742 Area Code

Area code 742 is in Ontario (ON), Canada and some of its main locations are Mississauga, Oshawa, St Catharines, etc. (jump to city list below).

Area code 742 has been in service since October 16, 2021 and is an overlay code part of overlay complex 905/289/365/742 (overlaying area codes cover the same geographic area).

01:40:24 AM is the current time in area code 742 (Eastern Time Zone).

Map of area code 742

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742 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1
742-200 Richmond Hill
742-201 Blackstock
742-202 Bowmanville
742-203 Brooklin
742-204 Hampton
742-205 Newcastle
742-206 Port Perry
742-210 Oak Ridges
742-222 Brampton
742-234 Milton
742-239 Brampton
742-240 Caledon East
742-241 Snelgrove
742-242 Castlemore
742-243 Malton
742-244 Streetsville
742-245 Cooksville
742-246 Clarkson
742-248 Victoria
742-250 Georgetown
742-251 Milton
742-252 Oakville
742-253 Waterdown
742-277 Port Credit
742-300 Streetsville
742-301 Caledon East
742-302 Castlemore
742-303 Clarkson
742-333 Oshawa
742-368 Aurora
742-369 Bethesda
742-370 Bolton
742-371 Claremont
742-372 Gormley
742-373 Keswick
742-374 King City
742-375 Kleinburg
742-376 Maple
742-377 Markham
742-378 Mount Albert
742-379 Newmarket
742-380 Nobleton
742-381 Oak Ridges
742-382 Palgrave
742-384 Queensville
742-385 Richmond Hill
742-386 Schomberg
742-387 Stouffville
742-388 Sutton
742-389 Thornhill
742-391 Unionville
742-392 Uxbridge
742-393 Woodbridge
742-400 Ajax-Pickering
742-444 Hamilton
742-500 Niagara Falls
742-532 Streetsville
742-583 Cooksville
742-600 Whitby
742-666 St. Catharines-Thorold
742-700 Burlington
742-777 Markham
742-800 Sutton
742-880 St. Catharines-Thorold
742-882 Niagara Falls
742-888 Pelham
742-889 Wainfleet
742-890 Wellandport
742-900 Unionville
742-901 Uxbridge
742-988 Ajax-Pickering
742-989 Aurora
742-990 Bethesda
742-991 Bolton
742-992 Claremont
742-993 Gormley
742-994 Keswick
742-995 King City
742-996 Kleinburg
742-997 Maple
742-998 Mount Albert
742-999 Hamilton
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
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Cities in area code 742

City1 Time2
Ajax E
Alberton E
Allanburg E
Alton E
Ancaster E
Ashburn E
Aurora E
Baldwin E
Baltimore E
Beamsville E
Beeton E
Belfountain E
Bewdley E
Binbrook E
Blackstock E
Bolton E
Bond Head E
Bowmanville E
Bradford E
Brampton E
Brougham E
Burlington E
Caesarea E
Caistor Centre E
Caledon E
Caledon East E
Caledon Village E
Caledonia E
Campbellcroft E
Campbellville E
Campden E
Canfield E
Carlisle E
Castleton E
Cayuga E
Cedar Valley E
Cheltenham E
Claremont E
Cobourg E
Colborne E
Concord E
Copetown E
Courtice E
Crystal Beach E
Dundas E
Dunnville E
East Gwillimbury E
Fenwick E
Fisherville E
Fonthill E
Fort Erie E
Freelton E
Georgetown E
Gilford E
Goodwood E
Gores Landing E
Gormley E
Grafton E
Grassie E
Greenbank E
Greenwood E
Grimsby E
Hagersville E
Haldimand County E
Hamilton E
Hampton E
Hannon E
Harwood E
Holland Landing E
Hornby E
Inglewood E
Innisfil E
Jacksons Point E
Jerseyville E
Jordan Station E
Kendal E
Keswick E
Kettleby E
Kilbride E
King City E
Kleinburg E
Leaskdale E
Limehouse E
Locust Hill E
Loretto E
Lowbanks E
Lynden E
Maple E
Markham E
Millgrove E
Milton E
Mississauga E
Moffat E
Mount Albert E
Mount Hope E
Nestleton Station E
Newcastle E
Newmarket E
Newtonville E
Niagara Falls E
Niagara On The Lake E
Nobleton E
Norval E
Oakville E
Orono E
Oshawa E
Palgrave E
Pickering E
Port Colborne E
Port Hope E
Port Perry E
Port Robinson E
Prince Albert E
Queenston E
Queensville E
Richmond Hill E
Ridgeville E
Ridgeway E
River Drive Park E
Roches Point E
Roseneath E
Sandford E
Schomberg E
Seagrave E
Selkirk E
Sharon E
Sherkston E
Smithville E
St Anns E
St Catharines E
St Davids E
Stevensville E
Stoney Creek E
Stouffville E
Sutton West E
Terra Cotta E
Thornhill E
Thorold E
Tottenham E
Unionville E
Uxbridge E
Vaughan E
Vineland E
Vineland Station E
Virgil E
Wainfleet E
Waterdown E
Welland E
Wellandport E
West Flamborough E
Whitby E
Whitevale E
Willow Beach E
Woodbridge E
Zephyr E
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 742. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently 01:40:24 AM).
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