878 Area Code

Area code 878 is in Pennsylvania (PA), USA and some of the main locations it covers are Pittsburgh, New Castle, Allison Park, etc. (jump to city list below).

In service since August 17, 2001, area code 878 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of these two distinct overlay complexes: 412/878 and 724/878. (overlaying NPAs cover the same area)

The current time for places served by area code 878 is 07:33:04 PM (Eastern Time Zone).

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878 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-200 Scottdale 05/26/2023
878-201 Rochester 4/17/2013
878-202 Sharon 5/31/2013
878-203 Charleroi 5/21/2015
878-204 Sheakleyville 4/22/2015
878-205 Connellsville 1/8/2016
878-206 Fairchance 3/21/2016
878-207 Rochester N/A
878-208 Criders Corners 8/11/2015
878-209 Aliquippa 05/26/2023
878-210 Midway 5/23/2017
878-212 Washington 11/30/2017
878-213 Pittsburgh Zone 1 12/4/2018
878-214 Greensburg 12/1/2017
878-215 Indiana 05/31/2023
878-216 Republic 8/22/2018
878-217 Criders Corners 12/7/2018
878-218 Washington 2/12/2015
878-219 Farmington 2/19/2019
878-220 Export 1/16/2018
878-221 Butler 12/14/2017
878-222 New Wilmington 7/10/2013
878-223 Uniontown 11/8/2019
878-224 Ford City 1/17/2020
878-225 Ellwood City 12/10/2018
878-226 Washington 1/28/2021
878-227 Beaver Falls 9/14/2020
878-228 Uniontown N/A
878-229 Washington 2/5/2020
878-230 Pittsburgh Zone 4 4/27/2021
878-231 Wexford 6/16/2020
878-232 Ellwood City 1/28/2021
878-233 Princeton 1/28/2021
878-234 Pittsburgh Zone 23 08/04/2023
878-235 Rochester 2/4/2021
878-236 Criders Corners 4/15/2021
878-237 Beaver Falls 5/26/2021
878-238 Ligonier 2/11/2016
878-239 Zelienople 10/25/2021
878-240 Connellsville 6/10/2021
878-241 Smiths Ferry 7/21/2021
878-242 New Castle 10/11/2021
878-243 Washington 2/5/2021
878-244 Slippery Rock 5/13/2021
878-245 Beaver Falls 12/14/2021
878-246 Claysville 11/5/2021
878-247 Belle Vernon 12/14/2021
878-248 Gibsonia 2/22/2022
878-249 Leechburg 12/15/2021
878-250 Criders Corners 4/14/2022
878-251 Black Lick 7/27/2020
878-252 Criders Corners 4/13/2021
878-253 Monessen 1/8/2022
878-254 Pittsburgh Zone 1 7/25/2022
878-255 Aliquippa 4/22/2021
878-256 Pittsburgh Zone 1 5/18/2022
878-257 Taylorstown 12/10/2018
878-258 Freeport 4/1/2014
878-259 Export 10/1/2021
878-260 Curtisville 6/7/2022
878-261 Freeport 8/8/2022
878-262 Mars 9/2/2022
878-263 Sharpsville 11/3/2022
878-264 Beaver Falls 01/05/2023
878-265 California 2/11/2022
878-266 Elderton 6/29/2015
878-268 Imperial 5/6/2022
878-269 Parkwood 03/08/2023
878-270 Saltsburg 03/22/2023
878-271 Butler 11/7/2014
878-272 Springdale 05/03/2023
878-273 Homer City 05/03/2023
878-274 Slippery Rock 05/08/2023
878-277 Blairsville 4/22/2021
878-278 Darlington 10/1/2020
878-285 Mount Pleasant 3/18/2021
878-288 Bolivar N/A
878-295 Greensburg 4/1/2014

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-300 New Castle 12/10/2021
878-301 Smock 08/03/2023
878-302 New Kensington 4/17/2013
878-309 Greensburg 9/25/2018
878-313 Rochester 1/9/2015
878-322 Donora 6/9/2021
878-329 Smithfield 08/03/2023
878-332 Wexford 1/28/2014
878-333 Ellwood City 6/26/2015
878-335 Lowellville 2/24/2022
878-336 Pittsburgh Zone 6 10/25/2021
878-345 Pittsburgh Zone 20 7/22/2021
878-348 Beaver Falls 5/27/2020
878-355 Uniontown 6/2/2017
878-356 West Newton 8/18/2021
878-377 Sharpsville 5/27/2020
878-378 West Newton 3/24/2016
878-379 Waynesburg 4/26/2017

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-400 Wampum 4/7/2016
878-422 Kittanning 4/1/2014
878-425 Saxonburg 2/3/2016
878-433 Clairton 1/8/2022
878-439 Rochester 9/28/2017
878-444 Homer City 8/12/2013
878-465 Wexford 10/25/2021
878-477 Charleroi 4/22/2021
878-489 Harrison City 08/03/2023

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-500 Ford City N/A
878-522 Youngwood 08/03/2023
878-529 Brownsville 9/8/2021
878-553 Pittsburgh Zone 1 7/21/2022
878-587 Enon Valley 08/03/2023
878-598 Ambridge 4/12/2021
878-599 Pittsburgh Zone 14 4/14/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-600 Pittsburgh Zone 1 3/27/2019
878-626 Pittsburgh Zone 7 1/10/2022
878-645 Greensburg 1/15/2016
878-666 Marion Center 4/6/2016
878-668 Enon Valley 4/22/2015
878-670 Pittsburgh Zone 1 5/9/2017
878-673 Derry 2/14/2022
878-677 New Wilmington 5/27/2020
878-678 Baden 3/26/2020
878-688 Homer City 5/27/2020
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-707 Marion Center 08/01/2023
878-723 Pittsburgh Zone 3 1/10/2022
878-728 Gibsonia 6/12/2019
878-732 Pittsburgh Zone 19 1/20/2022
878-736 Marchand 2/24/2022
878-744 Mc Clellandtown 08/01/2023
878-768 Volant 2/11/2020
878-777 Derry 5/9/2013
878-778 Blacktown 2/7/2020
878-780 Clymer 08/01/2023
878-782 Hookstown 2/24/2022
878-783 Avonmore 3/8/2021
878-784 East Palestine 2/18/2022
878-786 Greensburg 1/10/2022
878-787 Pittsburgh Zone 1 1/28/2019
878-788 Foxburg 2/7/2020
878-789 Petrolia 2/7/2020
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-808 Fairchance 08/01/2023
878-822 Butler 9/20/2021
878-834 Pittsburgh Zone 8 1/10/2022
878-837 Bentleyville 3/18/2019
878-840 New Salem 08/01/2023
878-844 Indiana 4/16/2021
878-847 New Kensington 3/24/2016
878-867 New Kensington 9/14/2022
878-868 New Florence 08/01/2023
878-870 Farmington 3/24/2016
878-877 Butler 1/24/2020
878-878 New Bedford 08/01/2023
878-879 New Kensington 8/19/2019
878-880 Washington 5/14/2020
878-881 Brownsville 7/23/2020
878-884 Greensburg 12/18/2020
878-887 Paris 10/8/2020
878-888 Parkwood 4/25/2013
878-895 Uniontown 11/18/2020
878-898 Cooperstown 11/3/2022

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-900 East Palestine 4/7/2016
878-978 Pittsburgh Zone 1 7/22/2021
878-988 Pt Marion 08/01/2023
878-999 Pittsburgh Zone 1 9/15/2015
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date. N/A - mostly CO codes assigned before 2001.
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Cities in area code 878

City1 County Time2
Acme Westmoreland E
Adah Fayette E
Adamsburg Westmoreland E
Adamsville Crawford E
Adrian Armstrong E
Aleppo Greene E
Aliquippa Beaver E
Allenport Washington E
Allison Fayette E
Allison Park Allegheny E
Alverton Westmoreland E
Ambridge Beaver E
Amity Washington E
Apollo Westmoreland E
Ardara Westmoreland E
Armbrust Westmoreland E
Arona Westmoreland E
Atlasburg Washington E
Aultman Indiana E
Avella Washington E
Avonmore Westmoreland E
Baden Beaver E
Bairdford Allegheny E
Bakerstown Allegheny E
Beallsville Washington E
Beaver Beaver E
Beaver Falls Beaver E
Belle Vernon Fayette E
Bentleyville Washington E
Bessemer Lawrence E
Bethel Park Allegheny E
Beyer Indiana E
Black Lick Indiana E
Blairsville Indiana E
Bobtown Greene E
Bolivar Westmoreland E
Bovard Westmoreland E
Boyers Butler E
Brackenridge Allegheny E
Braddock Allegheny E
Bradenville Westmoreland E
Bradfordwoods Allegheny E
Branchton Butler E
Brave Greene E
Bridgeville Allegheny E
Brier Hill Fayette E
Brownfield Fayette E
Brownsville Fayette E
Bruin Butler E
Brush Valley Indiana E
Buena Vista Allegheny E
Bulger Washington E
Bunola Allegheny E
Burgettstown Washington E
Butler Butler E
Cabot Butler E
Cadogan Armstrong E
California Washington E
Callery Butler E
Calumet Westmoreland E
Canonsburg Washington E
Cardale Fayette E
Carmichaels Greene E
Carnegie Allegheny E
Cecil Washington E
Chalk Hill Fayette E
Chambersville Indiana E
Charleroi Washington E
Chestnut Ridge Fayette E
Cheswick Allegheny E
Chicora Butler E
Clairton Allegheny E
Claridge Westmoreland E
Clark Mercer E
Clarks Mills Mercer E
Clarksburg Indiana E
Clarksville Greene E
Claysville Washington E
Clinton Beaver E
Clune Indiana E
Clymer Indiana E
Coal Center Washington E
Cokeburg Washington E
Commodore Indiana E
Connellsville Fayette E
Connoquenessing Butler E
Conway Beaver E
Coral Indiana E
Coraopolis Allegheny E
Coulters Allegheny E
Cowansville Armstrong E
Crabtree Westmoreland E
Cranberry Township Butler E
Creekside Indiana E
Creighton Allegheny E
Crescent Allegheny E
Crucible Greene E
Cuddy Allegheny E
Curtisville Allegheny E
Daisytown Washington E
Darlington Beaver E
Darragh Westmoreland E
Dawson Fayette E
Delmont Westmoreland E
Denbo Washington E
Derry Westmoreland E
Dickerson Run Fayette E
Dilliner Greene E
Dixonville Indiana E
Donegal Westmoreland E
Donora Washington E
Dravosburg Allegheny E
Dunbar Fayette E
Dunlevy Washington E
Duquesne Allegheny E
East Brady Clarion E
East Butler Butler E
East Mc Keesport Allegheny E
East Millsboro Fayette E
East Pittsburgh Allegheny E
East Vandergrift Westmoreland E
Eau Claire Butler E
Edinburg Lawrence E
Eighty Four Washington E
Elco Washington E
Elderton Armstrong E
Elizabeth Allegheny E
Ellsworth Washington E
Ellwood City Lawrence E
Elrama Washington E
Emlenton Venango E
Enon Valley Lawrence E
Ernest Indiana E
Evans City Butler E
Everson Fayette E
Export Westmoreland E
Fairbank Fayette E
Fairchance Fayette E
Farmington Fayette E
Farrell Mercer E
Fayette City Fayette E
Fenelton Butler E
Finleyville Washington E
Fombell Beaver E
Forbes Road Westmoreland E
Ford City Armstrong E
Ford Cliff Armstrong E
Forestville Butler E
Foxburg Clarion E
Fredericktown Washington E
Fredonia Mercer E
Freedom Beaver E
Freeport Armstrong E
Gans Fayette E
Garards Fort Greene E
Gastonville Washington E
Georgetown Beaver E
Gibbon Glade Fayette E
Gibsonia Allegheny E
Glassport Allegheny E
Glenshaw Allegheny E
Grapeville Westmoreland E
Graysville Greene E
Greenock Allegheny E
Greensboro Greene E
Greensburg Westmoreland E
Greenville Mercer E
Grindstone Fayette E
Grove City Mercer E
Hadley Mercer E
Hannastown Westmoreland E
Harmony Butler E
Harrison City Westmoreland E
Harrisville Butler E
Harwick Allegheny E
Hendersonville Washington E
Herman Butler E
Herminie Westmoreland E
Hermitage Mercer E
Hibbs Fayette E
Hickory Washington E
Hiller Fayette E
Hilliards Butler E
Hillsville Lawrence E
Holbrook Greene E
Home Indiana E
Homer City Indiana E
Homestead Allegheny E
Hookstown Beaver E
Hopwood Fayette E
Hostetter Westmoreland E
Houston Washington E
Hunker Westmoreland E
Hutchinson Westmoreland E
Hyde Park Westmoreland E
Imperial Allegheny E
Indian Head Fayette E
Indiana Indiana E
Indianola Allegheny E
Industry Beaver E
Ingomar Allegheny E
Irwin Westmoreland E
Isabella Fayette E
Jackson Center Mercer E
Jacobs Creek Westmoreland E
Jamestown Mercer E
Jeannette Westmoreland E
Jefferson Greene E
Jefferson Hills Allegheny E
Joffre Washington E
Jones Mills Westmoreland E
Josephine Indiana E
Karns City Butler E
Keisterville Fayette E
Kent Indiana E
Kittanning Armstrong E
Koppel Beaver E
La Belle Fayette E
Lake Lynn Fayette E
Langeloth Washington E
Larimer Westmoreland E
Latrobe Westmoreland E
Laughlintown Westmoreland E
Lawrence Washington E
Leckrone Fayette E
Leechburg Armstrong E
Leetsdale Allegheny E
Leisenring Fayette E
Lemont Furnace Fayette E
Ligonier Westmoreland E
Lowber Westmoreland E
Loyalhanna Westmoreland E
Lucernemines Indiana E
Luxor Westmoreland E
Lyndora Butler E
Madison Westmoreland E
Mammoth Westmoreland E
Manor Westmoreland E
Manorville Armstrong E
Marchand Indiana E
Marianna Washington E
Marion Center Indiana E
Markleysburg Fayette E
Mars Butler E
Martin Fayette E
Masontown Fayette E
Mather Greene E
Mc Clellandtown Fayette E
Mc Donald Washington E
Mc Grann Armstrong E
Mc Intyre Indiana E
McKees Rocks Allegheny E
McKeesport Allegheny E
Meadow Lands Washington E
Melcroft Fayette E
Mercer Mercer E
Merrittstown Fayette E
Midland Beaver E
Midway Washington E
Mill Run Fayette E
Millsboro Washington E
Monaca Beaver E
Monessen Westmoreland E
Monongahela Washington E
Monroeville Allegheny E
Morgan Allegheny E
Mount Braddock Fayette E
Mount Morris Greene E
Mount Pleasant Westmoreland E
Murrysville Westmoreland E
Muse Washington E
Natrona Heights Allegheny E
Nemacolin Greene E
New Alexandria Westmoreland E
New Bedford Lawrence E
New Brighton Beaver E
New Castle Lawrence E
New Derry Westmoreland E
New Eagle Washington E
New Florence Westmoreland E
New Freeport Greene E
New Galilee Beaver E
New Geneva Fayette E
New Kensington Westmoreland E
New Salem Fayette E
New Stanton Westmoreland E
New Wilmington Lawrence E
Newell Fayette E
Nineveh Greene E
Normalville Fayette E
North Apollo Armstrong E
North Versailles Allegheny E
North Washington Butler E
Norvelt Westmoreland E
Nu Mine Armstrong E
Oakdale Allegheny E
Oakmont Allegheny E
Ohiopyle Fayette E
Oliver Fayette E
Parker Armstrong E
Penn Westmoreland E
Penn Run Indiana E
Perryopolis Fayette E
Petrolia Butler E
Pitcairn Allegheny E
Pittsburgh Allegheny E
Pleasant Unity Westmoreland E
Plumville Indiana E
Point Marion Fayette E
Portersville Butler E
Presto Allegheny E
Pricedale Westmoreland E
Prospect Butler E
Prosperity Washington E
Pulaski Lawrence E
Rector Westmoreland E
Renfrew Butler E
Republic Fayette E
Rices Landing Greene E
Richeyville Washington E
Rillton Westmoreland E
Robinson Indiana E
Rochester Beaver E
Rochester Mills Indiana E
Rogersville Greene E
Ronco Fayette E
Roscoe Washington E
Ruffs Dale Westmoreland E
Rural Ridge Allegheny E
Rural Valley Armstrong E
Russellton Allegheny E
Sagamore Armstrong E
Saxonburg Butler E
Sewickley Allegheny E
South Park Allegheny E
St Petersburg Clarion E
Swissvale Allegheny E
Trafford Westmoreland E
Turtle Creek Allegheny E
Verona Allegheny E
West Elizabeth Allegheny E
West Mifflin Allegheny E
Wildwood Allegheny E
Wilmerding Allegheny E
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 878. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently 07:33:04 PM).
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