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Area code 943 is in Georgia (GA), USA and some of the main locations covered are Atlanta, Smyrna, Brookhaven, .. (jump to city list below).

Area code 943 has been in service since 15 March 2022 and is an overlay area code part of these two distinct overlay complexes: 404/678/470/943 and 770/678/470/943 (overlaying area codes cover the same geographic area).

11:30:16 PM is the current time in area code 943 (Eastern Time).

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Map of area code 943

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List of cities in area code 943

City4 County Time5
AcworthCherokee E
AdairsvilleBartow E
AlpharettaFulton E
AragonPolk E
AtlantaFulton E
Atlanta Metro AreaDekalb E
AuburnBarrow E
AustellCobb E
Avondale EstatesDekalb E
Ball GroundCherokee E
BarnesvilleLamar E
BethlehemBarrow E
BogartOconee E
BowdonCarroll E
Bowdon JunctionCarroll E
BremenHaralson E
BrooksFayette E
BuchananHaralson E
BufordGwinnett E
Candler-McAfeeDekalb E
CantonCherokee E
CarrolltonCarroll E
CartersvilleBartow E
CassvilleBartow E
CedartownPolk E
Chestnut MountainHall E
ClarkdaleCobb E
ClarkstonDekalb E
ClermontHall E
ConcordPike E
ConleyClayton E
ConyersRockdale E
CovingtonNewton E
CummingForsyth E
DaculaGwinnett E
DallasPaulding E
DecaturDekalb E
DouglasvilleDouglas E
DuluthGwinnett E
EllenwoodDekalb E
EmersonBartow E
Esom HillPolk E
ExperimentSpalding E
FairburnFulton E
FayettevilleFayette E
FeltonHaralson E
FlovillaButts E
Flowery BranchHall E
Forest ParkClayton E
GainesvilleHall E
GillsvilleHall E
Good HopeWalton E
GrantvilleCoweta E
GraysonGwinnett E
GriffinSpalding E
HamptonHenry E
HaralsonCoweta E
HiramPaulding E
Holly SpringsCherokee E
JacksonButts E
JenkinsburgButts E
JerseyWalton E
Johns CreekFultonE
JonesboroClayton E
KennesawCobb E
KingstonBartow E
LawrencevilleGwinnett E
LebanonCherokee E
LilburnGwinnett E
Lithia SpringsDouglas E
LithoniaDekalb E
Locust GroveHenry E
LoganvilleWalton E
LovejoyClayton E
LulaHall E
LuthersvilleMeriwether E
MabletonCobb E
MansfieldJasper E
Marble HillPickens E
MariettaCobb E
McDonoughHenry E
MeansvillePike E
MilnerLamar E
MolenaPike E
MonroeWalton E
MorelandCoweta E
MorrowClayton E
Mount ZionCarroll E
MurrayvilleHall E
NelsonCherokee E
NewbornNewton E
NewnanCoweta E
NorcrossGwinnett E
North MetroGwinnett E
OakwoodHall E
Orchard HillSpalding E
OxfordNewton E
PalmettoFulton E
Peachtree CityFayette E
Peachtree CornersGwinnettE
Pine LakeDekalb E
PorterdaleNewton E
Powder SpringsCobb E
Red OakFulton E
RedanDekalb E
RexClayton E
RiverdaleClayton E
RockmartPolk E
RoopvilleCarroll E
RoswellFulton E
RydalBartow E
Sandy SpringsFultonE
Sandy SpringsFulton E
SargentCoweta E
ScottdaleDekalb E
SenoiaCoweta E
SharpsburgCoweta E
SmyrnaCobb E
SnellvilleGwinnett E
Social CircleWalton E
StathamBarrow E
StockbridgeHenry E
Stone MountainDekalb E
Sunny SideSpalding E
SuwaneeGwinnett E
TallapoosaHaralson E
TatePickens E
TaylorsvilleBartow E
TempleCarroll E
TuckerDekalb E
TurinCoweta E
TyroneFayette E
Union CityFulton E
Villa RicaCarroll E
WacoHaralson E
WaleskaCherokee E
WhiteBartow E
WhitesburgCarroll E
WilliamsonPike E
WinderBarrow E
WinstonDouglas E
WoodstockCherokee E
  1. Listed in the table above are most, often not all places served by area code 943. When two or more places with the same name are located in the same state we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time (currently 11:30:16 PM).

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