Area Code 326

Area code 326 is in Ohio, USA , spanning 20 counties and serving 156 cities, including Dayton, Fairborn or Xenia; it currently uses 73 prefixes, assigned from 326-200-XXXX through 326-999-XXXX.

In service since March 08, 2020, area code 326 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 937/326.

The current local time is .

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Locate any 326-NXX prefix:

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
326-200 Manchester 2/7/2020
326-201 Mount Orab 3/25/2021
326-202 Dayton 7/7/2021
326-203 Dayton 8/31/2021
326-204 Dayton 12/10/2021
326-205 Springfield 03/05/2024
326-206 Sidney 6/9/2022
326-207 Dayton 10/14/2022
326-208 Liberty 10/28/2022
326-209 New Carlisle 02/22/2023
326-210 Russellville 4/6/2021
326-212 Dayton 03/07/2023
326-213 Dayton 03/14/2023
326-214 Franklin 07/06/2023
326-215 Beaver Creek 08/17/2023
326-216 Springfield 09/20/2023
326-217 Englewood 01/05/2024
326-218 Vandalia 02/29/2024
326-219 Trotwood 03/05/2024
326-220 Dayton 04/18/2024
326-221 Belfast 04/29/2024
326-222 Aberdeen 2/7/2020
326-223 Centervlle 04/29/2024
326-224 Danville 04/29/2024
326-225 Gratis 04/29/2024
326-226 Rainsboro 04/29/2024
326-227 Fletcher/ Lena 1/24/2022
326-228 South Vienna 04/29/2024
326-229 South Charleston 04/29/2024
326-230 Yellow Springs/ Clifton 04/29/2024
326-231 Springfield 06/14/2024
326-234 Byhalia 7/28/2020
326-236 Farmersville 3/23/2020
326-266 Rainsboro 3/23/2020
326-297 Beavercreek 10/29/2020
326-299 Mechanicsburg 8/24/2021
326-300 Peebles 6/15/2020
326-333 Camden 2/7/2020
326-336 Vandalia 6/9/2021
326-345 De Graff 7/28/2020
326-348 Sardinia 6/9/2021
326-356 Belfast 9/8/2020
326-400 Hamersville 6/15/2020
326-426 Mowrystown 1/13/2022
326-435 Dayton 12/21/2021
326-444 Enon 2/7/2020
326-465 Ridgeway 7/28/2020
326-467 Dayton 6/1/2020
326-500 Sugar Tree Ridge 7/2/2020
326-529 Centerville 4/19/2021
326-600 Marshall 2/7/2020
326-626 Medway 3/23/2020
326-666 Tremont City 2/7/2020
326-667 Fort Loramie 6/9/2021
326-685 Fairborn 1/6/2022
326-688 Beavercreek 6/15/2021
326-697 Englewood 8/14/2020
326-699 Brookville 6/15/2021
326-732 Aberdeen 6/15/2021
326-758 Jamestown 6/15/2021
326-777 Georgetown 2/7/2020
326-786 Donnelsville 6/15/2021
326-799 West Liberty 6/15/2021
326-800 Bellbrook 6/15/2020
326-827 Liberty 12/22/2021
326-842 Catawba 6/15/2021
326-867 Trotwood 12/15/2022
326-888 Mechanicsburg 1/22/2020
326-899 Woodstock 6/15/2021
326-900 Yellow Springs/ Clifton 6/15/2020
326-946 Pitchin 6/15/2021
326-953 Piqua 6/15/2022
326-999 Westmilton 2/7/2020
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date.
  3. last updated: June 18, 2024

Cities in area code 326

City1 County Time2
Aberdeen Brown E
Alpha Greene E
Anna Shelby E
Ansonia Darke E
Arcanum Darke E
Bellbrook Greene E
Belle Center Logan E
Bellefontaine Logan E
Bentonville Adams E
Blanchester Clinton E
Blue Creek Adams E
Botkins Shelby E
Bowersville Greene E
Bradford Miami E
Broadway Union E
Brookville Montgomery E
Buford Highland E
Cable Champaign E
Camden Preble E
Casstown Miami E
Catawba Clark E
Cedarville Greene E
Centerville Montgomery E
Cherry Fork Adams E
Chilo Clermont E
Christiansburg Champaign E
Clarksville Clinton E
Clayton Montgomery E
Clifton Greene E
Conover Miami E
Covington Miami E
Cuba Clinton E
Dayton Greene E
De Graff Logan E
Decatur Brown E
Donnelsville Clark E
East Liberty Logan E
Eaton Preble E
Eldorado Preble E
Englewood Montgomery E
Enon Clark E
Fairborn Greene E
Farmersville Montgomery E
Feesburg Brown E
Fletcher Miami E
Fort Loramie Shelby E
Franklin Warren E
Georgetown Brown E
Germantown Montgomery E
Gettysburg Darke E
Gratis Preble E
Greenfield Highland E
Greenville Darke E
Hamersville Brown E
Higginsport Brown E
Highland Highland E
Hillsboro Highland E
Hollansburg Darke E
Houston Shelby E
Huntsville Logan E
Irwin Union E
Jackson Center Shelby E
Jamestown Greene E
Kettering Montgomery E
Kettlersville Shelby E
Lakeview Logan E
Laura Miami E
Lees Creek Clinton E
Leesburg Highland E
Lewisburg Preble E
Lewistown Logan E
Ludlow Falls Miami E
Lynchburg Highland E
Lynx Adams E
Magnetic Springs Union E
Manchester Adams E
Maplewood Shelby E
Martinsville Clinton E
Marysville Union E
Mechanicsburg Champaign E
Medway Clark E
Miamisburg Montgomery E
Middleburg Logan E
Midland Clinton E
Milford Center Union E
Mingo Champaign E
Mount Orab Brown E
Mount Victory Hardin E
Mowrystown Highland E
Neville Clermont E
New Carlisle Clark E
New Lebanon Montgomery E
New Madison Darke E
New Paris Preble E
New Vienna Clinton E
New Weston Darke E
North Hampton Clark E
North Lewisburg Champaign E
Palestine Darke E
Peebles Adams E
Pemberton Shelby E
Phillipsburg Montgomery E
Piqua Miami E
Pitsburg Darke E
Pleasant Hill Miami E
Port Jefferson Shelby E
Port William Clinton E
Potsdam Miami E
Quincy Logan E
Raymond Union E
Reesville Clinton E
Ridgeway Hardin E
Ripley Brown E
Rosewood Champaign E
Rossburg Darke E
Roundhead Hardin E
Rushsylvania Logan E
Russells Point Logan E
Russellville Brown E
Russia Shelby E
Sabina Clinton E
Sardinia Brown E
Seaman Adams E
Sidney Shelby E
Sinking Spring Highland E
South Charleston Clark E
South Salem Ross E
South Solon Madison E
South Vienna Clark E
Spring Valley Greene E
Springfield Clark E
St Paris Champaign E
Stout Scioto E
Tipp City Miami E
Tremont City Clark E
Troy Miami E
Union City Darke E
Urbana Champaign E
Vandalia Montgomery E
Verona Preble E
Versailles Darke E
West Alexandria Preble E
West Elkton Preble E
West Liberty Logan E
West Manchester Preble E
West Mansfield Logan E
West Milton Miami E
West Union Adams E
Westville Champaign E
Wilberforce Greene E
Wilmington Clinton E
Winchester Adams E
Woodstock Champaign E
Xenia Greene E
Yellow Springs Greene E
Zanesfield Logan E
  1. Listed above are most places served by USA area code 326. When multiple places in a US state share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently ).