838 Area Code

Area code 838 is in New York (NY), USA and some of its main locations are Albany, Saratoga Springs, Plattsburgh, etc. (jump to city list below).

Area code 838 has been in service since September 19, 2017 and is an overlay code part of overlay complex 518/838 (overlaying area codes cover the same geographic area).

07:29:22 AM is the current time in area code 838 (Eastern Time Zone).

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838 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
838-200 Albany 8/2/2017
838-201 Hoosick Falls 2/20/2018
838-202 Albany 10/25/2018
838-203 Schenectady 11/26/2018
838-204 Hampton 5/28/2020
838-205 Valley Falls 12/19/2018
838-206 Claverack 2/15/2019
838-207 Albany 2/21/2019
838-208 Copake 3/19/2019
838-209 Claverack 4/2/2019
838-210 Millerton 6/13/2019
838-212 Albany 11/5/2019
838-213 Glens Falls N/A
838-214 Amsterdam 11/5/2019
838-215 Catskill 11/5/2019
838-216 Albany 4/13/2020
838-217 Albany 7/17/2020
838-218 Albany 9/8/2020
838-219 Kinderhook 5/28/2019
838-220 Colonie 11/5/2019
838-221 Albany 9/28/2020
838-222 Port Henry 9/6/2017
838-223 Westport 11/30/2018
838-224 Wells 2/14/2019
838-225 Hudson 11/5/2019
838-226 Keeseville 10/23/2020
838-227 Central Bridge 11/12/2020
838-228 Windham 2/14/2019
838-229 Argyle 12/3/2020
838-230 Middleburgh 11/5/2019
838-231 Colonie 1/6/2021
838-232 Schenectady 10/10/2022
838-233 Saranac Lake 3/18/2021
838-234 Altamont 1/26/2021
838-235 Lexington 4/2/2021
838-236 Richmondville 4/2/2021
838-237 Ticonderoga 4/2/2021
838-238 Rotterdam Junction 11/5/2019
838-239 Tribes Hill 4/2/2021
838-240 Troy 4/2/2021
838-241 West Lebanon 4/2/2021
838-242 Warrensburg 4/2/2021
838-243 Westerlo 4/2/2021
838-244 Oak Hill 4/13/2021
838-245 Schenectady 5/5/2021
838-246 Cairo 5/5/2021
838-247 Ellenburg Depot 2/23/2021
838-248 Cobleskill 5/25/2021
838-249 Gloversville 5/25/2021
838-250 Albany 8/11/2021
838-251 Schenectady 11/17/2021
838-252 Palenville 6/17/2021
838-253 Paul Smiths 6/17/2021
838-254 Saranac 6/17/2021
838-255 Tupper Lake 6/23/2021
838-256 Lake Pleasant 2/14/2019
838-257 Athens 8/10/2022
838-258 Freehold 10/5/2021
838-259 Amsterdam 11/3/2022
838-260 Johnstown 11/16/2022
838-262 Troy 10/18/2021
838-263 Valley Falls 10/6/2021
838-264 Windham 10/6/2021
838-277 Kattskill Bay 12/22/2021
838-282 Lyon Mountain 2/14/2019
838-288 Sharon Springs 3/14/2018
838-299 Hillsdale 2/2/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
838-300 Tupper Lake 9/5/2017
838-322 Sharon Springs 5/6/2021
838-328 Putnam 5/6/2021
838-330 Fort Plain 1/7/2021
838-331 Fort Covington 1/7/2021
838-332 Glens Falls 1/7/2021
838-333 Albany 8/31/2017
838-334 Greenwich 1/7/2021
838-335 Hartford 1/7/2021
838-336 Palenville 2/14/2019
838-337 Hoosick Falls 1/7/2021
838-338 Schenectady 11/5/2019
838-339 Johnstown 1/7/2021
838-345 Argyle 1/26/2021
838-348 Athens 2/2/2021
838-356 Averill Park 1/26/2021
838-368 Malone 2/22/2022
838-372 Greenville 1/13/2022
838-377 Prattsville 12/22/2021
838-380 Lake George 1/7/2021
838-381 Lake Placid 1/7/2021
838-383 Amsterdam 1/4/2021
838-384 Castleton 2/14/2019
838-385 Mineville 1/7/2021
838-386 Troy 2/14/2019
838-387 Moira 1/7/2021
838-388 Berne 12/31/2020
838-399 Granville 1/26/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
838-400 Round Lake 12/3/2020
838-433 Albany 9/10/2021
838-435 Claverack 2/14/2019
838-438 Salem 2/14/2019
838-440 Whitehall 5/6/2021
838-444 Hague 9/5/2017
838-448 Keene 4/7/2021
838-465 Au Sable Forks 1/26/2021
838-468 Whitehall 2/14/2019
838-481 Malone 7/21/2020
838-488 Fort Covington 2/2/2021
838-499 Canaan 2/2/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
838-500 Round Lake 2/15/2019
838-529 Fonda 2/14/2019
838-538 Troy 11/5/2019
838-558 Lyon Mountain 4/7/2021
838-566 Tannersville 12/22/2021
838-577 Gloversville 4/1/2021
838-588 Delanson 2/2/2021
838-599 Castleton 2/2/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
838-600 Hoosick Falls 1/4/2021
838-638 Mariaville 4/7/2021
838-639 Delanson 2/14/2019
838-666 Esperance 9/5/2017
838-667 Hudson 8/10/2021
838-668 Cambridge 3/30/2021
838-677 Colonie 2/2/2021
838-688 Broadalbin 2/2/2021
838-697 Broadalbin 2/14/2019
838-699 Brainardsville 2/2/2021
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
838-722 Glens Falls 3/15/2022
838-723 Schenectady 1/24/2022
838-732 Greenwich 4/1/2021
838-733 Jonesville 3/30/2021
838-738 Philmont 4/7/2021
838-746 Saratoga Springs 1/13/2022
838-758 Berlin 2/2/2021
838-766 Warrensburg 2/15/2019
838-777 Philmont 10/9/2017
838-786 Cairo 2/2/2021
838-788 Berne 2/2/2021
838-789 Canajoharie 2/2/2021
838-799 Blue Mountain Lake 2/2/2021
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
838-800 Saranac 8/31/2017
838-830 Esperance 1/6/2021
838-831 Elizabethtown 1/6/2021
838-832 Dannemora 1/6/2021
838-833 South Bethlehem 1/4/2021
838-834 Clarksville 1/6/2021
838-835 Chateaugay 1/6/2021
838-836 Catskill 1/6/2021
838-837 Blue Mountain Lake 12/31/2020
838-838 Troy 10/11/2022
838-839 Albany 1/16/2019
838-842 Germantown 2/14/2019
838-848 Fort Ann 3/30/2021
838-858 Hague 3/30/2021
838-866 St Regis Falls 12/22/2021
838-868 Hampton 3/30/2021
838-877 Hudson 12/7/2020
838-878 Salem 5/6/2021
838-881 North Creek 1/7/2021
838-882 Oak Hill 1/7/2021
838-883 Castleton 12/31/2020
838-884 Pittstown 1/7/2021
838-888 Hoosick Falls 7/20/2017
838-895 Albany 8/14/2020
838-899 Greenfield Center 4/1/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
838-900 Albany 3/22/2019
838-910 Albany 12/21/2020
838-934 Albany 4/7/2021
838-938 Port Henry 4/7/2021
838-944 Catskill 2/2/2021
838-945 Athens 7/11/2018
838-946 Ballston Spa 2/2/2021
838-966 Bolton Landing 2/2/2021
838-977 Caroga Lake 2/2/2021
838-999 Peru 8/31/2017
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date. N/A - mostly CO codes assigned before 2001.
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Cities in area code 838

City1 County Time2
Acra Greene E
Adirondack Warren E
Albany Albany E
Alcove Albany E
Alplaus Schenectady E
Altamont Albany E
Altona Clinton E
Amsterdam Montgomery E
Ancram Columbia E
Ancramdale Columbia E
Argyle Washington E
Ashland Greene E
Athens Greene E
Athol Warren E
Au Sable Forks Clinton E
Auriesville Montgomery E
Austerlitz Columbia E
Averill Park Rensselaer E
Bakers Mills Warren E
Ballston Lake Saratoga E
Ballston Spa Saratoga E
Berlin Rensselaer E
Berne Albany E
Bloomingdale Essex E
Blue Mountain Lake Hamilton E
Bolton Landing Warren E
Bombay Franklin E
Brainard Rensselaer E
Brainardsville Franklin E
Brant Lake Warren E
Broadalbin Fulton E
Brushton Franklin E
Burke Franklin E
Burnt Hills Saratoga E
Buskirk Rensselaer E
Cadyville Clinton E
Cairo Greene E
Cambridge Washington E
Canaan Columbia E
Canajoharie Montgomery E
Carlisle Schoharie E
Caroga Lake Fulton E
Castleton-on-Hudson Rensselaer E
Catskill Greene E
Central Bridge Schoharie E
Champlain Clinton E
Chateaugay Franklin E
Chatham Columbia E
Chazy Clinton E
Cherry Plain Rensselaer E
Chestertown Warren E
Childwold St Lawrence E
Churubusco Clinton E
Clarksville Albany E
Claverack Columbia E
Clemons Washington E
Cleverdale Warren E
Clifton Park Saratoga E
Climax Greene E
Cobleskill Schoharie E
Coeymans Albany E
Coeymans Hollow Albany E
Cohoes Albany E
Colonie Albany E
Columbiaville Columbia E
Comstock Washington E
Constable Franklin E
Copake Columbia E
Copake Falls Columbia E
Corinth Saratoga E
Cornwallville Greene E
Cossayuna Washington E
Coxsackie Greene E
Craryville Columbia E
Cropseyville Rensselaer E
Crown Point Essex E
Dannemora Clinton E
Delanson Schenectady E
Delmar Albany E
Diamond Point Warren E
Dickinson Center Franklin E
Dormansville Albany E
Duanesburg Schenectady E
Durham Greene E
Eagle Bridge Rensselaer E
Earlton Greene E
East Berne Albany E
East Chatham Columbia E
East Durham Greene E
East Greenbush Rensselaer E
East Jewett Greene E
East Nassau Columbia E
East Schodack Rensselaer E
Elizabethtown Essex E
Elka Park Greene E
Ellenburg Clinton E
Ellenburg Center Clinton E
Ellenburg Depot Clinton E
Esperance Montgomery E
Essex Essex E
Feura Bush Albany E
Fonda Montgomery E
Fort Ann Washington E
Fort Covington Franklin E
Fort Edward Washington E
Fort Hunter Montgomery E
Fort Johnson Montgomery E
Fort Plain Montgomery E
Freehold Greene E
Fultonham Schoharie E
Fultonville Montgomery E
Gabriels Franklin E
Gallupville Schoharie E
Galway Saratoga E
Gansevoort Saratoga E
Germantown Columbia E
Ghent Columbia E
Glenmont Albany E
Glens Falls Warren E
Gloversville Fulton E
Grafton Rensselaer E
Granville Washington E
Greenfield Center Saratoga E
Greenville Greene E
Greenwich Washington E
Guilderland Albany E
Guilderland Center Albany E
Hadley Saratoga E
Hagaman Montgomery E
Hague Warren E
Haines Falls Greene E
Hampton Washington E
Hannacroix Greene E
Hartford Washington E
Hensonville Greene E
Hillsdale Columbia E
Hogansburg Franklin E
Hollowville Columbia E
Hoosick Rensselaer E
Hoosick Falls Rensselaer E
Howes Cave Schoharie E
Hudson Columbia E
Hudson Falls Washington E
Huletts Landing Washington E
Hunter Greene E
Indian Lake Hamilton E
Jay Essex E
Jewett Greene E
Johnsburg Warren E
Johnsonville Rensselaer E
Johnstown Fulton E
Kattskill Bay Warren E
Keene Essex E
Keene Valley Essex E
Keeseville Clinton E
Kinderhook Columbia E
Knox Albany E
Lake Clear Franklin E
Lake George Warren E
Lake Luzerne Warren E
Lake Placid Essex E
Lake Pleasant Hamilton E
Latham Albany E
Leeds Greene E
Lewis Essex E
Lexington Greene E
Livingston Columbia E
Long Lake Hamilton E
Lyon Mountain Clinton E
Malden Bridge Columbia E
Malone Franklin E
Maplecrest Greene E
Mayfield Fulton E
Mechanicville Saratoga E
Medusa Albany E
Mellenville Columbia E
Melrose Rensselaer E
Middle Falls Washington E
Middle Granville Washington E
Middle Grove Saratoga E
Middleburgh Schoharie E
Millerton Dutchess E
Minerva Essex E
Mineville Essex E
Moira Franklin E
Mooers Clinton E
Mooers Forks Clinton E
Moriah Essex E
Moriah Center Essex E
Morrisonville Clinton E
Nassau Rensselaer E
Nelliston Montgomery E
New Baltimore Greene E
New Lebanon Columbia E
New Russia Essex E
Newcomb Essex E
Newtonville Albany E
Niverville Columbia E
North Bangor Franklin E
North Blenheim Schoharie E
North Chatham Columbia E
North Creek Warren E
North Granville Washington E
North Hoosick Rensselaer E
North Hudson Essex E
North River Warren E
Northville Fulton E
Oak Hill Greene E
Old Chatham Columbia E
Olmstedville Essex E
Owls Head Franklin E
Palatine Bridge Montgomery E
Palenville Greene E
Paradox Essex E
Pattersonville Schenectady E
Paul Smiths Franklin E
Peru Clinton E
Petersburg Rensselaer E
Philmont Columbia E
Piercefield St Lawrence E
Pine Plains Dutchess E
Piseco Hamilton E
Plattsburgh Clinton E
Poestenkill Rensselaer E
Port Henry Essex E
Port Kent Essex E
Porter Corners Saratoga E
Pottersville Warren E
Prattsville Greene E
Preston Hollow Albany E
Purling Greene E
Putnam Station Washington E
Quaker Street Schenectady E
Queensbury Warren E
Rainbow Lake Franklin E
Ravena Albany E
Ray Brook Essex E
Redford Clinton E
Rensselaer Rensselaer E
Rensselaerville Albany E
Rexford Saratoga E
Richmondville Schoharie E
Riparius Warren E
Rock City Falls Saratoga E
Rotterdam Junction Schenectady E
Round Lake Saratoga E
Round Top Greene E
Rouses Point Clinton E
Sabael Hamilton E
Salem Washington E
Sand Lake Rensselaer E
Saranac Clinton E
Saranac Lake Franklin E
Saratoga Springs Saratoga E
Schaghticoke Rensselaer E
Schenectady Schenectady E
Schodack Landing Rensselaer E
Schoharie Schoharie E
Schroon Lake Essex E
Schuyler Falls Clinton E
Schuylerville Saratoga E
Selkirk Albany E
Severance Essex E
Sharon Springs Schoharie E
Shushan Washington E
Silver Bay Warren E
Slingerlands Albany E
Sloansville Schoharie E
South Bethlehem Albany E
South Cairo Greene E
South Glens Falls Saratoga E
Speculator Hamilton E
Spencertown Columbia E
Sprakers Montgomery E
St Johnsville Montgomery E
St Regis Falls Franklin E
Stephentown Rensselaer E
Stillwater Saratoga E
Stony Creek Warren E
Stottville Columbia E
Stuyvesant Columbia E
Stuyvesant Falls Columbia E
Summit Schoharie E
Surprise Greene E
Tannersville Greene E
Ticonderoga Essex E
Tribes Hill Montgomery E
Troy Albany E
Tupper Lake Franklin E
Upper Jay Essex E
Valatie Columbia E
Valley Falls Rensselaer E
Vermontville Franklin E
Victory Mills Saratoga E
Voorheesville Albany E
Warnerville Schoharie E
Warrensburg Warren E
Waterford Saratoga E
Watervliet Albany E
Wells Hamilton E
West Chazy Clinton E
West Copake Columbia E
West Coxsackie Greene E
West Fulton Schoharie E
West Kill Greene E
West Lebanon Columbia E
West Sand Lake Rensselaer E
Westerlo Albany E
Westport Essex E
Wevertown Warren E
Whippleville Franklin E
Whitehall Washington E
Willsboro Essex E
Wilmington Essex E
Windham Greene E
Witherbee Essex E
Wynantskill Rensselaer E
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 838. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently 07:29:22 AM).
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