Area Code 861

Area code 861 is in Illinois, USA, spanning 20 counties and serving 202 cities, including Peoria, Moline or Rock Island.

In service since February 24, 2023, area code 861 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 309/861.

The current local time is 12:30:39 PM (Central Time Zone).

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Map of area code 861

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Cities in area code 861

City1 County Time2
Abingdon Knox C
Adair McDonough C
Albany Whiteside C
Aledo Mercer C
Alexis Mercer C
Alpha Henry C
Altona Knox C
Anchor McLean C
Andalusia Rock Island C
Andover Henry C
Annawan Henry C
Armington Tazewell C
Arrowsmith McLean C
Astoria Fulton C
Atkinson Henry C
Avon Fulton C
Bardolph McDonough C
Barstow Rock Island C
Bath Mason C
Bellflower McLean C
Benson Woodford C
Berwick Warren C
Biggsville Henderson C
Bishop Hill Henry C
Blandinsville McDonough C
Bloomington McLean C
Bradford Stark C
Brimfield Peoria C
Bryant Fulton C
Buda Bureau C
Buffalo Prairie Rock Island C
Bushnell McDonough C
Cambridge Henry C
Cameron Warren C
Camp Grove Marshall C
Canton Fulton C
Carbon Cliff Rock Island C
Carlock McLean C
Carman Henderson C
Castleton Stark C
Chillicothe Peoria C
Coal Valley Rock Island C
Colchester McDonough C
Colfax McLean C
Colona Henry C
Congerville Woodford C
Cooksville McLean C
Cordova Rock Island C
Creve Coeur Tazewell C
Cropsey McLean C
Cuba Fulton C
Dahinda Knox C
Danvers McLean C
Deer Creek Tazewell C
Delavan Tazewell C
Downs McLean C
Dunfermline Fulton C
Dunlap Peoria C
East Galesburg Knox C
East Moline Rock Island C
East Peoria Tazewell C
Easton Mason C
Edelstein Peoria C
Edwards Peoria C
El Paso Woodford C
Ellisville Fulton C
Ellsworth McLean C
Elmwood Peoria C
Erie Whiteside C
Eureka Woodford C
Fairview Fulton C
Farmer City Dewitt C
Farmington Fulton C
Fenton Whiteside C
Fiatt Fulton C
Forest City Mason C
Galesburg Knox C
Galva Henry C
Geneseo Henry C
Gerlaw Warren C
Gilson Knox C
Gladstone Henderson C
Glasford Peoria C
Good Hope McDonough C
Goodfield Woodford C
Green Valley Tazewell C
Gridley McLean C
Groveland Tazewell C
Hampton Rock Island C
Hanna City Peoria C
Havana Mason C
Henderson Knox C
Henry Marshall C
Heyworth McLean C
Hillsdale Rock Island C
Hopedale Tazewell C
Hudson McLean C
Illinois City Rock Island C
Industry McDonough C
Ipava Fulton C
Joy Mercer C
Keithsburg Mercer C
Kewanee Henry C
Kilbourne Mason C
Kingston Mines Peoria C
Kirkwood Warren C
Knoxville Knox C
La Fayette Stark C
La Rose Marshall C
Lacon Marshall C
Laura Peoria C
Le Roy McLean C
Lewistown Fulton C
Lexington McLean C
Little York Warren C
Littleton Schuyler C
Liverpool Fulton C
London Mills Fulton C
Lowpoint Woodford C
Lynn Center Henry C
Mackinaw Tazewell C
Macomb McDonough C
Manito Mason C
Mapleton Peoria C
Maquon Knox C
Marietta Fulton C
Matherville Mercer C
Mc Lean McLean C
Media Henderson C
Merna McLean C
Metamora Woodford C
Milan Rock Island C
Mineral Bureau C
Minier Tazewell C
Minonk Woodford C
Moline Rock Island C
Monmouth Warren C
Morton Tazewell C
Mossville Peoria C
Neponset Bureau C
New Boston Mercer C
New Windsor Mercer C
Normal McLean C
Norris Fulton C
North Henderson Mercer C
Oneida Knox C
Ophiem Henry C
Oquawka Henderson C
Orion Henry C
Osco Henry C
Pekin Tazewell C
Peoria Peoria C
Peoria Heights Peoria C
Plymouth Hancock C
Port Byron Rock Island C
Prairie City McDonough C
Preemption Mercer C
Princeville Peoria C
Rapids City Rock Island C
Raritan Henderson C
Reynolds Rock Island C
Rio Knox C
Roanoke Woodford C
Rock Island Rock Island C
Rome Peoria C
Roseville Warren C
San Jose Mason C
Saybrook McLean C
Sciota McDonough C
Seaton Mercer C
Secor Woodford C
Sherrard Mercer C
Shirley McLean C
Silvis Rock Island C
Smithfield Fulton C
Smithshire Warren C
South Pekin Tazewell C
Sparland Marshall C
Speer Stark C
St Augustine Knox C
St David Fulton C
Stanford McLean C
Stronghurst Henderson C
Table Grove Fulton C
Taylor Ridge Rock Island C
Tennessee McDonough C
Topeka Mason C
Toulon Stark C
Towanda McLean C
Tremont Tazewell C
Trivoli Peoria C
Varna Marshall C
Vermont Fulton C
Victoria Knox C
Viola Mercer C
Washburn Marshall C
Washington Tazewell C
Wataga Knox C
Williamsfield Knox C
Woodhull Henry C
Wyoming Stark C
Yates City Knox C
  1. Listed above are most places served by USA area code 861. When multiple places in a US state share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. C stands for Central Time Zone (currently 12:30:39 PM).