680 Area Code

Area code 680 is in New York (NY), USA and some of the main locations it covers are Syracuse, Auburn, Watertown, etc. (jump to city list below).

In service since March 11, 2017, area code 680 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 315/680 (overlaying NPAs cover the same area).

The current time for places served by area code 680 is 04:51:36 AM (Eastern Time Zone).

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680 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-200 North Rose 8/20/2018
680-201 Lafayette 9/12/2018
680-202 Canastota 9/24/2018
680-203 Morrisville 10/30/2018
680-204 Natural Bridge 9/26/2018
680-205 Fayette 8/20/2018
680-206 Williamson 11/13/2018
680-207 Syracuse N/A
680-208 Cato 11/16/2018
680-209 Earlville 11/26/2018
680-210 Watertown 12/13/2018
680-212 Macomb 2/6/2020
680-213 Herkimer 10/11/2019
680-214 Syracuse 2/21/2019
680-215 Newark 6/20/2019
680-216 Syracuse 9/8/2020
680-217 Utica 10/1/2019
680-218 Syracuse 1/24/2020
680-219 Utica 4/18/2019
680-220 Madrid 1/27/2021
680-221 Madrid N/A
680-222 Watertown 2/2/2017
680-223 Auburn 6/26/2020
680-224 De Ruyter 10/26/2020
680-225 Minoa 4/13/2021
680-226 North Rose 7/7/2021
680-227 Savannah 6/18/2021
680-228 Seneca Falls 9/3/2021
680-229 Ontario 12/1/2021
680-230 Utica 12/10/2021
680-231 Utica 12/14/2021
680-232 Branchport 10/5/2021
680-233 Natural Bridge 10/5/2021
680-234 Auburn 12/9/2020
680-235 Adams Center 1/19/2021
680-236 Barneveld 11/8/2021
680-237 Adams 2/5/2020
680-238 Moravia 1/7/2022
680-239 Massena 1/19/2022
680-240 Sempronius 6/7/2021
680-241 Auburn 2/4/2022
680-242 Liverpool 2/15/2022
680-243 Rome 4/6/2022
680-244 Syracuse 8/12/2022
680-245 Utica 10/10/2022
680-246 Cicero 10/11/2022
680-247 Lysander 5/10/2021
680-248 Baldwinsville 10/11/2022
680-249 Chittenango 10/11/2022
680-250 Newark 5/7/2021
680-251 Canton 10/11/2022
680-252 Belleville 10/11/2022
680-253 Fair Haven 10/17/2022
680-254 Georgetown 10/17/2022
680-255 Waddington 6/7/2021
680-256 Weedsport 2/14/2019
680-257 Hannibal 10/17/2022
680-258 Jordan 10/17/2022
680-259 Knoxboro 10/17/2022
680-260 Utica 03/23/2023
680-261 Lyons 10/17/2022
680-262 Poplar Ridge 10/21/2022
680-263 Richfield Springs 10/21/2022
680-264 Poland 10/21/2022
680-265 Morristown 10/21/2022
680-266 Middleville 10/21/2022
680-267 Manlius 10/21/2022
680-268 Dolgeville 4/9/2021
680-269 Oswego 12/28/2022
680-270 Weedsport 6/7/2021
680-271 Newark 05/02/2023
680-272 Seneca Falls 05/26/2023
680-273 Hermon 06/29/2023
680-274 Harrisvl 06/29/2023
680-275 Cleveland 06/29/2023
680-276 Fulton 07/20/2023
680-277 Mexico 4/12/2021
680-278 Amber 08/07/2023
680-279 Camden 08/07/2023
680-280 Philadelphia 5/7/2021
680-281 Fabius 08/07/2023
680-282 Ilion 08/07/2023
680-283 Syracuse 08/07/2023
680-284 Lyons 08/07/2023
680-288 Utica 8/10/2021
680-299 Lafayette 2/18/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-300 Antwerp 7/2/2020
680-322 Syracuse 11/16/2021
680-333 Canton 3/1/2017
680-336 Watertown 7/8/2020
680-345 Amber 7/2/2020
680-346 Macedon 8/4/2020
680-348 Minoa 3/17/2021
680-356 Syracuse 7/2/2020
680-380 Pulaski 5/7/2021
680-384 Lysander 2/14/2019
680-386 Liverpool 3/17/2021
680-388 Theresa 6/9/2021
680-399 Red Creek 6/9/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-400 Canton 7/2/2020
680-422 Fayetteville 8/31/2021
680-432 Ilion 2/18/2021
680-435 Sylvan Beach 2/14/2019
680-444 Geneva 1/26/2017
680-465 Palmyra 3/17/2021
680-477 Owasco 9/27/2021
680-488 Skaneateles 6/9/2021
680-499 Clyde 3/17/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-500 Fabius 7/2/2020
680-529 Chittenango 2/16/2021
680-567 Bridgeport 8/10/2021
680-577 Fayette 9/23/2021
680-588 Wolcott 3/17/2021
680-599 Hamilton 3/17/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-600 Syracuse 6/15/2018
680-639 Gouverneur 2/14/2019
680-655 Constantia 3/30/2021
680-660 Clinton 4/2/2021
680-666 Liverpool 8/28/2017
680-667 Fulton 2/18/2021
680-677 Baldwinsville 12/7/2020
680-680 Phelps 10/11/2022
680-681 Adams 3/30/2021
680-688 Cicero 2/18/2021
680-690 Sackets Harbor 5/7/2021
680-697 Syracuse N/A
680-699 Brookfield 2/18/2021
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-732 Sodus 7/8/2020
680-758 Newport 2/14/2019
680-766 Marion 2/14/2019
680-770 Carthage 3/30/2021
680-777 Bridgeport 1/16/2017
680-778 Rome 8/18/2020
680-780 Central Square 4/2/2021
680-786 La Fargeville 3/17/2021
680-788 Camden 2/18/2021
680-789 Mac Dougall 2/18/2021
680-799 Copenhagen 2/3/2021
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-800 Syracuse 9/27/2017
680-808 Henderson 7/8/2020
680-829 Sandy Creek 2/14/2019
680-842 Evans Mills 7/8/2020
680-844 Edwards 4/9/2021
680-848 Macedon 9/22/2021
680-860 Earlville 7/2/2021
680-867 Syracuse 4/2/2021
680-870 Little Falls 4/9/2021
680-877 Syracuse 9/9/2021
680-880 Marion 4/9/2021
680-887 Madison 10/7/2021
680-888 Madrid 1/9/2017
680-895 Syracuse 8/14/2020
680-899 Ontario 6/9/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-900 Barneveld 05/03/2023
680-901 De Ruyter 11/16/2021
680-910 Syracuse 12/21/2020
680-922 Port Byron 3/17/2021
680-946 Jordan 7/8/2020
680-955 Parish 3/17/2021
680-977 Evans Mills 8/4/2021
680-999 Antwerp 1/27/2017
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date. N/A - mostly CO codes assigned before 2001.
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Cities in area code 680

City1 County Time2
Adams Jefferson E
Adams Center Jefferson E
Alder Creek Oneida E
Alexandria Bay Jefferson E
Altmar Oswego E
Alton Wayne E
Antwerp Jefferson E
Apulia Station Onondaga E
Auburn Cayuga E
Aurora Cayuga E
Ava Oneida E
Baldwinsville Onondaga E
Barneveld Oneida E
Beaver Falls Lewis E
Belleville Jefferson E
Bernhards Bay Oswego E
Black River Jefferson E
Blossvale Oneida E
Boonville Oneida E
Bouckville Madison E
Branchport Yates E
Brantingham Lewis E
Brasher Falls St Lawrence E
Brewerton Onondaga E
Bridgeport Onondaga E
Bridgewater Oneida E
Brier Hill St Lawrence E
Brookfield Madison E
Brownville Jefferson E
Calcium Jefferson E
Camden Oneida E
Camillus Onondaga E
Canastota Madison E
Canton St Lawrence E
Cape Vincent Jefferson E
Carthage Jefferson E
Cassville Oneida E
Castorland Lewis E
Cato Cayuga E
Cayuga Cayuga E
Cazenovia Madison E
Central Square Oswego E
Chadwicks Oneida E
Chase Mills St Lawrence E
Chaumont Jefferson E
Chippewa Bay St Lawrence E
Chittenango Madison E
Cicero Onondaga E
Clark Mills Oneida E
Clay Onondaga E
Clayton Jefferson E
Clayville Oneida E
Cleveland Oswego E
Clifton Springs Ontario E
Clinton Oneida E
Clockville Madison E
Clyde Wayne E
Cold Brook Herkimer E
Colton St Lawrence E
Constableville Lewis E
Constantia Oswego E
Copenhagen Lewis E
Cranberry Lake St Lawrence E
Croghan Lewis E
De Kalb Junction St Lawrence E
De Peyster St Lawrence E
De Ruyter Madison E
Deansboro Oneida E
Deer River Lewis E
Deferiet Jefferson E
Delphi Falls Onondaga E
Denmark Lewis E
Depauville Jefferson E
Dexter Jefferson E
Dolgeville Herkimer E
Dresden Yates E
Durhamville Oneida E
Eagle Bay Herkimer E
Earlville Chenango E
East Syracuse Onondaga E
East Williamson Wayne E
Eaton Madison E
Edwards St Lawrence E
Elbridge Onondaga E
Ellisburg Jefferson E
Erieville Madison E
Evans Mills Jefferson E
Fabius Onondaga E
Fair Haven Cayuga E
Fayette Seneca E
Fayetteville Onondaga E
Felts Mills Jefferson E
Fine St Lawrence E
Fishers Landing Jefferson E
Forestport Oneida E
Fort Drum Jefferson E
Frankfort Herkimer E
Franklin Springs Oneida E
Fulton Oswego E
Geneva Ontario E
Genoa Cayuga E
Georgetown Madison E
Glenfield Lewis E
Gouverneur St Lawrence E
Great Bend Jefferson E
Greig Lewis E
Hailesboro St Lawrence E
Hamilton Madison E
Hammond St Lawrence E
Hannawa Falls St Lawrence E
Hannibal Oswego E
Harrisville Lewis E
Hastings Oswego E
Helena St Lawrence E
Henderson Jefferson E
Henderson Harbor Jefferson E
Herkimer Herkimer E
Hermon St Lawrence E
Heuvelton St Lawrence E
Hinckley Oneida E
Hoffmeister Hamilton E
Holland Patent Oneida E
Hubbardsville Madison E
Ilion Herkimer E
Inlet Hamilton E
Jamesville Onondaga E
Jordan Onondaga E
Jordanville Herkimer E
Keuka Park Yates E
King Ferry Cayuga E
Kirkville Madison E
Knoxboro Oneida E
La Fargeville Jefferson E
Lacona Oswego E
LaFayette Onondaga E
Lawrenceville St Lawrence E
Lee Center Oneida E
Leonardsville Madison E
Limerick Jefferson E
Lisbon St Lawrence E
Little Falls Herkimer E
Liverpool Onondaga E
Locke Cayuga E
Lorraine Jefferson E
Lowville Lewis E
Lycoming Oswego E
Lyons Wayne E
Lyons Falls Lewis E
Macedon Wayne E
Madison Madison E
Madrid St Lawrence E
Mallory Oswego E
Manlius Onondaga E
Mannsville Jefferson E
Maple View Oswego E
Marcellus Onondaga E
Marcy Oneida E
Marietta Onondaga E
Marion Wayne E
Martinsburg Lewis E
Martville Cayuga E
Massena St Lawrence E
Mc Connellsville Oneida E
Memphis Onondaga E
Meridian Cayuga E
Mexico Oswego E
Middleville Herkimer E
Minetto Oswego E
Minoa Onondaga E
Mohawk Herkimer E
Montezuma Cayuga E
Moravia Cayuga E
Morristown St Lawrence E
Morrisville Madison E
Mottville Onondaga E
Munnsville Madison E
Natural Bridge Jefferson E
Nedrow Onondaga E
New Hartford Oneida E
New Haven Oswego E
New Woodstock Madison E
New York Mills Oneida E
Newark Wayne E
Newport Herkimer E
Newton Falls St Lawrence E
Nicholville St Lawrence E
Norfolk St Lawrence E
North Bay Oneida E
North Brookfield Madison E
North Lawrence St Lawrence E
North Pitcher Chenango E
North Rose Wayne E
Norwood St Lawrence E
Oaks Corners Ontario E
Ogdensburg St Lawrence E
Old Forge Herkimer E
Oneida Madison E
Ontario Wayne E
Ontario Center Wayne E
Oriskany Oneida E
Oriskany Falls Oneida E
Orwell Oswego E
Oswegatchie St Lawrence E
Oswego Oswego E
Oxbow Jefferson E
Palmyra Wayne E
Parish Oswego E
Parishville St Lawrence E
Penn Yan Yates E
Pennellville Oswego E
Peterboro Madison E
Phelps Ontario E
Philadelphia Jefferson E
Phoenix Oswego E
Pierrepont Manor Jefferson E
Plainville Onondaga E
Plessis Jefferson E
Poland Herkimer E
Pompey Onondaga E
Poplar Ridge Cayuga E
Port Byron Cayuga E
Port Gibson Ontario E
Port Leyden Lewis E
Potsdam St Lawrence E
Preble Cortland E
Prospect Oneida E
Pulaski Oswego E
Pultneyville Wayne E
Pyrites St Lawrence E
Raquette Lake Hamilton E
Raymondville St Lawrence E
Red Creek Wayne E
Redfield Oswego E
Redwood Jefferson E
Remsen Oneida E
Rensselaer Falls St Lawrence E
Richfield Springs Otsego E
Richland Oswego E
Richville St Lawrence E
Rodman Jefferson E
Rome Oneida E
Romulus Seneca E
Rooseveltown St Lawrence E
Rose Wayne E
Russell St Lawrence E
Sackets Harbor Jefferson E
Salisbury Center Herkimer E
Sandy Creek Oswego E
Sangerfield Oneida E
Sauquoit Oneida E
Savannah Wayne E
Schuyler Lake Otsego E
Scipio Center Cayuga E
Seneca Castle Ontario E
Seneca Falls Seneca E
Sherrill Oneida E
Skaneateles Onondaga E
Skaneateles Falls Onondaga E
Sodus Wayne E
Sodus Point Wayne E
Solsville Madison E
South Butler Wayne E
South Colton St Lawrence E
South Otselic Chenango E
Springfield Center Otsego E
Star Lake St Lawrence E
Sterling Cayuga E
Stittville Oneida E
Stratford Fulton E
Sylvan Beach Oneida E
Syracuse Onondaga E
Taberg Oneida E
Thendara Herkimer E
Theresa Jefferson E
Thousand Island Park Jefferson E
Three Mile Bay Jefferson E
Tully Onondaga E
Turin Lewis E
Union Springs Cayuga E
Utica Oneida E
Van Hornesville Herkimer E
Vernon Oneida E
Vernon Center Oneida E
Verona Oneida E
Verona Beach Oneida E
Waddington St Lawrence E
Walworth Wayne E
Wampsville Madison E
Wanakena St Lawrence E
Warners Onondaga E
Washington Mills Oneida E
Waterloo Seneca E
Watertown Jefferson E
Waterville Oneida E
Weedsport Cayuga E
Wellesley Island Jefferson E
West Eaton Madison E
West Edmeston Madison E
West Leyden Lewis E
West Monroe Oswego E
West Stockholm St Lawrence E
West Winfield Herkimer E
Westdale Oneida E
Westernville Oneida E
Westmoreland Oneida E
Whitesboro Oneida E
Williamson Wayne E
Williamstown Oswego E
Winthrop St Lawrence E
Wolcott Wayne E
Woodgate Oneida E
Yorkville Oneida E
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 680. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently 04:51:36 AM).
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