753 Area Code

Area code 753 is in Ontario (ON), Canada and some of the main locations it covers are Ottawa, Brockville, Petawawa, etc. (jump to city list below).

In service since March 26, 2022, area code 753 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 613/343/753 (overlaying NPAs cover the same area).

The current time for places served by area code 753 is 04:00:17 PM (Eastern Time Zone).

Map of area code 753

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753 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1
753-200 Osgoode
753-201 Casselman
753-202 Chesterville
753-203 Clarence Creek
753-204 Constance Bay
753-205 Crysler
753-206 Bourget
753-219 Marmora
753-222 Carleton Place
753-226 Coe Hill
753-300 Richmond
753-301 Kemptville
753-302 Manotick
753-303 Merrickville
753-312 Manotick
753-333 Ottawa-Hull
753-339 Ingleside
753-400 Chesterville
753-438 Northbrook
753-444 Kanata-Stittsville
753-477 Denbigh
753-478 Avonmore
753-500 Alfred
753-505 Kingston
753-528 Metcalfe
753-530 Bourget
753-531 Carleton Place
753-532 Ottawa-Hull
753-533 Carp
753-571 Plevna
753-600 Almonte
753-655 Ottawa-Hull
753-666 Kemptville
753-669 Finch
753-689 Martintown
753-700 Manotick
753-721 Elgin
753-722 Lanark
753-723 Maberly
753-724 Mcdonalds Corners
753-725 Perth
753-726 Portland
753-727 Toledo
753-754 Bath
753-755 Gananoque
753-756 Kingston
753-757 Napanee
753-758 Deseronto
753-759 Inverary
753-760 Cornwall
753-761 Vankleek Hill
753-762 L'Orignal
753-770 Metcalfe
753-771 Navan
753-772 North Gower
753-777 Ottawa-Hull
753-788 Bancroft
753-800 Arnprior
753-801 Maxville
753-832 Gilmour
753-855 Long Sault
753-880 Arnprior
753-881 Ottawa-Hull
753-888 Cumberland
753-889 Belleville
753-896 Wellington
753-900 Constance Bay
753-901 Glen Robertson
753-922 St. Eugene
753-999 Gloucester
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
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Cities in area code 753

City1 Time2
Addison E
Akwesasne E
Alexandria E
Alfred E
Almonte E
Ameliasburg E
Amherstview E
Apple Hill E
Arden E
Ardoch E
Arnprior E
Ashton E
Astra E
Athens E
Avonmore E
Bainsville E
Balderson E
Bancroft E
Barrys Bay E
Batawa E
Bath E
Battersea E
Beachburg E
Belleville E
Berwick E
Bissett Creek E
Bloomfield E
Boulter E
Bourget E
Braeside E
Brighton E
Brinston E
Brockville E
Burnstown E
Burritts Rapids E
Calabogie E
Camden East E
Cannifton E
Cardiff E
Cardinal E
Carleton Place E
Carlsbad Springs E
Carp E
Carrying Place E
Casselman E
Centreville E
Chalk River E
Cherry Valley E
Chesterville E
Chute A Blondeau E
Clarence Creek E
Clarendon Station E
Clayton E
Cloyne E
Cobden E
Codrington E
Coe Hill E
Combermere E
Consecon E
Corbyville E
Cormac E
Cornwall E
Crysler E
Cumberland E
Curran E
Dacre E
Dalkeith E
Deep River E
Delta E
Demorestville E
Denbigh E
Deseronto E
Douglas E
Dunrobin E
Dunvegan E
Edwards E
Eganville E
Eldorado E
Elgin E
Elginburg E
Elizabethtown E
Embrun E
Enterprise E
Erinsville E
Finch E
Fitzroy Harbour E
Flinton E
Foresters Falls E
Fournier E
Foxboro E
Foymount E
Frankford E
Frankville E
Gananoque E
Gilmour E
Glen Robertson E
Glenburnie E
Gloucester E
Godfrey E
Golden Lake E
Graham E
Greely E
Green Valley E
Griffith E
Haley Station E
Hammond E
Harrowsmith E
Hartington E
Hawkesbury E
Hillier E
Ingleside E
Inkerman E
Inverary E
Iroquois E
Jasper E
Joyceville E
Kaladar E
Kanata E
Kars E
Kemptville E
Kenmore E
Killaloe E
Kinburn E
Kingston E
L'Amable E
L'Orignal E
Lake St Peter E
Lanark E
Lancaster E
Lansdowne E
Lefaivre E
Limoges E
Lombardy E
Long Sault E
Lunenburg E
Lyn E
Lyndhurst E
Maberly E
Mackey E
Madawaska E
Madoc E
Maitland E
Mallorytown E
Manotick E
Maple Leaf E
Marlbank E
Marmora E
Martintown E
Marysville E
Maxville E
Maynooth E
McArthurs Mills E
McDonalds Corners E
Merrickville E
Metcalfe E
Milford E
Mississippi Station E
Monkland E
Moose Creek E
Morewood E
Morrisburg E
Mountain E
Mountain Grove E
Munster E
Napanee E
Navan E
Nepean E
Newboro E
Newburgh E
Newington E
North Augusta E
North Gower E
North Lancaster E
Northbrook E
Odessa E
Ompah E
Orleans E
Osgoode E
Ottawa E
Oxford Mills E
Oxford Station E
Pakenham E
Palmer Rapids E
Parham E
Pembroke E
Perth E
Perth Road E
Petawawa E
Picton E
Plainfield E
Plantagenet E
Plevna E
Portland E
Prescott E
Quadeville E
Quinte West E
Ramsayville E
Renfrew E
Richmond E
Rideau Ferry E
Roblin E
Rockcliffe E
Rockland E
Rockport E
Rolphton E
Roslin E
Round Lake Centre E
Russell E
Saint-Pascal-Baylon E
Sarsfield E
Seeleys Bay E
Selby E
Shannonville E
Sharbot Lake E
Smiths Falls E
Snow Road Station E
South Lancaster E
South Mountain E
Spencerville E
Springbrook E
St Albert E
St Andrews West E
St Bernardin E
St Eugene E
St Isidore E
Ste Anne De Prescott E
Stella E
Stirling E
Stittsville E
Stonecliffe E
Summerstown E
Sydenham E
Tamworth E
Thomasburg E
Tichborne E
Toledo E
Trenton E
Tweed E
Upper Canada Village E
Vanier E
Vankleek Hill E
Vars E
Vernon E
Verona E
Wellington E
Wendover E
Westbrook E
Westmeath E
Westport E
White Lake E
Whitney E
Williamsburg E
Williamstown E
Wilno E
Winchester E
Winchester Springs E
Wolfe Island E
Woodlawn E
Wooler E
Yarker E
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 753. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently 04:00:17 PM).
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