582 area code

Area code 582 is in Pennsylvania (PA), USA and some of the main locations covered are Erie, Meadville, Oil City, .. (jump to city list below).

Area code 582 has been in service since May 01, 2021 and is an overlay code part of overlay complex 814/582 (overlaying area codes cover the same geographic area).

08:05:57 PM is the current time in area code 582 (Eastern Time).

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Map of area code 582

More Pennsylvania area codes

NPANXX1 Area served2 Date3
582-203State College8/26/2021
582-204Boalsburg 12/16/2021
582-205Bellefonte 12/17/2021
582-206Wattsburg 4/13/2022
582-210Boalsburg 3/18/2022
582-212Spring Mills4/22/2022
582-220State College 12/29/2021
582-288St Marys10/20/2021
582-333Cherry Tree5/7/2021
582-422Cresson 1/10/2022
582-426Ludlow 1/18/2022
582-433Bradford 1/10/2022
582-436Somerset 1/10/2022
582-442Glen Campbell6/17/2021
582-444Harrison Valley5/7/2021
582-452Winburne 2/25/2022
582-453Mahaffey 2/7/2022
582-546Sigel 2/17/2022
582-558Oil City8/3/2021
582-622Snow Shoe 2/18/2022
582-642Weedville 2/24/2022
582-710Oil City10/7/2021
582-777Big Run5/7/2021
582-837Kersey 1/11/2022
582-852Erie 3/30/2022
582-867Erie 12/29/2021
582-895Altoona 1/9/2022
  1. The NPA is the Numbering Plan Area (area code) and NXX is the central office code.
  2. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  3. The assignment date. If no date is shown the exchange code was assigned before 2001.

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List of cities in area code 582

City4 County Time5
AaronsburgCentre E
AcostaSomerset E
AddisonSomerset E
AlbionErie E
AlexandriaHuntingdon E
AllportClearfield E
AltoonaBlair E
Alum BankBedford E
AlverdaIndiana E
AnitaJefferson E
ArcadiaIndiana E
ArmaghIndiana E
ArtemasBedford E
AshvilleCambria E
AtlanticCrawford E
AustinPotter E
Bear LakeWarren E
BeaverdaleCambria E
BeccariaClearfield E
BedfordBedford E
BellefonteCentre E
BellwoodBlair E
BelsanoCambria E
BenezettElk E
BerlinSomerset E
Big RunJefferson E
BiglerClearfield E
BlandburgCambria E
BoalsburgCentre E
BoswellSomerset E
BoyntonSomerset E
BradfordMcKean E
Brandy CampElk E
BreezewoodBedford E
BrisbinClearfield E
Broad TopHuntingdon E
BrockportElk E
BrockwayJefferson E
BrookvilleJefferson E
Buffalo MillsBedford E
BurnsideClearfield E
ByrnedaleElk E
CairnbrookSomerset E
CallensburgClarion E
CalvinHuntingdon E
Cambridge SpringsCrawford E
CarltonMercer E
CarrolltownCambria E
CassandraCambria E
CassvilleHuntingdon E
CentervilleCrawford E
Central CitySomerset E
Centre HallCentre E
ChampionWestmoreland E
Chandlers ValleyWarren E
Cherry TreeIndiana E
Chest SpringsCambria E
ClarenceCentre E
ClarendonWarren E
ClaringtonForest E
ClarionClarion E
ClaysburgBlair E
ClearfieldClearfield E
ClearvilleBedford E
ClintonvilleVenango E
CoalportClearfield E
CoburnCentre E
CochrantonCrawford E
ColumbusWarren E
ColverCambria E
ConfluenceSomerset E
Conneaut LakeCrawford E
ConneautvilleCrawford E
CooksburgForest E
CoolspringJefferson E
CooperstownVenango E
CorryErie E
CorsicaJefferson E
CoudersportPotter E
CouponCambria E
CranberryVenango E
CranesvilleErie E
CressonCambria E
CrosbyMcKean E
CrownClarion E
Crystal SpringFulton E
CurllsvilleClarion E
CurryvilleBlair E
CurwensvilleClearfield E
Custer CityMcKean E
CycloneMcKean E
Dagus MinesElk E
DavidsvilleSomerset E
DaytonArmstrong E
De LanceyJefferson E
De YoungElk E
DefianceBedford E
Derrick CityMcKean E
DilltownIndiana E
DistantArmstrong E
DriftingClearfield E
DriftwoodCameron E
Du BoisClearfield E
DudleyHuntingdon E
Duke CenterMcKean E
DuncansvilleBlair E
DunloCambria E
DysartCambria E
East FreedomBlair E
East HickoryForest E
East SmethportMcKean E
East SpringfieldErie E
EbensburgCambria E
EdinboroErie E
EldredMcKean E
ElginErie E
ElklandTioga E
ElmoraCambria E
EltonCambria E
EmeighCambria E
EmporiumCameron E
EndeavorForest E
EntrikenHuntingdon E
ErieErie E
EverettBedford E
FairhopeSomerset E
Fairmount CityClarion E
FairviewErie E
FallentimberCambria E
Falls CreekJefferson E
FisherClarion E
FishertownBedford E
FlemingCentre E
FlintonCambria E
ForceElk E
Fort HillSomerset E
FranklinVenango E
FrenchvilleClearfield E
FriedensSomerset E
FrostburgJefferson E
FryburgClarion E
GainesTioga E
GaletonPotter E
GallitzinCambria E
GarlandWarren E
GarrettSomerset E
GeneseePotter E
GiffordMcKean E
GipsyIndiana E
GirardErie E
GlasgowCambria E
Glen CampbellIndiana E
Glen HopeClearfield E
Glen RicheyClearfield E
GrampianClearfield E
Grand ValleyWarren E
GrassflatClearfield E
GraySomerset E
Guys MillsCrawford E
HamiltonJefferson E
HarborcreekErie E
HarmonsburgCrawford E
Harrison ValleyPotter E
HartstownCrawford E
HastingsCambria E
Hawk RunClearfield E
HawthornClarion E
Hazel HurstMcKean E
HeilwoodIndiana E
HesstonHuntingdon E
Hidden ValleySomerset E
HillsdaleIndiana E
HollidaysburgBlair E
HollsoppleSomerset E
HooversvilleSomerset E
HopewellBedford E
HoutzdaleClearfield E
HowardCentre E
HuntingdonHuntingdon E
HydeClearfield E
HydetownCrawford E
HyndmanBedford E
ImlerBedford E
IrvineWarren E
IrvonaClearfield E
James CityElk E
James CreekHuntingdon E
JennersSomerset E
JennerstownSomerset E
JeromeSomerset E
JohnsonburgElk E
JohnstownCambria E
JulianCentre E
KaneMcKean E
KantnerSomerset E
KarthausClearfield E
KennerdellVenango E
KerseyElk E
KnoxClarion E
Knox DaleJefferson E
KnoxvilleTioga E
KossuthClarion E
KylertownClearfield E
La JoseClearfield E
Lake CityErie E
LamartineClarion E
LanseClearfield E
Lecontes MillsClearfield E
LeeperClarion E
LemontCentre E
Lewis RunMcKean E
LickingvilleClarion E
LillyCambria E
LimestoneClarion E
LinesvilleCrawford E
ListieSomerset E
LorettoCambria E
LoysburgBedford E
LucindaClarion E
LudlowMcKean E
LuthersburgClearfield E
MaderaClearfield E
MadisonburgCentre E
MahaffeyClearfield E
Manns ChoiceBedford E
Mapleton DepotHuntingdon E
MarbleClarion E
MarienvilleForest E
MarkletonSomerset E
MarstellerCambria E
MartinsburgBlair E
MayportClarion E
Mc ConnellstownHuntingdon E
Mc KeanErie E
MeadvilleCrawford E
MentcleIndiana E
MeyersdaleSomerset E
MilesburgCentre E
Mill CreekHuntingdon E
Mill VillageErie E
MillheimCentre E
MillsPotter E
Mineral PointCambria E
Mineral SpringsClearfield E
MingovilleCentre E
MorannClearfield E
MorrisdaleClearfield E
MoshannonCentre E
Mount JewettMcKean E
Mount UnionHuntingdon E
MunsonClearfield E
Nanty-GloCambria E
NeelytonHuntingdon E
New BaltimoreSomerset E
New BethlehemClarion E
New EnterpriseBedford E
New MillportClearfield E
New ParisBedford E
NewryBlair E
Newton HamiltonMifflin E
NicktownCambria E
North EastErie E
North SpringfieldErie E
Northern CambriaCambria E
NorthpointIndiana E
Oak RidgeArmstrong E
Oil CityVenango E
OlantaClearfield E
OliveburgJefferson E
OrbisoniaHuntingdon E
OsceolaTioga E
Osceola MillsClearfield E
OsterburgBedford E
ParkhillCambria E
PattonCambria E
PenfieldClearfield E
Pennsylvania FurnaceCentre E
PetersburgHuntingdon E
PhilipsburgCentre E
Pine Grove MillsCentre E
PittsfieldWarren E
PleasantvilleVenango E
PolkVenango E
Port AlleganyMcKean E
Port MatildaCentre E
PortageCambria E
PottersdaleClearfield E
PunxsutawneyJefferson E
QuecreekSomerset E
QueenBedford E
RameyClearfield E
RebersburgCentre E
RenoVenango E
RevlocCambria E
RewMcKean E
ReynoldsvilleJefferson E
RicevilleCrawford E
RiddlesburgBedford E
RidgwayElk E
RimersburgClarion E
State CollegeCentre E
  1. Listed in the table above are most, often not all places served by area code 582. When two or more places with the same name are located in the same state we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time (currently 08:05:57 PM).

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