826 Area Code

Area code 826 is in Virginia (VA), USA and some of the main locations it covers are Roanoke, Fredericksburg, Winchester, etc. (jump to city list below).

In service since June 14, 2022, area code 826 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 540/826 (overlaying NPAs cover the same area).

The current time for places served by area code 826 is 08:25:56 PM (Eastern Time Zone).

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826 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
826-200 Orange 4/19/2022
826-201 Strasburg 6/8/2022
826-202 Christiansburg 7/28/2022
826-203 Chancellor 8/5/2022
826-204 Fredericksburg 8/25/2022
826-205 Roanoke 8/25/2022
826-206 Warrenton 10/21/2022
826-207 Upperville 9/8/2022
826-208 Winchester 10/26/2022
826-209 Newport 9/19/2022
826-210 Newport 9/20/2022
826-212 Warrenton 10/18/2022
826-213 Spotsylvania 12/14/2022
826-214 Salem 02/13/2023
826-215 Harrisonburg 02/13/2023
826-216 Broadway 03/16/2023
826-217 Harrisonburg 03/09/2023
826-218 Stanley 03/16/2023
826-219 Mcgaheysville 03/27/2023
826-220 Pembroke 9/20/2022
826-221 Gainesboro 03/28/2023
826-222 Brokenburg 4/15/2022
826-223 Harrisonburg 04/13/2023
826-226 Unionville 03/17/2023
826-300 Washington 4/19/2022
826-333 Eagle Rock 4/15/2022
826-334 Salem 4/15/2022
826-337 Montvale 4/15/2022
826-356 Craigsville 4/19/2022
826-400 Unionville 4/19/2022
826-444 Chancellor 4/15/2022
826-455 Paint Bank 4/15/2022
826-500 Shenandoah 4/20/2022
826-529 Gordonsville 4/19/2022
826-540 Hinton 03/27/2023
826-600 Mount Gilead 4/19/2022
826-666 Catoctin 4/15/2022
826-699 Harrisonburg 6/9/2022
826-726 The Plains 7/27/2022
826-742 Narrows 4/15/2022
826-777 Floyd 4/15/2022
826-800 Greenwood 4/19/2022
826-820 Criglersville 08/05/2023
826-825 Calverton 7/27/2022
826-826 Dayton 03/28/2023
826-827 King George 7/27/2022
826-828 Middleburg 7/27/2022
826-860 Sperryville 08/05/2023
826-867 Union Hall 11/3/2022
826-888 Boyce 4/15/2022
826-900 Gore 4/19/2022
826-926 Oriskany 7/28/2022
826-999 Boones Mill 4/15/2022
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date.
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Cities in area code 826

City1 County Time2
Afton Nelson E
Amissville Culpeper E
Aroda Madison E
Augusta Springs Augusta E
Bacova Bath E
Banco Madison E
Barboursville Orange E
Basye Shenandoah E
Batesville Albemarle E
Bealeton Fauquier E
Bedford Bedford City E
Belspring Pulaski E
Bent Mountain Roanoke E
Bentonville Warren E
Bergton Rockingham E
Berryville Clarke E
Blacksburg Montgomery E
Blue Grass Highland E
Blue Ridge Botetourt E
Bluemont Clarke E
Boones Mill Franklin E
Boston Culpeper E
Boyce Clarke E
Brandy Station Culpeper E
Bridgewater Rockingham E
Brightwood Madison E
Broad Run Fauquier E
Broadway Rockingham E
Brooke Stafford E
Brownsburg Rockbridge E
Brucetown Frederick E
Buchanan Botetourt E
Buena Vista Buena Vista City E
Bumpass Louisa E
Burr Hill Orange E
Callaway Franklin E
Calverton Fauquier E
Casanova Fauquier E
Castleton Rappahannock E
Catawba Roanoke E
Catlett Fauquier E
Check Floyd E
Chester Gap Rappahannock E
Christiansburg Montgomery E
Churchville Augusta E
Clear Brook Frederick E
Clifton Forge Alleghany E
Cloverdale Botetourt E
Copper Hill Floyd E
Corbin Caroline E
Covington Covington City E
Craigsville Augusta E
Criders Rockingham E
Crimora Augusta E
Cross Junction Frederick E
Culpeper Culpeper E
Dahlgren King George E
Daleville Botetourt E
Dayton Rockingham E
Deerfield Augusta E
Delaplane Fauquier E
Doe Hill Highland E
Dogue King George E
Draper Pulaski E
Dublin Pulaski E
Eagle Rock Botetourt E
Edinburg Shenandoah E
Eggleston Giles E
Elkton Rockingham E
Elkwood Culpeper E
Elliston Montgomery E
Etlan Madison E
Fairfield Rockbridge E
Ferrum Franklin E
Fincastle Botetourt E
Fishers Hill Shenandoah E
Fishersville Augusta E
Flint Hill Rappahannock E
Floyd Floyd E
Fort Defiance Augusta E
Fort Valley Shenandoah E
Fredericksburg Fredericksburg City E
Front Royal Warren E
Fulks Run Rockingham E
Garrisonville Stafford E
Glade Hill Franklin E
Glasgow Rockbridge E
Glen Lyn Giles E
Glen Wilton Botetourt E
Goldvein Fauquier E
Goode Bedford E
Goodview Bedford E
Gordonsville Orange E
Gore Frederick E
Goshen Rockbridge E
Graves Mill Madison E
Greenville Augusta E
Greenwood Albemarle E
Grottoes Rockingham E
Hamilton Loudoun E
Hardy Franklin E
Harrisonburg Harrisonburg City E
Hartwood Stafford E
Haywood Madison E
Head Waters Highland E
Henry Franklin E
Hinton Rockingham E
Hiwassee Pulaski E
Hood Madison E
Hot Springs Bath E
Huddleston Bedford E
Hume Fauquier E
Huntly Rappahannock E
Indian Valley Floyd E
Iron Gate Alleghany E
Jeffersonton Culpeper E
Jersey King George E
Keezletown Rockingham E
King George King George E
Lacey Spring Rockingham E
Leon Madison E
Lexington Lexington City E
Lignum Culpeper E
Lincoln Loudoun E
Linden Warren E
Linville Rockingham E
Locust Dale Madison E
Locust Grove Orange E
Louisa Louisa E
Lovettsville Loudoun E
Low Moor Alleghany E
Lowry Bedford E
Luray Page E
Lyndhurst Augusta E
Madison Madison E
Markham Fauquier E
Marshall Fauquier E
Maurertown Shenandoah E
McCoy Montgomery E
McDowell Highland E
McGaheysville Rockingham E
Middlebrook Augusta E
Middleburg Loudoun E
Middletown Frederick E
Midland Fauquier E
Millboro Bath E
Millwood Clarke E
Mineral Louisa E
Mint Spring Augusta E
Mitchells Culpeper E
Moneta Bedford E
Montebello Nelson E
Monterey Highland E
Montpelier Station Orange E
Montvale Bedford E
Mount Crawford Rockingham E
Mount Jackson Shenandoah E
Mount Sidney Augusta E
Mount Solon Augusta E
Mustoe Highland E
Narrows Giles E
Natural Bridge Rockbridge E
Natural Bridge Station Rockbridge E
New Castle Craig E
New Hope Augusta E
New Market Shenandoah E
New River Pulaski E
Newbern Pulaski E
Newport Giles E
Ninde King George E
Oakpark Madison E
Orange Orange E
Oriskany Botetourt E
Orkney Springs Shenandoah E
Orlean Fauquier E
Paeonian Springs Loudoun E
Paint Bank Craig E
Paris Clarke E
Parrott Pulaski E
Partlow Spotsylvania E
Pearisburg Giles E
Pembroke Giles E
Penhook Franklin E
Penn Laird Rockingham E
Philomont Loudoun E
Pilot Montgomery E
Pleasant Valley Rockingham E
Port Republic Rockingham E
Pratts Madison E
Pulaski Pulaski E
Purcellville Loudoun E
Quicksburg Shenandoah E
Radford Radford City E
Radiant Madison E
Raphine Rockbridge E
Rapidan Culpeper E
Rectortown Fauquier E
Redwood Franklin E
Remington Fauquier E
Reva Culpeper E
Rhoadesville Orange E
Rich Creek Giles E
Richardsville Culpeper E
Rileyville Page E
Riner Montgomery E
Ripplemead Giles E
Rixeyville Culpeper E
Roanoke Botetourt E
Rochelle Madison E
Rockbridge Baths Rockbridge E
Rocky Mount Franklin E
Rollins Fork King George E
Round Hill Loudoun E
Ruby Stafford E
Salem Salem E
Sealston King George E
Selma Alleghany E
Shawsville Montgomery E
Shenandoah Page E
Singers Glen Rockingham E
Somerset Orange E
Somerville Fauquier E
Sperryville Rappahannock E
Spotsylvania Spotsylvania E
Stafford Stafford E
Staffordsville Giles E
Stanley Page E
Star Tannery Frederick E
Staunton Staunton City E
Steeles Tavern Augusta E
Stephens City Frederick E
Stephenson Frederick E
Stevensburg Culpeper E
Strasburg Shenandoah E
Stuarts Draft Augusta E
Sumerduck Fauquier E
Swoope Augusta E
Syria Madison E
Thaxton Bedford E
The Plains Fauquier E
Thornburg Spotsylvania E
Timberville Rockingham E
Toms Brook Shenandoah E
Trevilians Louisa E
Troutville Botetourt E
Union Hall Franklin E
Unionville Orange E
Upperville Fauquier E
Verona Augusta E
Vesuvius Rockbridge E
Viewtown Culpeper E
Villamont Bedford E
Vinton Roanoke E
Warm Springs Bath E
Warrenton Fauquier E
Washington Rappahannock E
Waterford Loudoun E
Waynesboro Waynesboro City E
West Augusta Augusta E
Weyers Cave Augusta E
White Post Clarke E
Williamsville Bath E
Willis Floyd E
Winchester Frederick E
Wirtz Franklin E
Wolftown Madison E
Woodberry Forest Madison E
Woodstock Shenandoah E
Woodville Rappahannock E
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 826. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently 08:25:56 PM).
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