Area Code 382

Area code 382 is in Ontario, Canada , serving 315 cities, including London, Sarnia or Norfolk County; it currently uses 40 prefixes, assigned from 382-200-XXXX through 382-999-XXXX.

In service since June 17, 2023, area code 382 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 519/226/548/382.

The current local time is .

382 area code location on a map

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*For exact NPA boundaries see official 382 area code map

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Locate any 382-NXX prefix:

NPANXX Area served1
382-200 Belmont
382-222 Exeter
382-282 Windsor
382-288 Centralia
382-300 Dorchester
382-333 Nairn
382-342 Windsor
382-347 Monkton
382-356 Harrietsville
382-388 Dundalk
382-400 Crediton
382-444 Glencoe
382-457 Clinton
382-477 Ilderton
382-482 Stratford
382-483 Chatham
382-484 Brantford
382-500 Harrietsville
382-595 Kerwood
382-600 Ilderton
382-651 Lambeth
382-666 Kerwood
382-700 Lambeth
382-777 Lucan
382-800 Melbourne
382-801 Stratford
382-807 Hespeler
382-880 Windsor
382-881 Delhi
382-882 London
382-883 Otterville
382-885 Kitchener-Waterloo
382-886 Port Dover
382-888 Parkhill
382-889 Kitchener-Waterloo
382-895 Galt
382-896 Kitchener-Waterloo
382-900 Strathroy
382-901 Brantford
382-999 Thorndale
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. last updated: June 18, 2024

Cities in area code 382

City1 Time2
Aylmer E
Belmont E
Belwood E
Berkeley E
Blenheim E
Bloomingdale E
Bluevale E
Blyth E
Blytheswood E
Bognor E
Bornholm E
Bothwell E
Branchton E
Brantford E
Breslau E
Brigden E
Bright E
Bright's Grove E
Brodhagen E
Brownsville E
Brucefield E
Brunner E
Brussels E
Burford E
Burgessville E
Cambridge E
Camlachie E
Cargill E
Cathcart E
Cedar Springs E
Centralia E
Charing Cross E
Chatham E
Chatsworth E
Chepstow E
Chesley E
Clarksburg E
Clear Creek E
Clifford E
Clinton E
Coatsworth Station E
Comber E
Conestogo E
Conn E
Corunna E
Cottam E
Courtland E
Courtright E
Crediton E
Croton E
Dashwood E
Delaware E
Delhi E
Denfield E
Desboro E
Dobbinton E
Dorchester E
Dover Centre E
Drayton E
Dresden E
Drumbo E
Duart E
Dublin E
Dundalk E
Dungannon E
Durham E
Dutton E
Eden E
Eden Mills E
Egmondville E
Elmira E
Elmwood E
Elora E
Embro E
Emeryville E
Erieau E
Erin E
Essex E
Ethel E
Exeter E
Fergus E
Feversham E
Fingal E
Flesherton E
Floradale E
Florence E
Fordwich E
Forest E
Formosa E
Fullarton E
Gads Hill Station E
Glen Morris E
Glencoe E
Goderich E
Gorrie E
Gowanstown E
Grand Bend E
Grand Valley E
Grande Pointe E
Granton E
Guelph E
Hanover E
Harley E
Harrietsville E
Harriston E
Harrow E
Hawkesville E
Hay E
Heathcote E
Heidelberg E
Hensall E
Hepworth E
Hickson E
Highgate E
Hillsburgh E
Holland Centre E
Holstein E
Holyrood E
Honeywood E
Hornings Mills E
Huron Park E
Ilderton E
Ingersoll E
Innerkip E
Inwood E
Iona Station E
Jarvis E
Kemble E
Kenilworth E
Kent Bridge E
Kerwood E
Kimberley E
Kincardine E
Kingsville E
Kintore E
Kippen E
Kirkton E
Kitchener E
Komoka E
La Salette E
Lakeside E
Langton E
Lasalle E
Laurel E
Leamington E
Leith E
Linwood E
Lions Head E
Listowel E
Londesborough E
London E
Lucan E
Lucknow E
Maidstone E
Mar E
Markdale E
Maryhill E
Maxwell E
McGregor E
Meaford E
Melbourne E
Merlin E
Mildmay E
Millbank E
Miller Lake E
Milverton E
Mitchell E
Monkton E
Moorefield E
Mooretown E
Morpeth E
Morriston E
Mossley E
Mount Brydges E
Mount Elgin E
Mount Forest E
Mount Pleasant E
Muirkirk E
Muncey E
Nanticoke E
Neustadt E
New Dundee E
New Hamburg E
Newbury E
Newton E
Norfolk County E
North Buxton E
Norwich E
Oakland E
Ohsweken E
Oil City E
Oil Springs E
Oldcastle E
Orangeville E
Orton E
Otterville E
Owen Sound E
Pain Court E
Paisley E
Palmerston E
Paris E
Parkhill E
Pelee Island E
Petersburg E
Petrolia E
Plattsville E
Point Edward E
Pointe Aux Roches E
Poole E
Port Alma E
Port Burwell E
Port Dover E
Port Elgin E
Port Franks E
Port Lambton E
Port Rowan E
Port Stanley E
Priceville E
Princeton E
Proton Station E
Puslinch E
Putnam E
Ridgetown E
Ripley E
Rockton E
Rockwood E
Rodney E
Rostock E
Ruscom Station E
Ruthven E
Salford E
Sarnia E
Sauble Beach E
Scotland E
Seaforth E
Sebringville E
Shakespeare E
Shallow Lake E
Shedden E
Sheffield E
Shelburne E
Simcoe E
Sombra E
South Woodslee E
Southampton E
Southwold E
Sparta E
Springfield E
Springford E
St Agatha E
St Clements E
St George Brant E
St Jacobs E
St Joachim E
St Marys E
St Pauls Station E
St Thomas E
St Williams E
Staffa E
Staples E
Stokes Bay E
Straffordville E
Stratford E
Strathroy E
Talbotville Royal E
Tara E
Tavistock E
Tecumseh E
Teeswater E
Teeterville E
Thamesford E
Thamesville E
Thedford E
Thornbury E
Thorndale E
Tilbury E
Tillsonburg E
Tiverton E
Tobermory E
Townsend E
Troy E
Tupperville E
Turkey Point E
Union E
Vanessa E
Varna E
Vienna E
Vittoria E
Walkerton E
Wallaceburg E
Wallacetown E
Wallenstein E
Walsingham E
Walters Falls E
Walton E
Wardsville E
Waterford E
Waterloo E
Watford E
Wellesley E
West Lorne E
West Montrose E
Wheatley E
Wiarton E
Wilkesport E
Williamsford E
Wilsonville E
Windham Centre E
Windsor E
Wingham E
Woodham E
Woodstock E
Wroxeter E
Wyoming E
Zurich E
  1. Listed above are most places served by Canadian area code 382. When multiple places in a CA province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently ).