburg Clearfield E
Madera Clearfield E
Madisonburg Centre E
Mahaffey Clearfield E
Manns Choice Bedford E
Mapleton Depot Huntingdon E
Marble Clarion E
Marienville Forest E
Markleton Somerset E
Marsteller Cambria E
Martinsburg Blair E
Mayport Clarion E
Mc Connellstown Huntingdon E
Mc Kean Erie E
Meadville Crawford E
Mentcle Indiana E
Meyersdale Somerset E
Milesburg Centre E
Mill Creek Huntingdon E
Mill Village Erie E
Millheim Centre E
Mills Potter E
Mineral Point Cambria E
Mineral Springs Clearfield E
Mingoville Centre E
Morann Clearfield E
Morrisdale Clearfield E
Moshannon Centre E
Mount Jewett McKean E
Mount Union Huntingdon E
Munson Clearfield E
Nanty-Glo Cambria E
Neelyton Huntingdon E
New Baltimore Somerset E
New Bethlehem Clarion E
New Enterprise Bedford E
New Millport Clearfield E
New Paris Bedford E
Newry Blair E
Newton Hamilton Mifflin E
Nicktown Cambria E
North East Erie E
North Springfield Erie E
Northern Cambria Cambria E
Northpoint Indiana E
Oak Ridge Armstrong E
Oil City Venango E
Olanta Clearfield E
Oliveburg Jefferson E
Orbisonia Huntingdon E
Osceola Tioga E
Osceola Mills Clearfield E
Osterburg Bedford E
Parkhill Cambria E
Patton Cambria E
Penfield Clearfield E
Pennsylvania Furnace Centre E
Petersburg Huntingdon E
Philipsburg Centre E
Pine Grove Mills Centre E
Pittsfield Warren E
Pleasantville Venango E
Polk Venango E
Port Allegany McKean E
Port Matilda Centre E
Portage Cambria E
Pottersdale Clearfield E
Punxsutawney Jefferson E
Quecreek Somerset E
Queen Bedford E
Ramey Clearfield E
Rebersburg Centre E
Reno Venango E
Revloc Cambria E
Rew McKean E
Reynoldsville Jefferson E
Riceville Crawford E
Riddlesburg Bedford E
Ridgway Elk E
Rimersburg Clarion E
State College Centre E
Warren Warren E
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 582. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently 04:30:14 AM).
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