Arkansas area code 327

Published: April 04, 2022

Serving a large horseshoe shaped portion of the state of Arkansas, area code 870 is one of the few Numbering Plan Areas in the United States still allowing 7 digit local dialing. Some of the larger towns and cities using area code 870: Arkadelphia, El Dorado, Jonesboro, Pine Bluff or Texarkana.

This year in January the Arkansas Public Service Commission announced the approval of a second area code to serve this same region beginning June 2024. There will be a transition to 10 digit local dialing as a result of the new area code's 327 introduction.

Key dates

  • November 4, 2023 - permissive 10 digit dialing begins (local calls may be dialed using both 7 and 10 digits)
  • May 4, 2024 - mandatory 10 digit dialing is implemented
  • June 4, 2024 - new area code 327 enters service, overlaying NPA 870

See official NANPA announcement and rate center map of the future overlay complex 870/327 (PDF document).