651 area code

Area code 651 is in Minnesota (MN), USA and some of the main locations covered are St Paul, Cottage Grove, Inver Grove Heights, .. (jump to city list below).

Area code 651 has been in service since 12 July 1998.

09:00:50 AM is the current time in area code 651 (Central Time).

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More Minnesota area codes

NPANXX1 Area served2 Date3
651-200Twin Cities10/25/2010
651-201Twin Cities
651-202Twin Cities10/5/2011
651-203Twin Cities
651-204Twin Cities
651-205Twin Cities
651-206Twin Cities4/10/2001
651-207Twin Cities
651-208Twin Cities
651-209Twin Cities
651-210Twin Cities
651-212Red Wing7/27/2004
651-214Twin Cities
651-215Twin Cities
651-216Twin Cities
651-217St Croix Beach
651-219Twin Cities3/14/2014
651-220Twin Cities
651-221Twin Cities
651-222Twin Cities
651-223Twin Cities
651-224Twin Cities
651-225Twin Cities
651-226Twin Cities
651-227Twin Cities
651-228Twin Cities
651-229Twin Cities
651-230Twin Cities
651-231Twin Cities
651-232Twin Cities
651-233Twin Cities
651-234Twin Cities
651-235Twin Cities
651-236Twin Cities
651-237North Branch
651-238Twin Cities
651-239Twin Cities
651-240Taylors Falls9/23/2011
651-241Twin Cities
651-242Twin Cities
651-243North Branch4/22/2011
651-244Twin Cities
651-245Twin Cities
651-246Twin Cities
651-247Twin Cities
651-248Twin Cities
651-249Twin Cities
651-250Twin Cities
651-251Twin Cities
651-252Twin Cities
651-253Twin Cities
651-254Twin Cities
651-255Twin Cities
651-256Twin Cities
651-258White Rock
651-259Twin Cities
651-260Twin Cities
651-261Twin Cities
651-262Twin Cities3/5/2009
651-263Twin Cities
651-264Twin Cities
651-265Twin Cities
651-266Twin Cities
651-267Red Wing
651-268Twin Cities
651-269Twin Cities1/2/2002
651-270Twin Cities
651-271Twin Cities
651-272Twin Cities7/19/2011
651-274Twin Cities
651-276Twin Cities
651-277North Branch
651-278Twin Cities
651-279Twin Cities3/24/2016
651-280Twin Cities10/8/2007
651-281Twin Cities
651-282Twin Cities
651-283Twin Cities
651-284Twin Cities
651-285Twin Cities
651-286Twin Cities
651-287Twin Cities
651-288Twin Cities
651-289Twin Cities
651-290Twin Cities
651-291Twin Cities
651-292Twin Cities
651-293Twin Cities
651-294Twin Cities
651-295Twin Cities
651-296Twin Cities
651-297Twin Cities
651-298Twin Cities
651-299Lake City7/11/2017
651-301Red Wing
651-305Twin Cities8/6/2001
651-306Twin Cities
651-307Twin Cities
651-308Twin Cities2/22/2001
651-309Red Wing5/23/2001
651-310Twin Cities
651-312Twin Cities
651-313Twin Cities9/10/2014
651-314Lake City3/8/2004
651-315Twin Cities10/8/2007
651-317North Branch
651-321St Croix Beach
651-322Twin Cities
651-324Twin Cities11/4/2002
651-325Twin Cities
651-326Twin Cities
651-327Red Wing6/16/2004
651-328Twin Cities2/2/2007
651-329Twin Cities
651-330Twin Cities10/2/2001
651-331Twin Cities12/17/2001
651-332Twin Cities3/17/2006
651-333Twin Cities5/22/2012
651-334Twin Cities
651-335Twin Cities
651-336Twin Cities
651-337St Croix Beach
651-338Twin Cities
651-339Twin Cities
651-340Twin Cities4/15/2002
651-341Twin Cities5/21/2002
651-343Twin Cities2/13/2002
651-344Twin Cities
651-345Lake City
651-347Red Wing8/3/2010
651-348Twin Cities10/10/2011
651-350Twin Cities3/9/2018
651-352Twin Cities9/6/2013
651-353Twin Cities
651-354Twin Cities6/12/2008
651-355Twin Cities
651-356Twin Cities2/22/2006
651-357Twin Cities
651-358Twin Cities4/5/2018
651-359Red Wing8/20/2018
651-360Red Wing10/19/2018
651-361Twin Cities
651-362North Branch2/4/2015
651-363Twin Cities6/30/2015
651-364Twin Cities10/29/2018
651-365Twin Cities
651-366Twin Cities2/6/2006
651-367Twin Cities
651-368Twin Cities8/12/2010
651-369Twin Cities11/8/2018
651-370Twin Cities2/4/2019
651-372North Branch10/2/2019
651-373Twin Cities
651-374Twin Cities2/14/2020
651-375Twin Cities2/23/2011
651-376Red Wing2/4/2015
651-377Twin Cities5/15/2020
651-378Twin Cities3/25/2020
651-379Twin Cities
651-380Red Wing
651-382Lake City12/16/2020
651-384Lake City5/26/2021
651-385Red Wing
651-387Twin Cities
651-388Red Wing
651-389Twin Cities
651-393Twin Cities
651-394Red Wing7/30/2004
651-395Twin Cities
651-398Twin Cities
651-399Twin Cities6/6/2005
651-401North Branch1/10/2013
651-402Twin Cities
651-403Twin Cities2/12/2008
651-405Twin Cities
651-406Twin Cities
651-407Twin Cities
651-408Twin Cities
651-410Red Wing1/15/2013
651-414Twin Cities8/29/2006
651-415Twin Cities
651-417Red Wing3/20/2014
651-419North Branch9/12/2013
651-422North Branch6/17/2021
651-423Twin Cities
651-424Twin Cities12/17/2015
651-425Twin Cities1/16/2015
651-426Twin Cities
651-427St Croix Beach11/21/2016
651-428Twin Cities
651-429Twin Cities
651-431Twin Cities11/4/2004
651-434Twin Cities9/12/2006
651-435Twin Cities9/21/2016
651-436St Croix Beach
651-440Twin Cities12/9/2015
651-442Twin Cities1/25/2001
651-443Twin Cities6/15/2016
651-444Twin Cities9/10/2012
651-447Twin Cities1/26/2010
651-448Lake City5/6/2004
651-450Twin Cities
651-451Twin Cities
651-452Twin Cities
651-453Twin Cities
651-454Twin Cities
651-455Twin Cities
651-456Twin Cities
651-457Twin Cities
651-458Twin Cities
651-459Twin Cities
651-460Twin Cities
651-461Twin Cities10/13/2020
651-462Twin Cities
651-463Twin Cities
651-464Twin Cities
651-465Taylors Falls
651-466Twin Cities
651-468Twin Cities
651-470Twin Cities
651-471Twin Cities9/10/2008
651-477St Croix Beach6/17/2021
651-478Twin Cities
651-481Twin Cities
651-482Twin Cities
651-483Twin Cities
651-484Twin Cities
651-485Twin Cities
651-486Twin Cities
651-487Twin Cities4/9/2001
651-488Twin Cities4/9/2001
651-489Twin Cities4/9/2001
651-490Twin Cities
651-492Twin Cities7/18/2001
651-493Twin Cities
651-494Twin Cities
651-495Twin Cities
651-497Twin Cities
651-500Twin Cities3/15/2007
651-501Twin Cities
651-502Twin Cities9/19/2016
651-503Twin Cities
651-505St Croix Beach10/28/2014
651-508Twin Cities11/10/2016
651-515Twin Cities5/15/2020
651-523Twin Cities
651-528Twin Cities
651-529Twin Cities3/19/2015
651-532Twin Cities
651-539Twin Cities9/17/2007
651-552Twin Cities
651-554Twin Cities
651-556Twin Cities
651-558Twin Cities4/9/2001
651-575Twin Cities
651-578Twin Cities
651-581Twin Cities8/12/2003
651-582Twin Cities
651-583Twin Cities
651-587Twin Cities
651-588Lake City 2/17/2022
651-592Twin Cities
651-600Twin Cities10/22/2010
651-602Twin Cities
651-603Twin Cities
651-604Twin Cities
651-605Twin Cities
651-610Twin Cities
651-615Twin Cities12/19/2019
651-621Twin Cities4/18/2008
651-628Twin Cities
651-629Twin Cities
651-631Twin Cities
651-632Twin Cities
651-633Twin Cities
651-634Twin Cities
651-635Twin Cities
651-636Twin Cities
651-637Twin Cities
651-638Twin Cities
651-639Twin Cities
651-641Twin Cities
651-642Twin Cities
651-643Twin Cities
651-644Twin Cities
651-645Twin Cities
651-646Twin Cities
651-647Twin Cities
651-649Twin Cities
651-653Twin Cities
651-659Twin Cities
651-661Twin Cities2/18/2020
651-662Twin Cities
651-665Twin Cities
651-666Twin Cities12/24/2012
651-674North Branch
651-675Twin Cities1/5/2001
651-681Twin Cities
651-683Twin Cities
651-686Twin Cities
651-687Twin Cities
651-688Twin Cities
651-690Twin Cities
651-691St Croix Beach
651-695Twin Cities
651-696Twin Cities
651-697Twin Cities
651-698Twin Cities
651-699Twin Cities
651-702Twin Cities
651-703Red Wing10/7/2013
651-704Twin Cities
651-706Twin Cities9/11/2014
651-707Twin Cities
651-714Twin Cities
651-717Twin Cities
651-724Twin Cities8/18/2009
651-726Twin Cities
651-727Twin Cities
651-728Twin Cities11/23/2009
651-730Twin Cities
651-731Twin Cities
651-732Twin Cities
651-733Twin Cities
651-734Twin Cities
651-735Twin Cities
651-736Twin Cities
651-737Twin Cities
651-738Twin Cities
651-739Twin Cities
651-742Red Wing 2/16/2022
651-744Twin Cities10/9/2007
651-746Twin Cities
651-747Twin Cities
651-748Twin Cities
651-755Twin Cities6/15/2001
651-756Twin Cities6/12/2007
651-757Twin Cities2/6/2006
651-758Twin Cities10/8/2020
651-760Twin Cities10/8/2008
651-762Twin Cities
651-764Red Wing
651-765Twin Cities
651-766Twin Cities
651-767Twin Cities
651-768Twin Cities
651-769Twin Cities
651-770Twin Cities
651-771Twin Cities
651-772Twin Cities
651-773Twin Cities
651-774Twin Cities
651-775Twin Cities
651-776Twin Cities
651-777Twin Cities
651-778Twin Cities
651-779Twin Cities
651-780Twin Cities
651-783Twin Cities
651-784Twin Cities
651-785Twin Cities
651-786Twin Cities
651-787Twin Cities
651-788Twin Cities10/6/2006
651-789Twin Cities10/8/2001
651-792Twin Cities
651-793Twin Cities
651-795Twin Cities
651-796Twin Cities
651-797Twin Cities2/8/2006
651-800Red Wing1/13/2011
651-802Twin Cities6/23/2016
651-808Twin Cities
651-815Twin Cities
651-842Twin Cities
651-846Twin Cities
651-847Twin Cities
651-848Twin Cities
651-855Twin Cities
651-858Red Wing4/30/2003
651-864Twin Cities
651-867Twin Cities6/12/2019
651-877Taylors Falls6/17/2020
651-882Twin Cities
651-888Twin Cities3/5/2012
651-890Twin Cities
651-894Twin Cities
651-895Twin Cities
651-900Twin Cities1/19/2011
651-905Twin Cities
651-917Twin Cities
651-925Twin Cities3/13/2007
651-927Lake City12/20/2004
651-955Twin Cities3/17/2009
651-962Twin Cities
651-964Twin Cities
651-968Twin Cities8/4/2008
651-969Twin Cities
651-977Red Wing6/17/2020
651-982Twin Cities
651-983Twin Cities
651-994Twin Cities
651-998St Croix Beach
651-999Twin Cities
  1. The NPA is the Numbering Plan Area (area code) and NXX is the central office code.
  2. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  3. The assignment date. If no date is shown the exchange code was assigned before 2001.

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List of cities in area code 651

City4 County Time5
AftonWashington C
AlmelundChisago C
BayportWashington C
Castle RockDakota C
Center CityChisago C
Chisago CityChisago C
Cottage GroveWashington C
FarmingtonDakota C
Forest LakeWashington C
FrontenacGoodhue C
GoodhueGoodhue C
HamptonDakota C
HarrisChisago C
HastingsDakota C
HugoWashington C
Inver Grove HeightsDakota C
Lake CityWabasha C
Lake ElmoWashington C
LakelandWashington C
LindstromChisago C
Marine On St CroixWashington C
MendotaDakota C
Mendota HeightsDakotaC
NewportWashington C
North BranchChisago C
Reads LandingWabasha C
Red WingGoodhue C
RosemountDakota C
ScandiaWashington C
ShaferChisago C
South St PaulDakota C
St PaulRamseyC
St Paul ParkWashington C
StacyChisago C
StillwaterWashington C
Taylors FallsChisago C
VermillionDakota C
WabashaWabasha C
WelchGoodhue C
WillernieWashington C
WyomingChisago C
  1. Listed in the table above are most, often not all places served by area code 651. When two or more places with the same name are located in the same state we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. C stands for Central Time (currently 09:00:50 AM).

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