826 area code

Area code 826 is in Virginia (VA), USA and some of the main locations covered are Roanoke, Fredericksburg, Winchester, .. (jump to city list below).

Area code 826 has been in service since June 14, 2022 and is an overlay code part of overlay complex 540/826 (overlaying area codes cover the same geographic area).

08:22:03 PM is the current time in area code 826 (Eastern Time).

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Map of area code 826

More Virginia area codes

NPANXX1 Area served2 Date3
826-200Orange 4/19/2022
826-222Brokenburg 4/15/2022
826-300Washington 4/19/2022
826-333Eagle Rock 4/15/2022
826-334Salem 4/15/2022
826-337Montvale 4/15/2022
826-400Unionville 4/19/2022
826-444Chancellor 4/15/2022
826-455Paint Bank 4/15/2022
826-500Shenandoah 4/20/2022
826-600Mount Gilead 4/19/2022
826-666Catoctin 4/15/2022
826-742Narrows 4/15/2022
826-777Floyd 4/15/2022
826-800Greenwood 4/19/2022
826-888Boyce 4/15/2022
826-900Gore 4/19/2022
826-999Boones Mill 4/15/2022
  1. The NPA is the Numbering Plan Area (area code) and NXX is the central office code.
  2. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  3. The assignment date. If no date is shown the exchange code was assigned before 2001.

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List of cities in area code 826

City4 County Time5
AftonNelson E
AmissvilleCulpeper E
ArodaMadison E
Augusta SpringsAugusta E
BacovaBath E
BancoMadison E
BarboursvilleOrange E
BasyeShenandoah E
BatesvilleAlbemarle E
BealetonFauquier E
BedfordBedford City E
BelspringPulaski E
Bent MountainRoanoke E
BentonvilleWarren E
BergtonRockingham E
BerryvilleClarke E
BlacksburgMontgomery E
Blue GrassHighland E
Blue RidgeBotetourt E
BluemontClarke E
Boones MillFranklin E
BostonCulpeper E
BoyceClarke E
Brandy StationCulpeper E
BridgewaterRockingham E
BrightwoodMadison E
Broad RunFauquier E
BroadwayRockingham E
BrookeStafford E
BrownsburgRockbridge E
BrucetownFrederick E
BuchananBotetourt E
Buena VistaBuena Vista City E
BumpassLouisa E
Burr HillOrange E
CallawayFranklin E
CalvertonFauquier E
CasanovaFauquier E
CastletonRappahannock E
CatawbaRoanoke E
CatlettFauquier E
CheckFloyd E
Chester GapRappahannock E
ChristiansburgMontgomery E
ChurchvilleAugusta E
Clear BrookFrederick E
Clifton ForgeAlleghany E
CloverdaleBotetourt E
Copper HillFloyd E
CorbinCaroline E
CovingtonCovington City E
CraigsvilleAugusta E
CridersRockingham E
CrimoraAugusta E
Cross JunctionFrederick E
CulpeperCulpeper E
DahlgrenKing George E
DalevilleBotetourt E
DaytonRockingham E
DeerfieldAugusta E
DelaplaneFauquier E
Doe HillHighland E
DogueKing George E
DraperPulaski E
DublinPulaski E
Eagle RockBotetourt E
EdinburgShenandoah E
EgglestonGiles E
ElktonRockingham E
ElkwoodCulpeper E
EllistonMontgomery E
EtlanMadison E
FairfieldRockbridge E
FerrumFranklin E
FincastleBotetourt E
Fishers HillShenandoah E
FishersvilleAugusta E
Flint HillRappahannock E
FloydFloyd E
Fort DefianceAugusta E
Fort ValleyShenandoah E
FredericksburgFredericksburg City E
Front RoyalWarren E
Fulks RunRockingham E
GarrisonvilleStafford E
Glade HillFranklin E
GlasgowRockbridge E
Glen LynGiles E
Glen WiltonBotetourt E
GoldveinFauquier E
GoodeBedford E
GoodviewBedford E
GordonsvilleOrange E
GoreFrederick E
GoshenRockbridge E
Graves MillMadison E
GreenvilleAugusta E
GreenwoodAlbemarle E
GrottoesRockingham E
HamiltonLoudoun E
HardyFranklin E
HarrisonburgHarrisonburg City E
HartwoodStafford E
HaywoodMadison E
Head WatersHighland E
HenryFranklin E
HintonRockingham E
HiwasseePulaski E
HoodMadison E
Hot SpringsBath E
HuddlestonBedford E
HumeFauquier E
HuntlyRappahannock E
Indian ValleyFloyd E
Iron GateAlleghany E
JeffersontonCulpeper E
JerseyKing George E
KeezletownRockingham E
King GeorgeKing George E
Lacey SpringRockingham E
LeonMadison E
LexingtonLexington City E
LignumCulpeper E
LincolnLoudoun E
LindenWarren E
LinvilleRockingham E
Locust DaleMadison E
Locust GroveOrange E
LouisaLouisa E
LovettsvilleLoudoun E
Low MoorAlleghany E
LowryBedford E
LurayPage E
LyndhurstAugusta E
MadisonMadison E
MarkhamFauquier E
MarshallFauquier E
MaurertownShenandoah E
McCoyMontgomery E
McDowellHighland E
McGaheysvilleRockingham E
MiddlebrookAugusta E
MiddleburgLoudoun E
MiddletownFrederick E
MidlandFauquier E
MillboroBath E
MillwoodClarke E
MineralLouisa E
Mint SpringAugusta E
MitchellsCulpeper E
MonetaBedford E
MontebelloNelson E
MontereyHighland E
Montpelier StationOrange E
MontvaleBedford E
Mount CrawfordRockingham E
Mount JacksonShenandoah E
Mount SidneyAugusta E
Mount SolonAugusta E
MustoeHighland E
NarrowsGiles E
Natural BridgeRockbridge E
Natural Bridge StationRockbridge E
New CastleCraig E
New HopeAugusta E
New MarketShenandoah E
New RiverPulaski E
NewbernPulaski E
NewportGiles E
NindeKing George E
OakparkMadison E
OrangeOrange E
OriskanyBotetourt E
Orkney SpringsShenandoah E
OrleanFauquier E
Paeonian SpringsLoudoun E
Paint BankCraig E
ParisClarke E
ParrottPulaski E
PartlowSpotsylvania E
PearisburgGiles E
PembrokeGiles E
PenhookFranklin E
Penn LairdRockingham E
PhilomontLoudoun E
PilotMontgomery E
Pleasant ValleyRockingham E
Port RepublicRockingham E
PrattsMadison E
PulaskiPulaski E
PurcellvilleLoudoun E
QuicksburgShenandoah E
RadfordRadford City E
RadiantMadison E
RaphineRockbridge E
RapidanCulpeper E
RectortownFauquier E
RedwoodFranklin E
RemingtonFauquier E
RevaCulpeper E
RhoadesvilleOrange E
Rich CreekGiles E
RichardsvilleCulpeper E
RileyvillePage E
RinerMontgomery E
RipplemeadGiles E
RixeyvilleCulpeper E
RoanokeBotetourt E
RochelleMadison E
Rockbridge BathsRockbridge E
Rocky MountFranklin E
Rollins ForkKing George E
Round HillLoudoun E
RubyStafford E
SalemSalem E
SealstonKing George E
SelmaAlleghany E
ShawsvilleMontgomery E
ShenandoahPage E
Singers GlenRockingham E
SomersetOrange E
SomervilleFauquier E
SperryvilleRappahannock E
SpotsylvaniaSpotsylvania E
StaffordStafford E
StaffordsvilleGiles E
StanleyPage E
Star TanneryFrederick E
StauntonStaunton City E
Steeles TavernAugusta E
Stephens CityFrederick E
StephensonFrederick E
StevensburgCulpeper E
StrasburgShenandoah E
Stuarts DraftAugusta E
SumerduckFauquier E
SwoopeAugusta E
SyriaMadison E
ThaxtonBedford E
The PlainsFauquier E
ThornburgSpotsylvania E
TimbervilleRockingham E
Toms BrookShenandoah E
TreviliansLouisa E
TroutvilleBotetourt E
Union HallFranklin E
UnionvilleOrange E
UppervilleFauquier E
VeronaAugusta E
VesuviusRockbridge E
ViewtownCulpeper E
VillamontBedford E
VintonRoanoke E
Warm SpringsBath E
WarrentonFauquier E
WashingtonRappahannock E
WaterfordLoudoun E
WaynesboroWaynesboro City E
West AugustaAugusta E
Weyers CaveAugusta E
White PostClarke E
WilliamsvilleBath E
WillisFloyd E
WinchesterFrederick E
WirtzFranklin E
WolftownMadison E
Woodberry ForestMadison E
WoodstockShenandoah E
WoodvilleRappahannock E
  1. Listed in the table above are most, often not all places served by area code 826. When two or more places with the same name are located in the same state we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time (currently 08:22:03 PM).

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