New Georgia area code 470

A new overlay area code was introduced by the NANPA on February 26, 2010 to cover overlay complexes 678/404 and 678/770. The new code will therefore be active for the city of Atlanta and a number of other cities such as Marietta or Sandy Springs. 10 digit dialing has been mandatory since the introduction of area code 678, so there are no changes in the way the residents of these areas will dial out.

Read NANPA announcement (in PDF format)

13 thoughts on “New Georgia area code 470”

  1. I’m being told by AT&T that local callers in the overlay area will have to dial 1+470+number when making local calls. Does anyone know why we would have to dial 1+ for a local call. (ex. caller from 770 area code has to dial 1+470 even though he’s right next door.) Thanks. Jack

    1. Hi Jack,
      This rule applies to all areas where an overlay of two or more area codes is in place. If you are in area code 770 and your next door neighbor has a 470 number, by dialing just the 7 digit local number the system has no way of knowing what area code the local number is in. In other words, there are likely two identical 7 digit local numbers: 770 555 5555 and 470 555 5555, so in order for the call to connect to the right number you must add the proper area code.

  2. Hi admin, I’m so sorry you missed the mark here. Jacks question was in refrence to the NUMBER 1 (ONE) being dialed in front of the area code. I feel confident that Jack understood the overlayment of area codes and the fact that there may be identical numbers consisting of 7 digits in different area codes. Can you please advise us , Myself and Jack why we must dial a number 1 (ONE) in front of the area code ?????? Do you even know with certainty ” OR ” Can you please get an answer from someone who does know with certainty ????????
    Regards, Terry

  3. Admin,

    I have the same question and I don’t understand your answer either. When I call a number outside the overlay area, I get a message – “….you must dial a 1”, or “…. it is not necessary to dial a 1”. The question that was asked is would you have to dial the 1 for a call placed to the new areacode from a phone that is IN the same overlay area.

  4. My guess is that the AT&T rep gave Jack some bad info and the “1” prefix actually isn’t required. I can’t remember who last called me from a 470 number, so I can’t test dialing it myself.

  5. Living in Georgia where the area code (470) is in question, I happen to have 770, 678 and 404 telephone number all in my household! 770: regular; 678: Cellular, and 404 is a dedicated fax line. Since there are no toll calls in our geographical zone (Metro Atlanta Calling area), there is NO NEED to have to dial a “1.” Admin is correct but needs to know that no phone in our greater Atlanta Calling area is a toll call. Those are for mostly other areas such as NYC, etc.

  6. By the way, Allen, I was not aware that the 470 area code was indeed activated, i.e., having telephone numbers. Was your call a local, Atlanta-area call? A consumer or business?

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