Area Code 582

Area code 582 is in Pennsylvania, USA , spanning 25 counties and serving 302 cities, including Erie, Meadville or Oil City; it currently uses 121 prefixes, assigned from 582-200-XXXX through 582-999-XXXX.

In service since May 01, 2021, area code 582 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 814/582.

The current local time is .

582 area code location on a map

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NPANXX Area served1 Date2
582-200 Hooversville 5/12/2021
582-201 Bedford 5/11/2021
582-202 Orbisonia 5/14/2021
582-203 State College 8/26/2021
582-204 Boalsburg 12/16/2021
582-205 Bellefonte 12/17/2021
582-206 Wattsburg 4/13/2022
582-207 Hollidaysburg 1/14/2022
582-208 Reynoldsville 1/7/2022
582-209 Breezewood 7/29/2021
582-210 Boalsburg 3/18/2022
582-212 Spring Mills 4/22/2022
582-213 Boalsburg 5/27/2022
582-214 Sugar Grove 6/6/2022
582-215 Reynoldsville 7/21/2022
582-216 State Line 8/10/2022
582-217 Meyersdale 8/12/2022
582-218 Tyrone 8/12/2022
582-219 Clearfield 10/10/2022
582-220 State College 12/29/2021
582-221 Boalsburg 10/10/2022
582-222 Eldred 5/7/2021
582-223 Curwensville 7/6/2022
582-224 Windber 11/4/2022
582-225 Titusville 11/15/2022
582-226 Reynoldsville 12/1/2022
582-227 Girard 11/4/2022
582-228 Erie 12/5/2022
582-229 Johnsonburg 01/11/2023
582-230 Wattsburg 12/1/2022
582-231 Smethport 01/13/2023
582-232 Waterford 02/03/2023
582-233 Oil City 02/07/2023
582-234 Johnstown 02/07/2023
582-235 Boalsburg 03/16/2023
582-236 Reynoldsville 03/16/2023
582-237 South Fork 05/03/2023
582-238 Nanty-Glo 05/03/2023
582-239 Cooperstown 06/07/2023
582-240 Three Springs 06/07/2023
582-241 Timblin 06/21/2023
582-242 Reynoldsville 06/15/2023
582-243 Wellersburg 06/21/2023
582-244 Boalsburg 07/13/2023
582-245 Erie 07/18/2023
582-246 Boalsburg 08/17/2023
582-247 Reynoldsville 07/27/2023
582-248 Reynoldsville 08/17/2023
582-249 Carrolltown 09/01/2023
582-250 Davidsville 09/01/2023
582-251 Eldred 09/01/2023
582-252 Ridgway 11/3/2022
582-253 Galeton 09/01/2023
582-254 Millport 09/12/2023
582-255 Boalsburg 10/12/2023
582-256 Reynoldsvl 01/09/2024
582-257 Boalsburg 01/19/2024
582-258 North East 02/19/2024
582-259 Corry 02/27/2024
582-260 Hollidaysburg 03/07/2024
582-261 Reynoldsville 03/14/2024
582-262 Knoxville 9/8/2021
582-263 Bellefonte 03/21/2024
582-264 Somerset 03/28/2024
582-265 Boalsburg 04/15/2024
582-266 Knoxville 04/18/2024
582-267 Windber 06/08/2024
582-268 Altoona 06/13/2024
582-280 Wesley 08/11/2023
582-282 Corsica 6/17/2021
582-288 St Marys 10/20/2021
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
582-300 Houtzdale 5/12/2021
582-302 Dayton 6/17/2021
582-322 Huntingdon 9/24/2021
582-333 Cherry Tree 5/7/2021
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
582-400 Johnstown 5/12/2021
582-422 Cresson 1/10/2022
582-426 Ludlow 1/18/2022
582-433 Bradford 1/10/2022
582-436 Somerset 1/10/2022
582-442 Glen Campbell 6/17/2021
582-444 Harrison Valley 5/7/2021
582-452 Winburne 2/25/2022
582-453 Mahaffey 2/7/2022
582-465 Hollidaysburg 5/12/2021
582-482 Hawthorn 6/17/2021
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
582-500 Patton 5/12/2021
582-522 Cambridge Springs 08/11/2023
582-529 Barnesboro 5/12/2021
582-546 Sigel 2/17/2022
582-558 Oil City 8/3/2021
582-580 Sabinsville 07/27/2023
582-582 Stoystown 07/27/2023
582-583 Hazen 6/17/2021
582-588 Fairview 08/11/2023
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
582-600 Boswell 5/12/2021
582-622 Snow Shoe 2/18/2022
582-642 Weedville 2/24/2022
582-666 Coudersport 5/7/2021
582-682 Berlin 6/3/2021
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
582-710 Oil City 10/7/2021
582-758 Alexandria 7/20/2021
582-777 Big Run 5/7/2021
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
582-800 Seward 5/12/2021
582-802 Tyrone 07/27/2023
582-820 Huntingdon 03/14/2023
582-822 Altoona 10/20/2021
582-833 Union City 08/11/2023
582-837 Kersey 1/11/2022
582-842 Kane 7/20/2021
582-852 Erie 3/30/2022
582-855 Johnstown 10/20/2021
582-867 Erie 12/29/2021
582-880 Sykesville 07/27/2023
582-882 Tidioute 07/27/2023
582-888 Boalsburg 5/7/2021
582-895 Altoona 1/9/2022
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
582-900 Portage 5/12/2021
582-901 Penfield 9/16/2021
582-998 Bellwood 5/5/2021
582-999 Berlin 5/7/2021
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date.
  3. last updated: June 18, 2024

Cities in area code 582

City1 County Time2
Aaronsburg Centre E
Acosta Somerset E
Addison Somerset E
Albion Erie E
Alexandria Huntingdon E
Allport Clearfield E
Altoona Blair E
Alum Bank Bedford E
Alverda Indiana E
Anita Jefferson E
Arcadia Indiana E
Armagh Indiana E
Artemas Bedford E
Ashville Cambria E
Atlantic Crawford E
Austin Potter E
Bear Lake Warren E
Beaverdale Cambria E
Beccaria Clearfield E
Bedford Bedford E
Bellefonte Centre E
Bellwood Blair E
Belsano Cambria E
Benezett Elk E
Berlin Somerset E
Big Run Jefferson E
Bigler Clearfield E
Blandburg Cambria E
Boalsburg Centre E
Boswell Somerset E
Boynton Somerset E
Bradford McKean E
Brandy Camp Elk E
Breezewood Bedford E
Brisbin Clearfield E
Broad Top Huntingdon E
Brockport Elk E
Brockway Jefferson E
Brookville Jefferson E
Buffalo Mills Bedford E
Burnside Clearfield E
Byrnedale Elk E
Cairnbrook Somerset E
Callensburg Clarion E
Calvin Huntingdon E
Cambridge Springs Crawford E
Carlton Mercer E
Carrolltown Cambria E
Cassandra Cambria E
Cassville Huntingdon E
Centerville Crawford E
Central City Somerset E
Centre Hall Centre E
Champion Westmoreland E
Chandlers Valley Warren E
Cherry Tree Indiana E
Chest Springs Cambria E
Clarence Centre E
Clarendon Warren E
Clarington Forest E
Clarion Clarion E
Claysburg Blair E
Clearfield Clearfield E
Clearville Bedford E
Clintonville Venango E
Coalport Clearfield E
Coburn Centre E
Cochranton Crawford E
Columbus Warren E
Colver Cambria E
Confluence Somerset E
Conneaut Lake Crawford E
Conneautville Crawford E
Cooksburg Forest E
Coolspring Jefferson E
Cooperstown Venango E
Corry Erie E
Corsica Jefferson E
Coudersport Potter E
Coupon Cambria E
Cranberry Venango E
Cranesville Erie E
Cresson Cambria E
Crosby McKean E
Crown Clarion E
Crystal Spring Fulton E
Curllsville Clarion E
Curryville Blair E
Curwensville Clearfield E
Custer City McKean E
Cyclone McKean E
Dagus Mines Elk E
Davidsville Somerset E
Dayton Armstrong E
De Lancey Jefferson E
De Young Elk E
Defiance Bedford E
Derrick City McKean E
Dilltown Indiana E
Distant Armstrong E
Drifting Clearfield E
Driftwood Cameron E
Du Bois Clearfield E
Dudley Huntingdon E
Duke Center McKean E
Duncansville Blair E
Dunlo Cambria E
Dysart Cambria E
East Freedom Blair E
East Hickory Forest E
East Smethport McKean E
East Springfield Erie E
Ebensburg Cambria E
Edinboro Erie E
Eldred McKean E
Elgin Erie E
Elkland Tioga E
Elmora Cambria E
Elton Cambria E
Emeigh Cambria E
Emporium Cameron E
Endeavor Forest E
Entriken Huntingdon E
Erie Erie E
Everett Bedford E
Fairhope Somerset E
Fairmount City Clarion E
Fairview Erie E
Fallentimber Cambria E
Falls Creek Jefferson E
Fisher Clarion E
Fishertown Bedford E
Fleming Centre E
Flinton Cambria E
Force Elk E
Fort Hill Somerset E
Franklin Venango E
Frenchville Clearfield E
Friedens Somerset E
Frostburg Jefferson E
Fryburg Clarion E
Gaines Tioga E
Galeton Potter E
Gallitzin Cambria E
Garland Warren E
Garrett Somerset E
Genesee Potter E
Gifford McKean E
Gipsy Indiana E
Girard Erie E
Glasgow Cambria E
Glen Campbell Indiana E
Glen Hope Clearfield E
Glen Richey Clearfield E
Grampian Clearfield E
Grand Valley Warren E
Grassflat Clearfield E
Gray Somerset E
Guys Mills Crawford E
Hamilton Jefferson E
Harborcreek Erie E
Harmonsburg Crawford E
Harrison Valley Potter E
Hartstown Crawford E
Hastings Cambria E
Hawk Run Clearfield E
Hawthorn Clarion E
Hazel Hurst McKean E
Heilwood Indiana E
Hesston Huntingdon E
Hidden Valley Somerset E
Hillsdale Indiana E
Hollidaysburg Blair E
Hollsopple Somerset E
Hooversville Somerset E
Hopewell Bedford E
Houtzdale Clearfield E
Howard Centre E
Huntingdon Huntingdon E
Hyde Clearfield E
Hydetown Crawford E
Hyndman Bedford E
Imler Bedford E
Irvine Warren E
Irvona Clearfield E
James City Elk E
James Creek Huntingdon E
Jenners Somerset E
Jennerstown Somerset E
Jerome Somerset E
Johnsonburg Elk E
Johnstown Cambria E
Julian Centre E
Kane McKean E
Kantner Somerset E
Karthaus Clearfield E
Kennerdell Venango E
Kersey Elk E
Knox Clarion E
Knox Dale Jefferson E
Knoxville Tioga E
Kossuth Clarion E
Kylertown Clearfield E
La Jose Clearfield E
Lake City Erie E
Lamartine Clarion E
Lanse Clearfield E
Lecontes Mills Clearfield E
Leeper Clarion E
Lemont Centre E
Lewis Run McKean E
Lickingville Clarion E
Lilly Cambria E
Limestone Clarion E
Linesville Crawford E
Listie Somerset E
Loretto Cambria E
Loysburg Bedford E
Lucinda Clarion E
Ludlow McKean E
Luthersburg Clearfield E
Madera Clearfield E
Madisonburg Centre E
Mahaffey Clearfield E
Manns Choice Bedford E
Mapleton Depot Huntingdon E
Marble Clarion E
Marienville Forest E
Markleton Somerset E
Marsteller Cambria E
Martinsburg Blair E
Mayport Clarion E
Mc Connellstown Huntingdon E
Mc Kean Erie E
Meadville Crawford E
Mentcle Indiana E
Meyersdale Somerset E
Milesburg Centre E
Mill Creek Huntingdon E
Mill Village Erie E
Millheim Centre E
Mills Potter E
Mineral Point Cambria E
Mineral Springs Clearfield E
Mingoville Centre E
Morann Clearfield E
Morrisdale Clearfield E
Moshannon Centre E
Mount Jewett McKean E
Mount Union Huntingdon E
Munson Clearfield E
Nanty-Glo Cambria E
Neelyton Huntingdon E
New Baltimore Somerset E
New Bethlehem Clarion E
New Enterprise Bedford E
New Millport Clearfield E
New Paris Bedford E
Newry Blair E
Newton Hamilton Mifflin E
Nicktown Cambria E
North East Erie E
North Springfield Erie E
Northern Cambria Cambria E
Northpoint Indiana E
Oak Ridge Armstrong E
Oil City Venango E
Olanta Clearfield E
Oliveburg Jefferson E
Orbisonia Huntingdon E
Osceola Tioga E
Osceola Mills Clearfield E
Osterburg Bedford E
Parkhill Cambria E
Patton Cambria E
Penfield Clearfield E
Pennsylvania Furnace Centre E
Petersburg Huntingdon E
Philipsburg Centre E
Pine Grove Mills Centre E
Pittsfield Warren E
Pleasantville Venango E
Polk Venango E
Port Allegany McKean E
Port Matilda Centre E
Portage Cambria E
Pottersdale Clearfield E
Punxsutawney Jefferson E
Quecreek Somerset E
Queen Bedford E
Ramey Clearfield E
Rebersburg Centre E
Reno Venango E
Revloc Cambria E
Rew McKean E
Reynoldsville Jefferson E
Riceville Crawford E
Riddlesburg Bedford E
Ridgway Elk E
Rimersburg Clarion E
State College Centre E
Warren Warren E
  1. Listed above are most places served by USA area code 582. When multiple places in a US state share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently ).