Area Code 878

Area code 878 is in Pennsylvania, USA , spanning 14 counties and serving 344 cities, including Pittsburgh, New Castle or Allison Park; it currently uses 179 prefixes, assigned from 878-200-XXXX through 878-999-XXXX.

In service since August 17, 2001, area code 878 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of these two distinct overlay complexes: 412/878 and 724/878.

The current local time is .

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NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-200 Scottdale 05/26/2023
878-201 Rochester 4/17/2013
878-202 Sharon 5/31/2013
878-203 Charleroi 5/21/2015
878-204 Sheakleyville 4/22/2015
878-205 Connellsville 1/8/2016
878-206 Fairchance 3/21/2016
878-207 Rochester N/A
878-208 Criders Corners 8/11/2015
878-209 Aliquippa 05/26/2023
878-210 Midway 5/23/2017
878-212 Washington 11/30/2017
878-213 Pittsburgh Zone 1 12/4/2018
878-214 Greensburg 12/1/2017
878-215 Indiana 05/31/2023
878-216 Republic 8/22/2018
878-217 Criders Corners 12/7/2018
878-218 Washington 2/12/2015
878-219 Farmington 2/19/2019
878-220 Export 1/16/2018
878-221 Butler 12/14/2017
878-222 New Wilmington 7/10/2013
878-223 Uniontown 11/8/2019
878-224 Ford City 1/17/2020
878-225 Ellwood City 12/10/2018
878-226 Washington 1/28/2021
878-227 Beaver Falls 9/14/2020
878-228 Uniontown N/A
878-229 Washington 2/5/2020
878-230 Pittsburgh Zone 4 4/27/2021
878-231 Wexford 6/16/2020
878-232 Ellwood City 1/28/2021
878-233 Princeton 1/28/2021
878-234 Pittsburgh Zone 23 08/04/2023
878-235 Rochester 2/4/2021
878-236 Criders Corners 4/15/2021
878-237 Beaver Falls 5/26/2021
878-238 Ligonier 2/11/2016
878-239 Zelienople 10/25/2021
878-240 Connellsville 6/10/2021
878-241 Smiths Ferry 7/21/2021
878-242 New Castle 10/11/2021
878-243 Washington 2/5/2021
878-244 Slippery Rock 5/13/2021
878-245 Beaver Falls 12/14/2021
878-246 Claysville 11/5/2021
878-247 Belle Vernon 12/14/2021
878-248 Gibsonia 2/22/2022
878-249 Leechburg 12/15/2021
878-250 Criders Corners 4/14/2022
878-251 Black Lick 7/27/2020
878-252 Criders Corners 4/13/2021
878-253 Monessen 1/8/2022
878-254 Pittsburgh Zone 1 7/25/2022
878-255 Aliquippa 4/22/2021
878-256 Pittsburgh Zone 1 5/18/2022
878-257 Taylorstown 12/10/2018
878-258 Freeport 4/1/2014
878-259 Export 10/1/2021
878-260 Curtisville 6/7/2022
878-261 Freeport 8/8/2022
878-262 Mars 9/2/2022
878-263 Sharpsville 11/3/2022
878-264 Beaver Falls 01/05/2023
878-265 California 2/11/2022
878-266 Elderton 6/29/2015
878-267 Wexford 09/01/2023
878-268 Imperial 5/6/2022
878-269 Parkwood 03/08/2023
878-270 Saltsburg 03/22/2023
878-271 Butler 11/7/2014
878-272 Springdale 05/03/2023
878-273 Homer City 05/03/2023
878-274 Slippery Rock 05/08/2023
878-275 Avonmore 09/01/2023
878-276 Black Lick 09/01/2023
878-277 Blairsville 4/22/2021
878-278 Darlington 10/1/2020
878-279 Dawson 09/01/2023
878-280 Fayette City 09/01/2023
878-281 Finleyville 09/12/2023
878-282 Republic 09/12/2023
878-283 Uniontown 09/12/2023
878-284 Rochester 09/12/2023
878-285 Mount Pleasant 3/18/2021
878-286 Jeannette 09/12/2023
878-287 Evans City 09/12/2023
878-288 Bolivar N/A
878-289 Beaver Falls 09/25/2023
878-290 Pittsburgh Zone 7 09/25/2023
878-291 Taylorstown 10/26/2023
878-292 Greenville 12/08/2023
878-293 Beaver Falls 01/12/2024
878-295 Greensburg 4/1/2014

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-300 New Castle 12/10/2021
878-301 Smock 08/03/2023
878-302 New Kensington 4/17/2013
878-309 Greensburg 9/25/2018
878-313 Rochester 1/9/2015
878-322 Donora 6/9/2021
878-329 Smithfield 08/03/2023
878-332 Wexford 1/28/2014
878-333 Ellwood City 6/26/2015
878-335 Lowellville 2/24/2022
878-336 Pittsburgh Zone 6 10/25/2021
878-345 Pittsburgh Zone 20 7/22/2021
878-348 Beaver Falls 5/27/2020
878-355 Uniontown 6/2/2017
878-356 West Newton 8/18/2021
878-377 Sharpsville 5/27/2020
878-378 West Newton 3/24/2016
878-379 Waynesburg 4/26/2017

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-400 Wampum 4/7/2016
878-422 Kittanning 4/1/2014
878-425 Saxonburg 2/3/2016
878-433 Clairton 1/8/2022
878-439 Rochester 9/28/2017
878-444 Homer City 8/12/2013
878-465 Wexford 10/25/2021
878-477 Charleroi 4/22/2021
878-489 Harrison City 08/03/2023

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-500 Ford City N/A
878-522 Youngwood 08/03/2023
878-529 Brownsville 9/8/2021
878-553 Pittsburgh Zone 1 7/21/2022
878-587 Enon Valley 08/03/2023
878-598 Ambridge 4/12/2021
878-599 Pittsburgh Suburban Zone 14 4/14/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-600 Pittsburgh Zone 1 3/27/2019
878-626 Pittsburgh Zone 7 1/10/2022
878-645 Greensburg 1/15/2016
878-666 Marion Center 4/6/2016
878-668 Enon Valley 4/22/2015
878-670 Pittsburgh Zone 1 5/9/2017
878-673 Derry 2/14/2022
878-677 New Wilmington 5/27/2020
878-678 Baden 3/26/2020
878-688 Homer City 5/27/2020

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-707 Marion Center 08/01/2023
878-723 Pittsburgh Zone 3 1/10/2022
878-728 Gibsonia 6/12/2019
878-732 Pittsburgh Suburban Zone 19 1/20/2022
878-736 Marchand 2/24/2022
878-744 Mc Clellandtown 08/01/2023
878-768 Volant 2/11/2020
878-777 Derry 5/9/2013
878-778 Blacktown 2/7/2020
878-780 Clymer 08/01/2023
878-782 Hookstown 2/24/2022
878-783 Avonmore 3/8/2021
878-784 East Palestine 2/18/2022
878-786 Greensburg 1/10/2022
878-787 Pittsburgh Zone 1 1/28/2019
878-788 Foxburg 2/7/2020
878-789 Petrolia 2/7/2020

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-808 Fairchance 08/01/2023
878-822 Butler 9/20/2021
878-834 Pittsburgh Zone 8 1/10/2022
878-837 Bentleyville 3/18/2019
878-840 New Salem 08/01/2023
878-844 Indiana 4/16/2021
878-847 New Kensington 3/24/2016
878-867 New Kensington 9/14/2022
878-868 New Florence 08/01/2023
878-870 Farmington 3/24/2016
878-877 Butler 1/24/2020
878-878 New Bedford 08/01/2023
878-879 New Kensington 8/19/2019
878-880 Washington 5/14/2020
878-881 Brownsville 7/23/2020
878-884 Greensburg 12/18/2020
878-887 Paris 10/8/2020
878-888 Parkwood 4/25/2013
878-895 Uniontown 11/18/2020
878-898 Cooperstown 11/3/2022

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
878-900 East Palestine 4/7/2016
878-978 Pittsburgh Zone 1 7/22/2021
878-988 Pt Marion 08/01/2023
878-999 Pittsburgh Zone 1 9/15/2015
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date. N/A - mostly central office codes assigned before 2001.

Cities in area code 878

City1 County Time2
Acme Westmoreland E
Adah Fayette E
Adamsburg Westmoreland E
Adamsville Crawford E
Adrian Armstrong E
Aleppo Greene E
Aliquippa Beaver E
Allenport Washington E
Allison Fayette E
Allison Park Allegheny E
Alverton Westmoreland E
Ambridge Beaver E
Amity Washington E
Apollo Westmoreland E
Ardara Westmoreland E
Armbrust Westmoreland E
Arona Westmoreland E
Atlasburg Washington E
Aultman Indiana E
Avella Washington E
Avonmore Westmoreland E
Baden Beaver E
Bairdford Allegheny E
Bakerstown Allegheny E
Beallsville Washington E
Beaver Beaver E
Beaver Falls Beaver E
Belle Vernon Fayette E
Bentleyville Washington E
Bessemer Lawrence E
Bethel Park Allegheny E
Beyer Indiana E
Black Lick Indiana E
Blairsville Indiana E
Bobtown Greene E
Bolivar Westmoreland E
Bovard Westmoreland E
Boyers Butler E
Brackenridge Allegheny E
Braddock Allegheny E
Bradenville Westmoreland E
Bradfordwoods Allegheny E
Branchton Butler E
Brave Greene E
Bridgeville Allegheny E
Brier Hill Fayette E
Brownfield Fayette E
Brownsville Fayette E
Bruin Butler E
Brush Valley Indiana E
Buena Vista Allegheny E
Bulger Washington E
Bunola Allegheny E
Burgettstown Washington E
Butler Butler E
Cabot Butler E
Cadogan Armstrong E
California Washington E
Callery Butler E
Calumet Westmoreland E
Canonsburg Washington E
Cardale Fayette E
Carmichaels Greene E
Carnegie Allegheny E
Cecil Washington E
Chalk Hill Fayette E
Chambersville Indiana E
Charleroi Washington E
Chestnut Ridge Fayette E
Cheswick Allegheny E
Chicora Butler E
Clairton Allegheny E
Claridge Westmoreland E
Clark Mercer E
Clarks Mills Mercer E
Clarksburg Indiana E
Clarksville Greene E
Claysville Washington E
Clinton Beaver E
Clune Indiana E
Clymer Indiana E
Coal Center Washington E
Cokeburg Washington E
Commodore Indiana E
Connellsville Fayette E
Connoquenessing Butler E
Conway Beaver E
Coral Indiana E
Coraopolis Allegheny E
Coulters Allegheny E
Cowansville Armstrong E
Crabtree Westmoreland E
Cranberry Township Butler E
Creekside Indiana E
Creighton Allegheny E
Crescent Allegheny E
Crucible Greene E
Cuddy Allegheny E
Curtisville Allegheny E
Daisytown Washington E
Darlington Beaver E
Darragh Westmoreland E
Dawson Fayette E
Delmont Westmoreland E
Denbo Washington E
Derry Westmoreland E
Dickerson Run Fayette E
Dilliner Greene E
Dixonville Indiana E
Donegal Westmoreland E
Donora Washington E
Dravosburg Allegheny E
Dunbar Fayette E
Dunlevy Washington E
Duquesne Allegheny E
East Brady Clarion E
East Butler Butler E
East Mc Keesport Allegheny E
East Millsboro Fayette E
East Pittsburgh Allegheny E
East Vandergrift Westmoreland E
Eau Claire Butler E
Edinburg Lawrence E
Eighty Four Washington E
Elco Washington E
Elderton Armstrong E
Elizabeth Allegheny E
Ellsworth Washington E
Ellwood City Lawrence E
Elrama Washington E
Emlenton Venango E
Enon Valley Lawrence E
Ernest Indiana E
Evans City Butler E
Everson Fayette E
Export Westmoreland E
Fairbank Fayette E
Fairchance Fayette E
Farmington Fayette E
Farrell Mercer E
Fayette City Fayette E
Fenelton Butler E
Finleyville Washington E
Fombell Beaver E
Forbes Road Westmoreland E
Ford City Armstrong E
Ford Cliff Armstrong E
Forestville Butler E
Foxburg Clarion E
Fredericktown Washington E
Fredonia Mercer E
Freedom Beaver E
Freeport Armstrong E
Gans Fayette E
Garards Fort Greene E
Gastonville Washington E
Georgetown Beaver E
Gibbon Glade Fayette E
Gibsonia Allegheny E
Glassport Allegheny E
Glenshaw Allegheny E
Grapeville Westmoreland E
Graysville Greene E
Greenock Allegheny E
Greensboro Greene E
Greensburg Westmoreland E
Greenville Mercer E
Grindstone Fayette E
Grove City Mercer E
Hadley Mercer E
Hannastown Westmoreland E
Harmony Butler E
Harrison City Westmoreland E
Harrisville Butler E
Harwick Allegheny E
Hendersonville Washington E
Herman Butler E
Herminie Westmoreland E
Hermitage Mercer E
Hibbs Fayette E
Hickory Washington E
Hiller Fayette E
Hilliards Butler E
Hillsville Lawrence E
Holbrook Greene E
Home Indiana E
Homer City Indiana E
Homestead Allegheny E
Hookstown Beaver E
Hopwood Fayette E
Hostetter Westmoreland E
Houston Washington E
Hunker Westmoreland E
Hutchinson Westmoreland E
Hyde Park Westmoreland E
Imperial Allegheny E
Indian Head Fayette E
Indiana Indiana E
Indianola Allegheny E
Industry Beaver E
Ingomar Allegheny E
Irwin Westmoreland E
Isabella Fayette E
Jackson Center Mercer E
Jacobs Creek Westmoreland E
Jamestown Mercer E
Jeannette Westmoreland E
Jefferson Greene E
Jefferson Hills Allegheny E
Joffre Washington E
Jones Mills Westmoreland E
Josephine Indiana E
Karns City Butler E
Keisterville Fayette E
Kent Indiana E
Kittanning Armstrong E
Koppel Beaver E
La Belle Fayette E
Lake Lynn Fayette E
Langeloth Washington E
Larimer Westmoreland E
Latrobe Westmoreland E
Laughlintown Westmoreland E
Lawrence Washington E
Leckrone Fayette E
Leechburg Armstrong E
Leetsdale Allegheny E
Leisenring Fayette E
Lemont Furnace Fayette E
Ligonier Westmoreland E
Lowber Westmoreland E
Loyalhanna Westmoreland E
Lucernemines Indiana E
Luxor Westmoreland E
Lyndora Butler E
Madison Westmoreland E
Mammoth Westmoreland E
Manor Westmoreland E
Manorville Armstrong E
Marchand Indiana E
Marianna Washington E
Marion Center Indiana E
Markleysburg Fayette E
Mars Butler E
Martin Fayette E
Masontown Fayette E
Mather Greene E
Mc Clellandtown Fayette E
Mc Donald Washington E
Mc Grann Armstrong E
Mc Intyre Indiana E
McKees Rocks Allegheny E
McKeesport Allegheny E
Meadow Lands Washington E
Melcroft Fayette E
Mercer Mercer E
Merrittstown Fayette E
Midland Beaver E
Midway Washington E
Mill Run Fayette E
Millsboro Washington E
Monaca Beaver E
Monessen Westmoreland E
Monongahela Washington E
Monroeville Allegheny E
Morgan Allegheny E
Mount Braddock Fayette E
Mount Morris Greene E
Mount Pleasant Westmoreland E
Murrysville Westmoreland E
Muse Washington E
Natrona Heights Allegheny E
Nemacolin Greene E
New Alexandria Westmoreland E
New Bedford Lawrence E
New Brighton Beaver E
New Castle Lawrence E
New Derry Westmoreland E
New Eagle Washington E
New Florence Westmoreland E
New Freeport Greene E
New Galilee Beaver E
New Geneva Fayette E
New Kensington Westmoreland E
New Salem Fayette E
New Stanton Westmoreland E
New Wilmington Lawrence E
Newell Fayette E
Nineveh Greene E
Normalville Fayette E
North Apollo Armstrong E
North Versailles Allegheny E
North Washington Butler E
Norvelt Westmoreland E
Nu Mine Armstrong E
Oakdale Allegheny E
Oakmont Allegheny E
Ohiopyle Fayette E
Oliver Fayette E
Parker Armstrong E
Penn Westmoreland E
Penn Run Indiana E
Perryopolis Fayette E
Petrolia Butler E
Pitcairn Allegheny E
Pittsburgh Allegheny E
Pleasant Unity Westmoreland E
Plumville Indiana E
Point Marion Fayette E
Portersville Butler E
Presto Allegheny E
Pricedale Westmoreland E
Prospect Butler E
Prosperity Washington E
Pulaski Lawrence E
Rector Westmoreland E
Renfrew Butler E
Republic Fayette E
Rices Landing Greene E
Richeyville Washington E
Rillton Westmoreland E
Robinson Indiana E
Rochester Beaver E
Rochester Mills Indiana E
Rogersville Greene E
Ronco Fayette E
Roscoe Washington E
Ruffs Dale Westmoreland E
Rural Ridge Allegheny E
Rural Valley Armstrong E
Russellton Allegheny E
Sagamore Armstrong E
Saxonburg Butler E
Sewickley Allegheny E
South Park Allegheny E
St Petersburg Clarion E
Swissvale Allegheny E
Trafford Westmoreland E
Turtle Creek Allegheny E
Verona Allegheny E
West Elizabeth Allegheny E
West Mifflin Allegheny E
Wildwood Allegheny E
Wilmerding Allegheny E
  1. Listed above are most places served by USA area code 878. When multiple places in a US state share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently ).