Area Code 742

Area code 742 is in Ontario, Canada , serving 155 cities, including Mississauga, Oshawa or St Catharines; it currently uses 110 prefixes, assigned from 742-200-XXXX through 742-999-XXXX.

In service since October 16, 2021, area code 742 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 905/289/365/742.

The current local time is .

742 area code location on a map

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*For exact NPA boundaries see official 742 area code map

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Locate any 742-NXX prefix:

NPANXX Area served1
742-200 Richmond Hill
742-201 Blackstock
742-202 Bowmanville
742-203 Brooklin
742-204 Hampton
742-205 Newcastle
742-206 Port Perry
742-210 Oak Ridges
742-212 St. Catharines-Thorold
742-213 St. Catharines-Thorold
742-222 Brampton
742-234 Milton
742-239 Brampton
742-240 Caledon East
742-241 Snelgrove
742-242 Castlemore
742-243 Malton
742-244 Streetsville
742-245 Cooksville
742-246 Clarkson
742-248 Victoria
742-277 Port Credit
742-288 Cobourg
NPANXX Area served1
742-300 Streetsville
742-301 Caledon East
742-302 Castlemore
742-303 Clarkson
742-333 Oshawa
742-350 Cobourg
742-368 Aurora
742-369 Bethesda
742-370 Bolton
742-371 Claremont
742-372 Gormley
742-373 Keswick
742-374 King City
742-375 Kleinburg
742-376 Maple
742-377 Markham
742-378 Mount Albert
742-379 Newmarket
742-380 Nobleton
742-381 Oak Ridges
742-382 Palgrave
742-384 Queensville
742-385 Richmond Hill
742-386 Schomberg
742-387 Stouffville
742-388 Sutton
742-389 Thornhill
742-391 Unionville
742-392 Uxbridge
742-393 Woodbridge
NPANXX Area served1
742-400 Ajax-Pickering
742-401 Burlington
742-444 Hamilton
NPANXX Area served1
742-500 Niagara Falls
742-532 Streetsville
742-583 Cooksville
742-588 Brampton
NPANXX Area served1
742-600 Whitby
742-601 St. Catharines-Thorold
742-614 Brampton
742-615 Brampton
742-616 Brampton
742-666 St. Catharines-Thorold
742-688 Brampton
NPANXX Area served1
742-700 Burlington
742-701 Brampton
742-743 Bradford
742-744 Tottenham
742-745 Ajax-Pickering
742-746 Oshawa
742-747 South Pickering
742-748 Whitby
742-771 Markham
742-772 Newmarket
742-773 Richmond Hill
742-774 Thornhill
742-775 Woodbridge
742-777 Markham
742-788 Wainfleet
NPANXX Area served1
742-800 Sutton
742-877 Fisherville
742-880 Hamilton
742-881 Port Colborne
742-882 Niagara Falls
742-883 Welland
742-885 Georgetown
742-886 Milton
742-887 Beeton
742-888 Pelham
742-889 Wainfleet
742-890 Wellandport
NPANXX Area served1
742-900 Unionville
742-901 Uxbridge
742-986 Ajax-Pickering
742-987 Ajax-Pickering
742-988 Ajax-Pickering
742-989 Aurora
742-990 Bethesda
742-991 Bolton
742-992 Claremont
742-993 Gormley
742-994 Keswick
742-995 King City
742-996 Kleinburg
742-997 Maple
742-998 Mount Albert
742-999 Hamilton
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. last updated: June 18, 2024

Cities in area code 742

City1 Time2
Ajax E
Alberton E
Allanburg E
Alton E
Ancaster E
Ashburn E
Aurora E
Baldwin E
Baltimore E
Beamsville E
Beeton E
Belfountain E
Bewdley E
Binbrook E
Blackstock E
Bolton E
Bond Head E
Bowmanville E
Bradford E
Brampton E
Brougham E
Burlington E
Caesarea E
Caistor Centre E
Caledon E
Caledon East E
Caledon Village E
Caledonia E
Campbellcroft E
Campbellville E
Campden E
Canfield E
Carlisle E
Castleton E
Cayuga E
Cedar Valley E
Cheltenham E
Claremont E
Cobourg E
Colborne E
Concord E
Copetown E
Courtice E
Crystal Beach E
Dundas E
Dunnville E
East Gwillimbury E
Fenwick E
Fisherville E
Fonthill E
Fort Erie E
Freelton E
Georgetown E
Gilford E
Goodwood E
Gores Landing E
Gormley E
Grafton E
Grassie E
Greenbank E
Greenwood E
Grimsby E
Hagersville E
Haldimand County E
Hamilton E
Hampton E
Hannon E
Harwood E
Holland Landing E
Hornby E
Inglewood E
Innisfil E
Jacksons Point E
Jerseyville E
Jordan Station E
Kendal E
Keswick E
Kettleby E
Kilbride E
King City E
Kleinburg E
Leaskdale E
Limehouse E
Locust Hill E
Loretto E
Lowbanks E
Lynden E
Maple E
Markham E
Millgrove E
Milton E
Mississauga E
Moffat E
Mount Albert E
Mount Hope E
Nestleton Station E
Newcastle E
Newmarket E
Newtonville E
Niagara Falls E
Niagara On The Lake E
Nobleton E
Norval E
Oakville E
Orono E
Oshawa E
Palgrave E
Pickering E
Port Colborne E
Port Hope E
Port Perry E
Port Robinson E
Prince Albert E
Queenston E
Queensville E
Richmond Hill E
Ridgeville E
Ridgeway E
River Drive Park E
Roches Point E
Roseneath E
Sandford E
Schomberg E
Seagrave E
Selkirk E
Sharon E
Sherkston E
Smithville E
St Anns E
St Catharines E
St Davids E
Stevensville E
Stoney Creek E
Stouffville E
Sutton West E
Terra Cotta E
Thornhill E
Thorold E
Tottenham E
Unionville E
Uxbridge E
Vaughan E
Vineland E
Vineland Station E
Virgil E
Wainfleet E
Waterdown E
Welland E
Wellandport E
West Flamborough E
Whitby E
Whitevale E
Willow Beach E
Woodbridge E
Zephyr E
  1. Listed above are most places served by Canadian area code 742. When multiple places in a CA province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently ).