New Ontario area code 753

In a decision dated November 10, 2021 the Canadian Numbering Administrator approved a second overlay Numbering Plan Area Code for the Canadian capital Ottawa and all the geographic area currently using area codes 613 and 343 (Brockville, Cornwall, Kingston..). This highly populated area of eastern Ontario has been using two area codes since 2010 , when area code 343 was overlaid on NPA 613.

The recently annouced 753 area code will be activated on March 26, 2022, forming overlay complex 613/343/753. Residents of this area already dial 10 digits for all local calls, therefore no changes will be introduced next year when the new area code 753 enters service.

See official NANPA planning letter including a map of the geographic area covered by the future overlay complex 613/343/753 (PDF document).

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