Area Code 680

Area code 680 is in New York, USA , spanning 18 counties and serving 312 cities, including Syracuse, Auburn or Watertown; it currently uses 174 prefixes, assigned from 680-200-XXXX through 680-999-XXXX.

In service since March 11, 2017, area code 680 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 315/680.

The current local time is .

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NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-200 North Rose 8/20/2018
680-201 Lafayette 9/12/2018
680-202 Canastota 9/24/2018
680-203 Morrisville 10/30/2018
680-204 Natural Bridge 9/26/2018
680-205 Fayette 8/20/2018
680-206 Williamson 11/13/2018
680-207 Syracuse N/A
680-208 Cato 11/16/2018
680-209 Earlville 11/26/2018
680-210 Watertown 12/13/2018
680-212 Macomb 2/6/2020
680-213 Herkimer 10/11/2019
680-214 Syracuse 2/21/2019
680-215 Newark 6/20/2019
680-216 Syracuse 9/8/2020
680-217 Utica 10/1/2019
680-218 Syracuse 1/24/2020
680-219 Utica 4/18/2019
680-220 Madrid 1/27/2021
680-221 Madrid N/A
680-222 Watertown 2/2/2017
680-223 Auburn 6/26/2020
680-224 De Ruyter 10/26/2020
680-225 Minoa 4/13/2021
680-226 North Rose 7/7/2021
680-227 Savannah 6/18/2021
680-228 Seneca Falls 9/3/2021
680-229 Ontario 12/1/2021
680-230 Utica 12/10/2021
680-231 Utica 12/14/2021
680-232 Branchport 10/5/2021
680-233 Natural Bridge 10/5/2021
680-234 Auburn 12/9/2020
680-235 Adams Center 1/19/2021
680-236 Barneveld 11/8/2021
680-237 Adams 2/5/2020
680-238 Moravia 1/7/2022
680-239 Massena 1/19/2022
680-240 Sempronius 6/7/2021
680-241 Auburn 2/4/2022
680-242 Liverpool 2/15/2022
680-243 Rome 4/6/2022
680-244 Syracuse 8/12/2022
680-245 Utica 10/10/2022
680-246 Cicero 10/11/2022
680-247 Lysander 5/10/2021
680-248 Baldwinsville 10/11/2022
680-249 Chittenango 10/11/2022
680-250 Newark 5/7/2021
680-251 Canton 10/11/2022
680-252 Belleville 10/11/2022
680-253 Fair Haven 10/17/2022
680-254 Georgetown 10/17/2022
680-255 Waddington 6/7/2021
680-256 Weedsport 2/14/2019
680-257 Hannibal 10/17/2022
680-258 Jordan 10/17/2022
680-259 Knoxboro 10/17/2022
680-260 Utica 03/23/2023
680-261 Lyons 10/17/2022
680-262 Poplar Ridge 10/21/2022
680-263 Richfield Springs 10/21/2022
680-264 Poland 10/21/2022
680-265 Morristown 10/21/2022
680-266 Middleville 10/21/2022
680-267 Manlius 10/21/2022
680-268 Dolgeville 4/9/2021
680-269 Oswego 12/28/2022
680-270 Weedsport 6/7/2021
680-271 Newark 05/02/2023
680-272 Seneca Falls 05/26/2023
680-273 Hermon 06/29/2023
680-274 Harrisvl 06/29/2023
680-275 Cleveland 06/29/2023
680-276 Fulton 07/20/2023
680-277 Mexico 4/12/2021
680-278 Amber 08/07/2023
680-279 Camden 08/07/2023
680-280 Philadelphia 5/7/2021
680-281 Fabius 08/07/2023
680-282 Ilion 08/07/2023
680-283 Syracuse 08/07/2023
680-284 Lyons 08/07/2023
680-285 Syracuse 08/17/2023
680-286 Williamson 08/17/2023
680-287 Syracuse 08/17/2023
680-288 Utica 8/10/2021
680-289 South Otselic 09/01/2023
680-290 Liverpool 09/19/2023
680-291 Watertown 09/19/2023
680-292 Massena 10/09/2023
680-293 Lyons 10/16/2023
680-294 Lyons 11/29/2023
680-295 Oswego 01/05/2024
680-296 Potsdam 01/10/2024
680-297 Auburn 01/16/2024
680-298 Herkimer 02/08/2024
680-299 Lafayette 2/18/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-300 Antwerp 7/2/2020
680-322 Syracuse 11/16/2021
680-333 Canton 3/1/2017
680-336 Watertown 7/8/2020
680-345 Amber 7/2/2020
680-346 Macedon 8/4/2020
680-348 Minoa 3/17/2021
680-356 Syracuse 7/2/2020
680-380 Pulaski 5/7/2021
680-384 Lysander 2/14/2019
680-386 Liverpool 3/17/2021
680-388 Theresa 6/9/2021
680-399 Red Creek 6/9/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-400 Canton 7/2/2020
680-422 Fayetteville 8/31/2021
680-432 Ilion 2/18/2021
680-435 Sylvan Beach 2/14/2019
680-444 Geneva 1/26/2017
680-465 Palmyra 3/17/2021
680-477 Owasco 9/27/2021
680-488 Skaneateles 6/9/2021
680-499 Clyde 3/17/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-500 Fabius 7/2/2020
680-529 Chittenango 2/16/2021
680-567 Bridgeport 8/10/2021
680-577 Fayette 9/23/2021
680-588 Wolcott 3/17/2021
680-599 Hamilton 3/17/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-600 Syracuse 6/15/2018
680-639 Gouverneur 2/14/2019
680-655 Constantia 3/30/2021
680-660 Clinton 4/2/2021
680-666 Liverpool 8/28/2017
680-667 Fulton 2/18/2021
680-677 Baldwinsville 12/7/2020
680-680 Phelps 10/11/2022
680-681 Adams 3/30/2021
680-688 Cicero 2/18/2021
680-690 Sackets Harbor 5/7/2021
680-697 Syracuse N/A
680-699 Brookfield 2/18/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-732 Sodus 7/8/2020
680-758 Newport 2/14/2019
680-766 Marion 2/14/2019
680-770 Carthage 3/30/2021
680-777 Bridgeport 1/16/2017
680-778 Rome 8/18/2020
680-780 Central Square 4/2/2021
680-786 La Fargeville 3/17/2021
680-788 Camden 2/18/2021
680-789 Mac Dougall 2/18/2021
680-799 Copenhagen 2/3/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-800 Syracuse 9/27/2017
680-808 Henderson 7/8/2020
680-829 Sandy Creek 2/14/2019
680-842 Evans Mills 7/8/2020
680-844 Edwards 4/9/2021
680-848 Macedon 9/22/2021
680-860 Earlville 7/2/2021
680-867 Syracuse 4/2/2021
680-870 Little Falls 4/9/2021
680-877 Syracuse 9/9/2021
680-880 Marion 4/9/2021
680-887 Madison 10/7/2021
680-888 Madrid 1/9/2017
680-895 Syracuse 8/14/2020
680-899 Ontario 6/9/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
680-900 Barneveld 05/03/2023
680-901 De Ruyter 11/16/2021
680-910 Syracuse 12/21/2020
680-922 Port Byron 3/17/2021
680-946 Jordan 7/8/2020
680-955 Parish 3/17/2021
680-977 Evans Mills 8/4/2021
680-999 Antwerp 1/27/2017
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date. N/A - mostly central office codes assigned before 2001.

Cities in area code 680

City1 County Time2
Adams Jefferson E
Adams Center Jefferson E
Alder Creek Oneida E
Alexandria Bay Jefferson E
Altmar Oswego E
Alton Wayne E
Antwerp Jefferson E
Apulia Station Onondaga E
Auburn Cayuga E
Aurora Cayuga E
Ava Oneida E
Baldwinsville Onondaga E
Barneveld Oneida E
Beaver Falls Lewis E
Belleville Jefferson E
Bernhards Bay Oswego E
Black River Jefferson E
Blossvale Oneida E
Boonville Oneida E
Bouckville Madison E
Branchport Yates E
Brantingham Lewis E
Brasher Falls St Lawrence E
Brewerton Onondaga E
Bridgeport Onondaga E
Bridgewater Oneida E
Brier Hill St Lawrence E
Brookfield Madison E
Brownville Jefferson E
Calcium Jefferson E
Camden Oneida E
Camillus Onondaga E
Canastota Madison E
Canton St Lawrence E
Cape Vincent Jefferson E
Carthage Jefferson E
Cassville Oneida E
Castorland Lewis E
Cato Cayuga E
Cayuga Cayuga E
Cazenovia Madison E
Central Square Oswego E
Chadwicks Oneida E
Chase Mills St Lawrence E
Chaumont Jefferson E
Chippewa Bay St Lawrence E
Chittenango Madison E
Cicero Onondaga E
Clark Mills Oneida E
Clay Onondaga E
Clayton Jefferson E
Clayville Oneida E
Cleveland Oswego E
Clifton Springs Ontario E
Clinton Oneida E
Clockville Madison E
Clyde Wayne E
Cold Brook Herkimer E
Colton St Lawrence E
Constableville Lewis E
Constantia Oswego E
Copenhagen Lewis E
Cranberry Lake St Lawrence E
Croghan Lewis E
De Kalb Junction St Lawrence E
De Peyster St Lawrence E
De Ruyter Madison E
Deansboro Oneida E
Deer River Lewis E
Deferiet Jefferson E
Delphi Falls Onondaga E
Denmark Lewis E
Depauville Jefferson E
Dexter Jefferson E
Dolgeville Herkimer E
Dresden Yates E
Durhamville Oneida E
Eagle Bay Herkimer E
Earlville Chenango E
East Syracuse Onondaga E
East Williamson Wayne E
Eaton Madison E
Edwards St Lawrence E
Elbridge Onondaga E
Ellisburg Jefferson E
Erieville Madison E
Evans Mills Jefferson E
Fabius Onondaga E
Fair Haven Cayuga E
Fayette Seneca E
Fayetteville Onondaga E
Felts Mills Jefferson E
Fine St Lawrence E
Fishers Landing Jefferson E
Forestport Oneida E
Fort Drum Jefferson E
Frankfort Herkimer E
Franklin Springs Oneida E
Fulton Oswego E
Geneva Ontario E
Genoa Cayuga E
Georgetown Madison E
Glenfield Lewis E
Gouverneur St Lawrence E
Great Bend Jefferson E
Greig Lewis E
Hailesboro St Lawrence E
Hamilton Madison E
Hammond St Lawrence E
Hannawa Falls St Lawrence E
Hannibal Oswego E
Harrisville Lewis E
Hastings Oswego E
Helena St Lawrence E
Henderson Jefferson E
Henderson Harbor Jefferson E
Herkimer Herkimer E
Hermon St Lawrence E
Heuvelton St Lawrence E
Hinckley Oneida E
Hoffmeister Hamilton E
Holland Patent Oneida E
Hubbardsville Madison E
Ilion Herkimer E
Inlet Hamilton E
Jamesville Onondaga E
Jordan Onondaga E
Jordanville Herkimer E
Keuka Park Yates E
King Ferry Cayuga E
Kirkville Madison E
Knoxboro Oneida E
La Fargeville Jefferson E
Lacona Oswego E
LaFayette Onondaga E
Lawrenceville St Lawrence E
Lee Center Oneida E
Leonardsville Madison E
Limerick Jefferson E
Lisbon St Lawrence E
Little Falls Herkimer E
Liverpool Onondaga E
Locke Cayuga E
Lorraine Jefferson E
Lowville Lewis E
Lycoming Oswego E
Lyons Wayne E
Lyons Falls Lewis E
Macedon Wayne E
Madison Madison E
Madrid St Lawrence E
Mallory Oswego E
Manlius Onondaga E
Mannsville Jefferson E
Maple View Oswego E
Marcellus Onondaga E
Marcy Oneida E
Marietta Onondaga E
Marion Wayne E
Martinsburg Lewis E
Martville Cayuga E
Massena St Lawrence E
Mc Connellsville Oneida E
Memphis Onondaga E
Meridian Cayuga E
Mexico Oswego E
Middleville Herkimer E
Minetto Oswego E
Minoa Onondaga E
Mohawk Herkimer E
Montezuma Cayuga E
Moravia Cayuga E
Morristown St Lawrence E
Morrisville Madison E
Mottville Onondaga E
Munnsville Madison E
Natural Bridge Jefferson E
Nedrow Onondaga E
New Hartford Oneida E
New Haven Oswego E
New Woodstock Madison E
New York Mills Oneida E
Newark Wayne E
Newport Herkimer E
Newton Falls St Lawrence E
Nicholville St Lawrence E
Norfolk St Lawrence E
North Bay Oneida E
North Brookfield Madison E
North Lawrence St Lawrence E
North Pitcher Chenango E
North Rose Wayne E
Norwood St Lawrence E
Oaks Corners Ontario E
Ogdensburg St Lawrence E
Old Forge Herkimer E
Oneida Madison E
Ontario Wayne E
Ontario Center Wayne E
Oriskany Oneida E
Oriskany Falls Oneida E
Orwell Oswego E
Oswegatchie St Lawrence E
Oswego Oswego E
Oxbow Jefferson E
Palmyra Wayne E
Parish Oswego E
Parishville St Lawrence E
Penn Yan Yates E
Pennellville Oswego E
Peterboro Madison E
Phelps Ontario E
Philadelphia Jefferson E
Phoenix Oswego E
Pierrepont Manor Jefferson E
Plainville Onondaga E
Plessis Jefferson E
Poland Herkimer E
Pompey Onondaga E
Poplar Ridge Cayuga E
Port Byron Cayuga E
Port Gibson Ontario E
Port Leyden Lewis E
Potsdam St Lawrence E
Preble Cortland E
Prospect Oneida E
Pulaski Oswego E
Pultneyville Wayne E
Pyrites St Lawrence E
Raquette Lake Hamilton E
Raymondville St Lawrence E
Red Creek Wayne E
Redfield Oswego E
Redwood Jefferson E
Remsen Oneida E
Rensselaer Falls St Lawrence E
Richfield Springs Otsego E
Richland Oswego E
Richville St Lawrence E
Rodman Jefferson E
Rome Oneida E
Romulus Seneca E
Rooseveltown St Lawrence E
Rose Wayne E
Russell St Lawrence E
Sackets Harbor Jefferson E
Salisbury Center Herkimer E
Sandy Creek Oswego E
Sangerfield Oneida E
Sauquoit Oneida E
Savannah Wayne E
Schuyler Lake Otsego E
Scipio Center Cayuga E
Seneca Castle Ontario E
Seneca Falls Seneca E
Sherrill Oneida E
Skaneateles Onondaga E
Skaneateles Falls Onondaga E
Sodus Wayne E
Sodus Point Wayne E
Solsville Madison E
South Butler Wayne E
South Colton St Lawrence E
South Otselic Chenango E
Springfield Center Otsego E
Star Lake St Lawrence E
Sterling Cayuga E
Stittville Oneida E
Stratford Fulton E
Sylvan Beach Oneida E
Syracuse Onondaga E
Taberg Oneida E
Thendara Herkimer E
Theresa Jefferson E
Thousand Island Park Jefferson E
Three Mile Bay Jefferson E
Tully Onondaga E
Turin Lewis E
Union Springs Cayuga E
Utica Oneida E
Van Hornesville Herkimer E
Vernon Oneida E
Vernon Center Oneida E
Verona Oneida E
Verona Beach Oneida E
Waddington St Lawrence E
Walworth Wayne E
Wampsville Madison E
Wanakena St Lawrence E
Warners Onondaga E
Washington Mills Oneida E
Waterloo Seneca E
Watertown Jefferson E
Waterville Oneida E
Weedsport Cayuga E
Wellesley Island Jefferson E
West Eaton Madison E
West Edmeston Madison E
West Leyden Lewis E
West Monroe Oswego E
West Stockholm St Lawrence E
West Winfield Herkimer E
Westdale Oneida E
Westernville Oneida E
Westmoreland Oneida E
Whitesboro Oneida E
Williamson Wayne E
Williamstown Oswego E
Winthrop St Lawrence E
Wolcott Wayne E
Woodgate Oneida E
Yorkville Oneida E
  1. Listed above are most places served by USA area code 680. When multiple places in a US state share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently ).