Area Code 826

Area code 826 is in Virginia, USA, spanning 43 counties and serving 269 cities, including Roanoke, Fredericksburg or Winchester; it currently uses 67 prefixes, assigned from 826-200-XXXX through 826-999-XXXX.

In service since June 14, 2022, area code 826 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 540/826.

The current local time is 02:27:56 PM (Eastern Time Zone).

826 area code location on a map

*For exact NPA boundaries see official 826 area code map

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Locate any 826-NXX prefix:

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
826-200 Orange 4/19/2022
826-201 Strasburg 6/8/2022
826-202 Christiansburg 7/28/2022
826-203 Chancellor 8/5/2022
826-204 Fredericksburg 8/25/2022
826-205 Roanoke 8/25/2022
826-206 Warrenton 10/21/2022
826-207 Upperville 9/8/2022
826-208 Winchester 10/26/2022
826-209 Newport 9/19/2022
826-210 Newport 9/20/2022
826-212 Warrenton 10/18/2022
826-213 Spotsylvania 12/14/2022
826-214 Salem 02/13/2023
826-215 Harrisonburg 02/13/2023
826-216 Broadway 03/16/2023
826-217 Harrisonburg 03/09/2023
826-218 Stanley 03/16/2023
826-219 Mcgaheysville 03/27/2023
826-220 Pembroke 9/20/2022
826-221 Gainesboro 03/28/2023
826-222 Brokenburg 4/15/2022
826-223 Harrisonburg 04/13/2023
826-224 Winchester 08/29/2023
826-225 Culpeper 10/05/2023
826-226 Unionville 03/17/2023
826-227 Edinburg 10/05/2023
826-228 Harrisonburg 10/05/2023
826-229 Roanoke 10/10/2023
826-230 Louisa 10/12/2023
826-231 Harrisonburg 11/09/2023
826-232 Fredericksburg 12/21/2023
826-233 Edinburg 01/29/2024
826-234 Fort Valley 02/07/2024
826-235 Basye 02/07/2024
826-236 Bergton 02/07/2024
826-237 Mt Jackson 02/07/2024
826-238 Toms Brook 02/07/2024
826-300 Washington 4/19/2022
826-333 Eagle Rock 4/15/2022
826-334 Salem 4/15/2022
826-337 Montvale 4/15/2022
826-356 Craigsville 4/19/2022
826-400 Unionville 4/19/2022
826-444 Chancellor 4/15/2022
826-455 Paint Bank 4/15/2022
826-500 Shenandoah 4/20/2022
826-529 Gordonsville 4/19/2022
826-540 Hinton 03/27/2023
826-600 Mount Gilead 4/19/2022
826-666 Catoctin 4/15/2022
826-699 Harrisonburg 6/9/2022
826-726 The Plains 7/27/2022
826-742 Narrows 4/15/2022
826-777 Floyd 4/15/2022
826-800 Greenwood 4/19/2022
826-820 Criglersville 08/05/2023
826-825 Calverton 7/27/2022
826-826 Dayton 03/28/2023
826-827 King George 7/27/2022
826-828 Middleburg 7/27/2022
826-860 Sperryville 08/05/2023
826-867 Union Hall 11/3/2022
826-888 Boyce 4/15/2022
826-900 Gore 4/19/2022
826-926 Oriskany 7/28/2022
826-999 Boones Mill 4/15/2022
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date.

Cities in area code 826

City1 County Time2
Afton Nelson E
Amissville Culpeper E
Aroda Madison E
Augusta Springs Augusta E
Bacova Bath E
Banco Madison E
Barboursville Orange E
Basye Shenandoah E
Batesville Albemarle E
Bealeton Fauquier E
Bedford Bedford City E
Belspring Pulaski E
Bent Mountain Roanoke E
Bentonville Warren E
Bergton Rockingham E
Berryville Clarke E
Blacksburg Montgomery E
Blue Grass Highland E
Blue Ridge Botetourt E
Bluemont Clarke E
Boones Mill Franklin E
Boston Culpeper E
Boyce Clarke E
Brandy Station Culpeper E
Bridgewater Rockingham E
Brightwood Madison E
Broad Run Fauquier E
Broadway Rockingham E
Brooke Stafford E
Brownsburg Rockbridge E
Brucetown Frederick E
Buchanan Botetourt E
Buena Vista Buena Vista City E
Bumpass Louisa E
Burr Hill Orange E
Callaway Franklin E
Calverton Fauquier E
Casanova Fauquier E
Castleton Rappahannock E
Catawba Roanoke E
Catlett Fauquier E
Check Floyd E
Chester Gap Rappahannock E
Christiansburg Montgomery E
Churchville Augusta E
Clear Brook Frederick E
Clifton Forge Alleghany E
Cloverdale Botetourt E
Copper Hill Floyd E
Corbin Caroline E
Covington Covington City E
Craigsville Augusta E
Criders Rockingham E
Crimora Augusta E
Cross Junction Frederick E
Culpeper Culpeper E
Dahlgren King George E
Daleville Botetourt E
Dayton Rockingham E
Deerfield Augusta E
Delaplane Fauquier E
Doe Hill Highland E
Dogue King George E
Draper Pulaski E
Dublin Pulaski E
Eagle Rock Botetourt E
Edinburg Shenandoah E
Eggleston Giles E
Elkton Rockingham E
Elkwood Culpeper E
Elliston Montgomery E
Etlan Madison E
Fairfield Rockbridge E
Ferrum Franklin E
Fincastle Botetourt E
Fishers Hill Shenandoah E
Fishersville Augusta E
Flint Hill Rappahannock E
Floyd Floyd E
Fort Defiance Augusta E
Fort Valley Shenandoah E
Fredericksburg Fredericksburg City E
Front Royal Warren E
Fulks Run Rockingham E
Garrisonville Stafford E
Glade Hill Franklin E
Glasgow Rockbridge E
Glen Lyn Giles E
Glen Wilton Botetourt E
Goldvein Fauquier E
Goode Bedford E
Goodview Bedford E
Gordonsville Orange E
Gore Frederick E
Goshen Rockbridge E
Graves Mill Madison E
Greenville Augusta E
Greenwood Albemarle E
Grottoes Rockingham E
Hamilton Loudoun E
Hardy Franklin E
Harrisonburg Harrisonburg City E
Hartwood Stafford E
Haywood Madison E
Head Waters Highland E
Henry Franklin E
Hinton Rockingham E
Hiwassee Pulaski E
Hood Madison E
Hot Springs Bath E
Huddleston Bedford E
Hume Fauquier E
Huntly Rappahannock E
Indian Valley Floyd E
Iron Gate Alleghany E
Jeffersonton Culpeper E
Jersey King George E
Keezletown Rockingham E
King George King George E
Lacey Spring Rockingham E
Leon Madison E
Lexington Lexington City E
Lignum Culpeper E
Lincoln Loudoun E
Linden Warren E
Linville Rockingham E
Locust Dale Madison E
Locust Grove Orange E
Louisa Louisa E
Lovettsville Loudoun E
Low Moor Alleghany E
Lowry Bedford E
Luray Page E
Lyndhurst Augusta E
Madison Madison E
Markham Fauquier E
Marshall Fauquier E
Maurertown Shenandoah E
McCoy Montgomery E
McDowell Highland E
McGaheysville Rockingham E
Middlebrook Augusta E
Middleburg Loudoun E
Middletown Frederick E
Midland Fauquier E
Millboro Bath E
Millwood Clarke E
Mineral Louisa E
Mint Spring Augusta E
Mitchells Culpeper E
Moneta Bedford E
Montebello Nelson E
Monterey Highland E
Montpelier Station Orange E
Montvale Bedford E
Mount Crawford Rockingham E
Mount Jackson Shenandoah E
Mount Sidney Augusta E
Mount Solon Augusta E
Mustoe Highland E
Narrows Giles E
Natural Bridge Rockbridge E
Natural Bridge Station Rockbridge E
New Castle Craig E
New Hope Augusta E
New Market Shenandoah E
New River Pulaski E
Newbern Pulaski E
Newport Giles E
Ninde King George E
Oakpark Madison E
Orange Orange E
Oriskany Botetourt E
Orkney Springs Shenandoah E
Orlean Fauquier E
Paeonian Springs Loudoun E
Paint Bank Craig E
Paris Clarke E
Parrott Pulaski E
Partlow Spotsylvania E
Pearisburg Giles E
Pembroke Giles E
Penhook Franklin E
Penn Laird Rockingham E
Philomont Loudoun E
Pilot Montgomery E
Pleasant Valley Rockingham E
Port Republic Rockingham E
Pratts Madison E
Pulaski Pulaski E
Purcellville Loudoun E
Quicksburg Shenandoah E
Radford Radford City E
Radiant Madison E
Raphine Rockbridge E
Rapidan Culpeper E
Rectortown Fauquier E
Redwood Franklin E
Remington Fauquier E
Reva Culpeper E
Rhoadesville Orange E
Rich Creek Giles E
Richardsville Culpeper E
Rileyville Page E
Riner Montgomery E
Ripplemead Giles E
Rixeyville Culpeper E
Roanoke Botetourt E
Rochelle Madison E
Rockbridge Baths Rockbridge E
Rocky Mount Franklin E
Rollins Fork King George E
Round Hill Loudoun E
Ruby Stafford E
Salem Salem E
Sealston King George E
Selma Alleghany E
Shawsville Montgomery E
Shenandoah Page E
Singers Glen Rockingham E
Somerset Orange E
Somerville Fauquier E
Sperryville Rappahannock E
Spotsylvania Spotsylvania E
Stafford Stafford E
Staffordsville Giles E
Stanley Page E
Star Tannery Frederick E
Staunton Staunton City E
Steeles Tavern Augusta E
Stephens City Frederick E
Stephenson Frederick E
Stevensburg Culpeper E
Strasburg Shenandoah E
Stuarts Draft Augusta E
Sumerduck Fauquier E
Swoope Augusta E
Syria Madison E
Thaxton Bedford E
The Plains Fauquier E
Thornburg Spotsylvania E
Timberville Rockingham E
Toms Brook Shenandoah E
Trevilians Louisa E
Troutville Botetourt E
Union Hall Franklin E
Unionville Orange E
Upperville Fauquier E
Verona Augusta E
Vesuvius Rockbridge E
Viewtown Culpeper E
Villamont Bedford E
Vinton Roanoke E
Warm Springs Bath E
Warrenton Fauquier E
Washington Rappahannock E
Waterford Loudoun E
Waynesboro Waynesboro City E
West Augusta Augusta E
Weyers Cave Augusta E
White Post Clarke E
Williamsville Bath E
Willis Floyd E
Winchester Frederick E
Wirtz Franklin E
Wolftown Madison E
Woodberry Forest Madison E
Woodstock Shenandoah E
Woodville Rappahannock E
  1. Listed above are most places served by USA area code 826. When multiple places in a US state share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently 02:27:56 PM).